A catalogue of Western manuscripts at the Bodleian Libraries and selected Oxford colleges


Brasenose College MSS. Christ Church MSS. Dep. (Deposited manuscripts) Exeter College MSS. Hertford College MSS. Jesus College MSS. Lady Margaret Hall Borough MSS. Lincoln College MSS. MSS. Add. (Additional) A MSS. Add. (Additional) B MSS. Add. (Additional) C MSS. Add. (Additional) D MSS. Add. (Additional) E MSS. Arch. Selden. (Archivum Seldenianum) MSS. Ash. (Ashmole) Rolls MSS. Ashmole MSS. Aubrey MSS. Auct. B. (Auctarium B.) MSS. Auct. D. (Auctarium D.) MSS. Auct. E. (Auctarium E.) MSS. Auct. F. (Auctarium F.) MSS. Auct. T. (Auctarium T.) MSS. Auct. V. (Auctarium V.) MSS. Barlow MSS. Barocci MSS. Bodl. (Bodley) MSS. Bodl. Rolls (Bodley Rolls) MSS. Bowyer MSS. Broxb. (Broxbourne) MSS. Buchanan MSS. Bywater MSS. Bywater adds. MSS. Canon. Bibl. Lat. (Canonici Latin Biblical) MSS. Canon. Class. Lat. (Canonici Latin Classical) MSS. Canon. Gr. (Canonici Greek) MSS. Canon. Ital. (Canonici Italian) MSS. Canon. Liturg. (Canonici Liturgical) MSS. Canon. Misc. (Canonici Miscellaneous) MSS. Canon. Pat. Lat. (Canonici Latin Patristic) MSS. Carte MSS. Cherry MSS. Clar. Press (Clarendon Press) MSS. Cromwell MSS. D'Orville MSS. Digby MSS. Digby Rolls MSS. Dodsworth MSS. Don. (Donation) MSS. Douce MSS. Dugdale MSS. Duke Humfrey MSS. Dutch MSS. E. D. Clarke MSS. Eng. bib. (English bibles) MSS. Eng. hist. (English history) MSS. Eng. misc. (English miscellaneous) MSS. Eng. poet. (English poetry) MSS. Eng. th. (English theology) MSS. Fairfax MSS. Fell MSS. Finch MSS. Fr. (French) MSS. Germ. (German) MSS. Gough MSS. Gr. bib. (Greek bibles) MSS. Gr. class. (Greek classical) MSS. Gr. liturg. (Greek liturgies) MSS. Gr. misc. (Greek miscellaneous) MSS. Gr. th. (Greek theological) MSS. Grabe MSS. Greaves MSS. Hamilton MSS. Hatton MSS. Hatton donat. (Hatton donati) MSS. Holkham Gr. (Holkham Hall Greek) MSS. Holkham misc. (Holkham miscellaneous) MSS. Holmes MSS. Icel. (Icelandic) MSS. Ir. (Irish) MSS. Ital. (Italian) MSS. James MSS. Jones MSS. Junius MSS. Kennicott MSS. Lat. bib. (Latin bibles) MSS. Lat. class. (Latin classical) MSS. Lat. hist. (Latin historical) MSS. Lat. liturg. (Latin liturgical) MSS. Lat. misc. (Latin miscellaneous) MSS. Lat. th. (Latin theology) MSS. Laud Gr. (Laud Greek) MSS. Laud Lat. (Latin) MSS. Laud Misc. (Laud miscellaneous) MSS. Lawn medieval MSS. Liturg. (Liturgical) MSS. Lyell MSS. Marshall MSS. Mex. (Mexican) MSS. Michael MSS. Montagu MSS. Morrell MSS. Music MSS. Radcliffe Trust MSS. Rawl. A (Rawlinson A) MSS. Rawl. B (Rawlinson B) MSS. Rawl. C (Rawlinson C) MSS. Rawl. D (Rawlinson D) MSS. Rawl. Essex (Rawlinson Essex) MSS. Rawl. G. (Rawlinson G) MSS. Rawl. Q (Rawlinson Q) MSS. Rawl. liturg. (Rawlinson liturgical) MSS. Rawl. poet. (Rawlinson poetry) MSS. Rawl. statutes (Rawlinson statutes) MSS. Roe MSS. Savile MSS. Selden Superius MSS. Selden Supra MSS. Span. (Spanish) MSS. Sparrow MSS. St. Amand MSS. Tanner MSS. Top. (Topography) MSS. Wood MSS. e Mus. (e Musaeo) Manuscripts and fragments in printed books (in progress) Merton College MS. fragments Merton College MSS. Oriel College MSS. St John's College MSS Trinity College MS. fragments Trinity College MSS. University College MSS.