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Merton College MS. 96

Former shelfmark: I. 3. 1



Language(s): Latin

fol. i is blank. On fol. iv are tables of contents, ss. xiv and xvii.

1. (fols. 1–217; 217v-20v blank)
Thomas Aquinas, Quaestiones Disputatae de Veritate
Incipit: Questio est de ueritate et primo queritur quid est ueritas
Explicit: alia concedimus quia uerum concludunt nisi aliqua eorum non sufficienter

STO 22; Glorieux, Théol. 14q.

2. (fols. 221–65)
Thomas Aquinas, Quodlibeta I-VI
Rubric: Questiones de quolibet fratris Thome
Incipit: Questio est de Deo, angelo et homine
Explicit: omnia corpora inferiora agant
Final rubric: Et hec ad presens dicta sufficiant

STO 25(2); Glorieux, Théol. 14bg &c. This is the editors’ O (STO 25[1]], p. 13*), copied at Paris directly from the exemplar of 14 peciae (Φ1). After Quodl. III is the De Ingressu Puerorum (Glorieux, Théol. 14ci), ed. STO (Vivès), 15. 448–61.

3. (fols. 265–70v)
JOHN PECHAM OFM, Quodlibet II (de Natali)
Rubric: Quodlibet a fratre Iohannis[sic] de Pecham
Incipit: Questio est de predestinatione. Quesita sunt de Deo plura quedam ad essentialia et quedam ad personalia
Explicit: dicendo uirum non cognosco
Final rubric: Explicit quodlibet de natali

Follows art. 2, as often, without a break.

Ed. G. J. Etzkorn and F. M. Delorme, Fr. Ioannis Pecham OFM Quodlibeta quatuor (Bibliotheca Franciscana scholastica medii aevi 25: 1989), pp. 77–129. This copy, the editors’ F, p. 4* no. 6. Glorieux, Théol. 316t, Quodl. 1. 220–2; Sharpe, Handlist, p. 293.

4. (fol. 270v)
Incipit: ⟨C⟩irca disputationem nostram quesitum est de duobus. Primo de pertinentibus ad creatorem
Explicit: (ends empf. in q. 1) qui ponebant ydeas omnia cau||

The whole text canc. in red; probably it never went any further.

unpr.; Glorieux, Quodl. 1. 86–7, Théol. 31b, listing two other copies, both French; Kaeppeli 1086.

(fols. 271rv, 272–3; 273v blank)

On fol. 271rv is a list of the quaestiones in art. 1, in 3 cols, in an anglicana hand little later than the main text. The same hand writes quaestio-numbers as running heads, and was probably responsible for the earlier of the two tables of contents. The quaestiones in arts 2–3, in a different hand of the same type, are listed on fols. 272–3.

Physical Description

Secundo Folio: inuenitur
Form: codex
Support: Parchment
Extent: 274 leaves (i + 273)
Dimensions (leaf): 360 × 225 mm.
Dimensions (written): 265 × 165 mm.
The edges retrimmed.


A singleton, 1–712, 810, 98(8 canc.), 10–1812, 1912(12 canc.), 20–2312, 246(6 canc., 5 mutil.); framed catchwords.


Ruled with pencil in 2 cols of 53 lines.


Written throughout in a single ?French gothic rotunda bookhand. Pecia marks in the margins: the last one in art. 1 on fol. 216v ‘lxiiijª’; in art. 2 fol. 267v ‘xiiii’.


On fol. 1 is a 5-line Q in pink, blue and gold enclosing St Thomas teaching two clerks, with 3-sided border, on the lower limb a hound chases a hare; red or blue initials flourished in the other colour; red or blue paraphs; red highlighting.


s. xix, reusing medieval chamfered oak boards with squares projecting a long way; formerly two broad straps from shallow recesses in the front board to clasps at the back. Marks of two small chain-staples in the front board, in the middle of the foot and near the foot of the foredge. Rebacked with modern vellum; sewn on seven bands. Rust-marks near the foot of fol. 272v are from the large iron chain-staple. On fol. i are the marks of straps at head and tail, a central one at the foredge, probably replaced by two.

Medieval boards reused.


Origin: S. XIII ex. ; France, Paris

Provenance and Acquisition

Made in Paris.

An inscription of two or three lines has been erased from fol. iv, but the secundo folio identifies it as having been given to the College by Roger Martival (BRUO 1232–3), chancellor of Oxford University 1293–5, bp. of Salisbury, d. 1330: UO47. 152.

On the same leaf are ‘N. 8. 1. Art:’, s. xvii, canc. and replaced with ‘I. 3. 1 (XCVI)’ in red, and the College bookplate.

Record Sources

R. M. Thomson, A descriptive catalogue of the medieval manuscripts of Merton College, Oxford (Cambridge: D. S. Brewer), 2009.


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    Coxe, p. 49; Powicke, no. 142; Alexander & Temple, no. 261, pl. XV; Dondaine & Shooner, no. 2141.

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