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Exeter College MS. 32

Petrus Lombardus, Sententiarum Libri IV; England, s. xiii¾


Language(s): Latin

*1. (fols. 1v-2v)
Part of a commentary on Petrus Lombardus, Sententiae,

l, Dist. 1, ch. 2. 4–35.

Incipit: In primo libro sententiarum in quo agitur de rebus quibus fruendum est
Explicit: plures idee secundum rom’ intelligendi et dicendi .d. 35.
2. (fols. 3r-)
Petrus Lombardus, Sententiarum Libri IV
Incipit: (prol.) Cupientes aliquid de penuria ac tenuitate nostra
Explicit: (prol.) [fol. 3v] titulos quibus singulorum librorum capitula distinguntur premisimus.
Final rubric: Explicit prologus incipiunt capitula primi libri.
Incipit: Omnis doctrina est de rebus uel de signis
Final rubric: [fol. 5r]Expliciunt capitula primi libri.
Incipit: (text) [Fol. 5v] Veteris ac nove legis continenciam
Explicit: (text) [fol. 62v] … quem deus non voluit.
Final rubric: Hic finitur primus liber de misterio trinitatis.
Rubric: Incipit secundus de creatione et formacione corporalium et spiritualium et aliis pluribus pertinentibus.
Incipit: (prol.) Que ad misterium diuine unitatis
Explicit: (prol.) creaturarum transeamus.
Rubric: Incipiunt capitula secundi libri.
Incipit: Quod unum est principium rerum
Explicit: [fol. 64v] An aliquando resistendum sit potestati.
Rubric: Vnum esse principium rerum ostendit [fol. 65r] non plura ut quidam putauerunt.
Incipit: Creationem rerum insinuans scriptura
Explicit: [fol. 112v] nulli potestati obediamus.
Final rubric: Explicit liber secundus.
Rubric: Incipiunt capitula libri tercij
Incipit: Quare filius carnem assumpsit
Explicit: [fol. 114r] De legis et euangelii distancia. Iam nunc hiis intelligendis ... deo reuelante ualeamus.
Rubric: Huius voluminis continencia sub compendio perstringitur.
Incipit: Hic enim racionis ordo postulat
Explicit: gratia ad miserum accedat.
Rubric: Incipit liber tercius de incarnacione uerbi.
Incipit: Cum venit igitur plenitudo
Final rubric: [fol. 152r] que caritate tangende sunt ut uiciorum fere penitus occidantur.
Final rubric: Explicit liber tercius.
Rubric: Incipiunt capitula .iiij. libri.
Incipit: De sacramentis. Quid sit sacramentum …
Explicit: [fol. 154v] augeat bonorum gloriam. Hiis ita tractatis ... signorum accedamus.
Final rubric: Expliciunt capitula .iiij. libri sentenciarum.
Rubric: Incipit quartus liber sentenciarum.
Incipit: Samaritanus enim uulnerato appropinquans
Rubric: [fol. 158v] Si paruulis in baptismo datur gracia qua possint in maiori etate proficere.
Explicit: Solet enim queri si paruulis in baptismo datur gracia qua cum tempus [habuerint]||

For references see under MS 20(A) above. Our text ends abruptly shortly before halfway through the work, at the beginning of bk. IV, dist. 5 (Brady, ii. 262/9).

Physical Description

Secundo Folio: rum modum.
Form: codex
Support: parchment FHHF
Extent: 158 leaves, preceded by one 18th-century paper flyleaf and two medieval flyleaves and followed by one 18th-century paper flyleaf.
Dimensions (leaf): 280 × 220 mm.
Dimensions (column): 230 × 65–80 mm.
Dimensions (column): 210 × 60 mm.


12 2–1412. Catchwords by scribes. Quires signed a, c, d, b [sic] e–h (letter plus roman figures to sixth leaf and cross on seventh leaf), then one quire with leaves lettered a–f, then one marked with |, ∥, | ∥, etc., crude strokes to the sixth leaf, then none.


*1: two columns, 57–59 lines.

2: two columns, 40 lines. Ruled in crayon.


*1: A neat pre-anglicana cursive, s. xiiiex, punctuated by low point.

2: An excellent gothic semiquadrata bookhand of middling size, punctuated with medial and low point. Distinctio numbers were added in top margins in a decorative cursive script, s. xiv(?).


*1: none.

2: fine 8/10-line blue lombards at the beginning of books, infilled with red-and-blue arabesques, with extenders. Throughout, 1/2-line blue initials flourished red, rubrics, running book numbers in blue flourished red, red stroking, red line-fillers (circlets). Alexander and Temple, no. 204.


Sewn on five bands. Standard Exeter binding: simple and quite elegant, calf over millboards, the calf bearing blind decoration of a floral type, early 19th century. On fols. ii–iv are holes and/or rust marks from two clasps on an earlier binding.


Origin: s. xiii¾ ; England

Provenance and Acquisition

On fol. iiir is ‘Liber M. Willelmi Reed ex dono magistri Nicholai de Sandwyc’. Liber sententiarum Petri’ and on fol. iiiv, all in a large anglicana formata script, ‘Willelmi Reed prepositi Wynghaminensis ex dono Reuerendi domini sui M. Nicholai de Sandwyco. Oretis igitur pro utroque. Liber Sentenciarum Petri lumbardi Archiepiscopi Parisiensis. Liber aule Exon’ in Oxon’ in communi libraria eiusdem ad vsum communem sociorum ibidem studentium cathenandus. Ex dono venerabilis patris domini Willelmi tercij Episcopi Cicestrensis. Oretis igitur pro eodem et benefactoribus eiusdem ac fidelium animabus a purgatorio liberandis.’ On William Rede, d. 1385, donor of many books to Oxford and other libraries, and Nicholas of Sandwich, see BRUO. This is one of two books surviving from Rede’s gift of 1374 recorded in Boase2, xlvii, 9; for the other see Appendix II(1). They are respectively items v and t in the deed of gift, Watson, Exeter, Appendix V. Both are referred to in Rector’s Accounts for 1374, which record payments to Rector Thomas Worth (BRUO) for his trip to London to collect the books, and for chains, bars, and chaining when they arrived.

Marginalia are mostly in a neat pre-anglicana cursive script of s. xiiiex.

Not recorded in Ecloga or CMA. Watson's plate 3(b) reproduces the Rede ex dono inscription on fol. iiiv.

Exeter College identifications, inside the front cover, are the book stamp, ‘Ex: Coll: Oxon:’, ‘Q8–12 Gall’ (deleted), ‘172–E–8’ and ‘Coxe XXXII’ (pencil). On fol. iiv is bookplate 1. ‘8’ is on a round paper label over a serrated paper label on the spine.

Record Sources

Andrew G. Watson, A descriptive catalogue of the medieval manuscripts of Exeter College, Oxford (Oxford: Oxford University Press), 2000.


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