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MS. Canon. Class. Lat. 52

Summary Catalogue no.: 18633


Virgil, Aeneid
Language(s): Latin

Physical Description

Form: codex
Support: parchment


Fine borders.

Fine historiated initials (partly rubbed). School of Niccolò di Giacomo da Bologna . (Pächt and Alexander ii. 133, pl. XIII)

fol. 1v

  • Title 'Iste versus sunt ouidij...'
  • Type initial P
  • Subject Half-figure of a bearded man in a hat and gown bordered with ermine, holding an open book.
  • Title 'Ille sunt quatuor versus...'
  • Type initial I
  • Subject Head and shoulders of a young man.

fol. 2r

  • Title Book I
  • Type initial A
  • Subject Sailing boat with Aeneas and armed Trojans (much damaged).

fol. 12r

  • Title Book II
  • Type initial C
  • Subject Venus in converstation with Aeneas.

fol. 22v

  • Title Book III
  • Type initial P
  • Subject Aeneas looking back at a burning house.

fol. 32v

  • Title Book IV
  • Type initial A
  • Subject Half-figure of Dido, stabbing herself in the throat with a dagger.

fol. 42r

  • Title Book V
  • Type initial I
  • Subject Dido, bleeding from the neck wound, lying on her deathbed. Mourners stand behind.

fol. 54r

  • Title Book VI
  • Type initial S
  • Subject Sibyl and Aeneas look at a devil coming out of the flames of hell.

fol. 66v

  • Title Book VII
  • Type initial T
  • Subject Four half-figures of armoured warriors.

fol. 78r

  • Title Book VIII
  • Type initial U
  • Subject Aeneas, surrounded by armoured warriors, grasps the hand of Pallas.

fol. 88v

  • Title Book IX
  • Type initial A
  • Subject Armoured warriors before the gates of a tower.

fol. 100r

  • Title Book X
  • Type initial P
  • Subject Aeneas and Melentius fighting with shields and spears on horseback.

fol. 112v

  • Title Book XI
  • Type initial C
  • Subject Aeneas, standing behind the body of Pallas, raising a bloody sword; another wounded soldier to the right.

fol. 125v

  • Title Book XII
  • Type initial T
  • Subject Aeneas and Turnus in combat on horseback.


Origin: 14th century, end ; Italian, Bologna

Provenance and Acquisition

Matteo Luigi Canonici, 1727–1805

Giuseppe Canonici , -1807

Purchased by the Bodleian in 1817

Record Sources

Summary description abbreviated from the Quarto Catalogue (H. O. Coxe, Catalogi codicum manuscriptorum Bibliothecæ Bodleianæ pars tertia codices Græcos et Latinos Canonicianos complectens, Quarto Catalogues III, 1854). Decoration, localization and date follow Pächt and Alexander (1970).

Digital Images

Digital Bodleian (18 images from 35mm slides)

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