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MS. Holkham Gr. 45

Summary Catalogue no.: Not in SC (late accession)

Diktyon no.: 48113

Cyril of Alexandria, Glaphyra in Pentateuchum; Catena on Psalms 1–48.


Language(s): Greek

1. (fols iiir-v)

Table of Contents with titles and incipicts of each work.

2. (fols 1r-112v)
Cyril of Alexandria, Glaphyra in Pentateuchum

CPG 5201, cf. PG 69, 9–678.

3. (Fols after fol. 12r)

The cover of an epistle addressed to John Morezenos (upside-down: Τῷ λογιωτάτῳ καὶ ἐν ἱερεῦσιν αἰδεσιμωτάτῳ/ ⟨παπ⟩α Κυρίῳ Ἰωάννῃ τῷ Μορεζίνῳ,/ π(ατ)ρὶ ἐν Χριστῷ περιποθήτῳ, εὐλαβῶς/ ἐγχειρισθείη,/ εἰς τὸ κάστρον τῆς Κρήτης; see Ε. Kakoulidi, ‘Ὁ Ἰωάννης Μορεζῆνος καὶ τὸ ἔργο του’, Κρητικὰ Χρονικά 22 (1970) 56) has been used possibly by himself to keep notes during the reading of the MS. It contains names related to the Pentateuch.

4. (fol. 116r)

Table of Contents.

5. (fols 117r-228r)
Catena on Psalms 1–48

Incomplete, des. καὶ ἡ ἀμφοτέρων ἐν τούτοις ἐνέργεια ὑποβάλλει; see Karo and Lietzmann, Catenae in Psalmos, typ. VI, pp. 29–30 (cf. Vat. gr. 1789; Monac. gr. 359; Baroc. 235).

Physical Description

Form: codex
Support: Paper
Extent: iii + 229 leaves + II (= fols. 229–230) (fol. 45 has been omitted)
Dimensions (leaf): 275 × 195 mm.


fols iiir, 1r: decorative head-pieces.

Additions: fol. 228r: ἄχρι τούτου εἶχε τὸ πρωτότυπον. Extensively annotated by several hands including J. Morezenos.


Typical Holkham binding of brown leather, with Coke family ostrich crest in gilt in the centre of the upper cover; Date: early nineteenth century. Rebound by John Jones of Liverpool (worked for Holkham 1816–1823. The spine lettered in gilt: S. CYRILLI/ OPERA/ VAR[I]A/ GR. –/ M.S./SÆC. XIV/ in pasted black leather: MS. /HOLKHAM/ Gr. 45


Origin: 16th century

Provenance and Acquisition

Ownership Notes: fol. iiir (bottom; in brown ink): Ἐκ τῶν Ἰω(ά)ννου Ἱερέος τοῦ μορ(ε)ζήνου κ(αὶ) τῶν φίλων, see Ε. Kakoulidi, ‘Ὁ Ἰωάννης Μορεζῆνος καὶ τὸ ἔργο του’, Κρητικὰ Χρονικά 22 (1970) 52,; fol. 1r (top right): handwritten note in black ink by B. de Montfaucon: [1698· Codex num. 45. … ] it has been trimmed in the binding process /Homiliae Cyrilli in Genesim et alia.

Old Catalogue Nrs: fol. ir: (in pencil); Holk. Cat. No. 70 74 C2.B2/ Cent. XVI; fol. 1r: (at the bottom, in grey ink): OBον = Morezenos 72, Giustiniani 45; Olim Holkham Hall, Libr. of the Earl of Leicester, 74.

Record Sources

Description by Dimitrios Skrekas (September 2018), with the support of the Leventis Foundation, the Oxford Centre for Byzantine Research, the Yerolemou Trust and the Michael Marks Charitable Trust.


Last Substantive Revision

2018-09-07: Record fully revised: new description by Dimitris Skrekas.