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MS. Kennicott 14

Summary Catalogue no.: Not in SC (late accession)



with 'modern' chapter divisions


Gen. (pref. Stegmüller, Repertorium 284 and 285)-Deut.; Iosue; Iudic.; Ruth; I–IV Reg. (pref. 323), I, II Paralip. (pref. 328); I Esdras (pref. 330); Nehemias (here called II Esdras); Tobias (pref. 332); Iudith (pref. 335); Hester (pref. 341); I, II Machab.


Psalterium duplex, in the Hebrew and Gallican versions (pref.414, 430, 443, 429), followed (fol.239v) by the apocryphal psalm Pusillus eram; and the canticles: Ego dixi in excessu dierum (Is.38.10); Confirmatum est cor meum (1 Reg. 2.1–11); Cantemus domino gloriose (Ex.15.1–20); Domine audivi auditionem (Hab.3); Attende celum (Deut.32.1–44), all in a version which seems to agree with that of the MSS. BCOP in J. Mearns, Canticles Eastern and Western, 1914, pp.22–3. This version and the prefaces are found also in a 13th cent. bible in St. Mary's church, Colchester


Ysaias (pref.482); Ierem. (pref. 487); Lament.; Baruch; Ezech. (pref.492); Dan. (pref. 494); Osea (pref.500), Joel (pref.511); Amos (pref.515); Abdias (pref.519); Ionas (pref.524); Miche (pref.526); Nahum (pref.528); Habacuc (pref.529); Sophonias (pref.532); Aggaeus (pref.535); Zacharias (pref.540); Malach. (pref.544).


Iob (pref.344); Parabolae (pref.457); Eccles.; Cantica (pref. beg: Salomon inspiratus divino spiritu); Ecclesiasticus; Sap.


Math. (pref.591); Marcus (pref.607); Lucas (pref.620); Iohannes (pref.624)


Rom. (pref.677); I, II Cor. (pref.685 and 700); Galat. (pref.707); Ephes. (pref.715); Philip. (pref.728); Coloss. (pref.736); I, II Thess. (pref.747 and 752); I, II Tim. (pref.765 and 772); Titus (pref.780); Philemon (pref.783); Hebr. (pref.793).


Actus (pref.637).


Can. Epp. (pref.809).


Apocalypsis, ends imperf. at 16.6 due to loss of leaves.

There are marginal notes and cross references throughout, mostly in one 15th cent. hand.

Language(s): Latin

Physical Description

Secundo Folio: -dia verba.
Form: codex
Support: parchment
Extent: i + 464 leaves
Dimensions (leaf): 290 × 205 mm.
Dimensions (written): 175–80 × 115 mm.
(first hand)
Dimensions (written): 195 × 120 mm.
(second hand)


1(12)–14(12), 15(8), 16(14), 17(12)–21(12), 22(10), 23(12)–31(12), 32(8), 33(12)–39(12), 40 only 1–3 left


2 cols., 48–50 lines


Hand A, mid 13th cent., fols. 1–387v

Hand B, 14th cent., fols. 388-end


Large red and blue initials with penwork (fols. 1–387v). Plain red initials (fols. 388 - end).


17th cent. binding of speckled calf.


Origin: 13th century, middle (fols. 1–387v), 14th century (fols. 388 - end) ; English

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Typescript description by Bodleian library staff, revised by Peter Kidd, late 1990s.

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