A catalogue of Western manuscripts at the Bodleian Libraries and selected Oxford colleges

Stephanus, de Borbone, -approximately 1261: De diuersis materiis predicabilibus distinctis in septem partibus secundum septem dona [Latin]

  • Also in Worcester Cath. Q. 85. In Munich, Bayerisches Staatsbibl. Clm 28199 and Oxford, Oriel Coll. 68, the work is attrib. to 'R.' or 'Raymundus' OP.
  • Bloomfield 4973
  • Kaeppeli 3633
  • pr. A. Lecoy de la Marche, Anecdotes historiques, Légendes et Apologues tirées du recueil d'Etienne de Bourbon (Paris, 1877), pp. 1–449

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