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Merton College MS. 14

Former shelfmark: A. 3. 2



Language(s): Latin

The former front pastedown is now fragment Q. 3. 10 (7) below.

fol. irv is a waste leaf of art. 35, containing the beginning of Robert Grosseteste, Summa on Aristotle, Ethica Nicomachea: ⟨O⟩mnis ars et omnis doctrina ...; Primum capitulum de eo quod est aliquis finis perfectissimus omnium bonorum ... (ending unfinished in 3. 13) contra omnes communes minus’. Thomson, Grosseteste, no. 31; pr. Venice 1483, Lyons 1542. Written space 290 × 170 mm., ruled in 2 cols of 73 lines, in a small gothic rotunda bookhand (probably the same as art. 35), lacking decoration. An informal table of contents, s. xiv, occupies fol. iv col. b, using the foliation, and indicating that an item, ‘Libri ethice decem’, is missing before the present art. 1. This presumably refers to Aristotle, Ethics, and perhaps to art. 35.

On fol. 330v is a table of contents, s. xiv ex., to the complete volume except for the original art. 1, and arts 34–5. Art. 1, and perhaps 34–5 if then at the front of the book, might have been cropped by the binder.

Annotated throughout, in pencil and ink, in hands of s. xiv and xv. A reader of the late sixteenth century (Henry Savile?) was much interested in it, annotating in the upper margins, and also the table of contents at the rear, referring to printed editions of the texts.

Physical Description

Secundo Folio: matrimonio sunt
The book was made as a unit, except for fols. i, 321–30, fragments of another, once bound together at the beginning.
Form: codex
Support: Parchment
Extent: 331 leaves (i + 330), now lacking Coxe’s fol. 2.
Dimensions (leaf): 365 × 240 mm.
The edges heavily retrimmed and stained yellow.
Foliation: Much-cropped foliation of s. xiv, in arabic numerals, begins with 29 (mod. 1)


a singleton, 1–612, 714, 814(+ a bifolium after 10), 9–1712, 18–1914, 20–112, 2210, 23–512, 2614(13–14 canc.) / 2710; sporadic leaf-numbers and catchwords. Quires are missing before 1 and 26.


c. 1500, heavily restored by Maltby; reverse-bevelled oak boards with slightly projecting squares, bared and backed with modern vellum; sewn on five bands; blue and plain endbands. The boards had two straps (not recessed) from the front to catches at the back, and chain-staples at the foredges, near the foot on the front board, near the head on the rear.


Provenance and Acquisition

On fol. 330v: s. xiv ‘Liber domus scolar’ de Merton’ Oxon’ ex legato M. Willelmi Bernel’; s. xv ‘Istum librum reparauit M. Iohannes Burbache sacre pagine professor’. Burnell (BRUO 316–17) was canon of Wells from 1284, dean 1292–5, d. 1304. He gave another six books. UO47. 225, ‘in libraria’, valued at 40s. For Burbage see MS 3.

On 23 Dec. 1489 the book was lent (‘extracta erat a libraria’) to the abbot of Abingdon ‘pro copia quorundam tractatuum’ (Registrum, p. 128). It was returned on 24 Feb. 1490.

At the head of fol. 1 is the James no. ‘262’, s. xvii in. Inside the front board is a sheet of paper with the contents, s. xvii, and ‘N. 2. 2. Art:’, canc. and replaced with ‘A. 3. 2. (XIV)’ in red. ‘2’ is inked on the foredge.

Merton College MS. 14 – Part I


Language(s): Latin

1. (fols. 1–16v)
Jerome, Contra Iouinianum
Rubric: Incipit liber beati Ieronimi contra Iouinianum
Incipit: Pauci admodum dies sunt
Explicit: Epicuri luxuriam susceperunt
Final rubric: Explicit ...

CPL 610; PL 23. 211–338; Lambert 252.

2. (fols. 16v-24)
Augustine, De Symbolo ad Catechumenos Tractatus IV
Rubric: Incipit primus sermo Augustini de simbolo
Incipit: Accipite regulam fidei quod symbolum dicitur
Explicit: suo aduentui sperauit amen
Final rubric: Explicit sermo Augustini 4. de simbolo

CPL 309, 401–3; CCSL 46 (1969), pp. 179–99; CCSL 60 (1976), pp. 305–63. II-IV are by QUODVULTDEUS.

3. (fols. 24–5v)
Ps.-AUGUSTINE (Quodvultdeus), De Cantico Nouo
Rubric: Incipit sermo eiusdem de cantico nouo
Incipit: Omnis qui baptismum Christi desiderat
Explicit: adiuuetis uos orationibus nostris. Amen

CPL 405; PL 40. 677–86.

4. (fols. 25v, 25v-34)
Augustine, De Nuptiis et Concupiscentia

Preceded by Epist. 200.

Rubric: Epistola Augustini ad Valerium comitem de nuptiis et concupiscentia
Incipit: Domino illustri et merito prestantissimo atque in Christi dilectione karissimo filio Valerio
Explicit: commodius intimabit
Final rubric: Explicit epistola
Rubric: Incipit liber Augustini de nupciis et concupiscentia ad Valerium comitem
Incipit: Heretice noui dilectissime fili Valeri qui medicinam Christi qua peccata sanantur
Explicit: Saluator possit esse et ipsorum
Final rubric: Explicit ...

CPL 350; CSEL 42 (1902), pp. 207–319.

5. (fols. 34–6v)
Augustine, De Vtilitate Agendae Paenitentiae I (Serm. 351)
Rubric: Incipit liber Augustini de penitencia
Incipit: Quam sit utilis et necessaria penitentie medicina
Explicit: mors eterna uitatur

PL 39. 1535–49.

6. (fol. 36v)
Ps.-AUGUSTINE, De Paenitentibus (Serm. 393)
Incipit: Penitentes penitentes penitentes
Explicit: dimitte incertum et tene certum
Final rubric: Explicit liber Augustini de penitencia

PL 39. 1713–15.

7. (fols. 37–40v)
Augustine, De Pastoribus (Serm. 46)
Rubric: Incipit sermo beati Augustini episcopi de pastoribus
Incipit: Spes tota nostra quia in Christo est
Explicit: qui uos cogunt ad unitatem
Final rubric: Explicit ...

CPL 284; CCSL 41 (1961), pp. 527–70.

8. (fols. 40v-4)
Augustine, De Ovibus (Serm. 47)
Rubric: Incipit sermo eiusdem de ouibus
Incipit: Verba que cantauimus continent professionem nostram
Explicit: dicit Dominus Deus noster
Final rubric: Explicit sermo Augustini de ouibus

CPL 284; CCSL 41 (1961), pp. 571–604.

9. (fols. 44–65v)
Augustine, De Baptismo contra Donatistas
Rubric: Incipit liber Augustini de baptismo contra Donatistas
Incipit: In libris quos aduersus epistolam Parmeniani quam dedit ad Ticonium scripsimus
Explicit: quia cum eis edificamur in perpetua
Final rubric: Explicit de baptismo contra Donatistas liber septimus

CPL 332; CSEL 51 (1908), pp. 143–375.

10. (fols. 65v-6, 66–77v)
Augustine, De Peccatorum Meritis

Preceded by the relevant extract from Retract.

Rubric: Augustini doctoris egregii de baptismo paruulorum liber primus incipit
Incipit: Quamuis in mediis et magnis curarum estibus
Explicit: facere defendendo prolixius
Final rubric: Explicit liber secundus beati Augustini de baptismo paruulorum

CPL 342; CSEL 60 (1913), pp. 2–151.

11. (fols. 77v-86)
Augustine, Contra Achademicos
Rubric: Incipit liber Augustini primus contra Achademicos ad Romanianum
Incipit: O utinam Romaniane hominem sibi aptum ita uicissim uirtus fortune repugnanti possit auferre
Explicit: quam speraueram fecimus
Final rubric: Explicit liber tercius Augustini contra Achademicos

CPL 253; CCSL 29 (1970), pp. 1–61

12. (fols. 86rv)
Augustine, Sermo 215
Rubric: Incipit sermo eiusdem de symbolo
Incipit: Sacrosancti misterii symbolum
Explicit: in qua dicitur Pater et Filius et Spiritus Sanctus unus Deus cui ...

PL 38. 1072–6.

13. (fols. 87–98)
Augustine, Contra Epistolam Parmeniani

Preceded by the relevant extract from Retract.

Rubric: Incipit liber primus Augustini contra epistolam Parmeniani
Incipit: Multa quidem et alia aduersus Donatistas pro uiribus
Explicit: saltem non audeant gloriari

CPL 331; CSEL 51 (1908), pp. 17–141.

14. (fols. 98rv)
Ps.-AUGUSTINE (NICETAS), De Psalmodiae Bono
Incipit: Quam grata sit et acceptabilis Deo psalmorum deuotio
Explicit: quia ipsi laudabunt Dominum in s. s. amen

CPL 649; PL 68. 371–6; ed. C. H. Turner, JTS 24 (1923), 225–52; Römer 2. 382.

15. (fols. 99–100v)
BASIL, Serm. on Deut. 15: 9
Rubric: Sermo beati Basilii de eo quod scriptum est Accede tibi ne forte fiat in corde tuo sermo occultus iniquitatis
Incipit: Sermonis usum Deus nobis, qui nos creauit
Explicit: possis attendere Deo
Final rubric: Explicit ...

Also in BL, Roy. 5 F. xvi, fols. 1rv, 3–9. Greek text, and a different Latin version, in PG 31. 197–218.

16. (fols. 100v-10)
Augustine, Correspondence with JEROME

Epist. 167, 67, 68, 73 (beg. ‘Cur itaque conor’: PL 33. 246), 28, 72, 40, 71, 75, 82.

17. (fols. 110–11v)
Augustine, De Vrbis Excidio
Rubric: De excidio urbis. Sermo beati Augustini
Incipit: Intueamur primam leccionem sancti Danielis prophete
Explicit: ut sustinere possitis

CPL 312; CCSL 46 (1969), pp. 243–62

18. (fols. fol. 111v)
Ps.-AUGUSTINE, De Creatione Primi Hominis
Rubric: Qualiter homo factus est ad ymaginem et similitudinem Dei. xi
Incipit: Tanta dignitas humane condicionis esse cognoscitur
Explicit: quod in secundo reformauit

PL 40. 1213–14. The common excerpt from De Spiritu et Anima.

19. (fols. 111v-25v)
Augustine, 26 Sermons
Rubric: Sermo eiusdem de glorioso martire Vincentio
Incipit: In passione que nobis hodie recitata est f. k. euidenter ostenditur iudex ferox


Rubric: Vnde supra
Incipit: Vincentii martiris sancti fortissimam et gloriosissimam passionem celebrare sollempniter

AUGUSTINE, Caillau 1. 47. 3

Rubric: Vnde supra
Incipit: Oculis fidei certantem spectauimus martirem Vincentium


Rubric: Sermo beati Augustini de oratione dominica
Incipit: Beatus apostolus tempora ista quando futurum erat


Rubric: Sermo Augustini de caritate
Incipit: Diuinarum scripturarum multiplicem habundanciam latissimamque doctrinam


Rubric: Incipit eiusdem de fide
Incipit: Recordamini nobiscum d. f. dixisse apostolum Quamdiu sumus in corpore


Rubric: De timore Dei
Incipit: Multa nobis f. k. de timore Dei precepta sunt


Rubric: Vnde supra
Incipit: Non dubito d. f. insitum esse cordibus uestris timorem Dei


Rubric: Incipit eiusdem de fide
Incipit: Hoc dicimus et hoc docemus

unpr.; in eleven English MSS: Römer 1. 378–9.

Rubric: Incipit eiusdem de elemosina
Incipit: Admonet nos Dominus de lectione euangelica ut loquamur uobis de impetrando pane


Rubric: Incipit eiusdem de periurio
Incipit: Prima leccio que nobis hodie recitata est Iacobi apostoli oblata nobis est ad disserendum


Rubric: Incipit eiusdem de prouerbiis Salomonis ab eo loco ubi dicit Mulierem fortem quis inueniet ...
Incipit: Prestabit nobis Dominus qui istud commendauit in sanctis suis


Rubric: Incipit eiusdem de aduentu Domini
Incipit: Sanctam ac desiderabilem gloriosam ac singularem sollempnitatem hoc est natiuitatem Domini Saluatoris


Rubric: Incipit eiusdem de natali Domini
Incipit: Rogo uos f. k. ut libenti animo sermones quos Dominus dabit suscipiatis

AUGUSTINE app. 117

Rubric: Incipit eiusdem de sancto sabbato Pasche
Incipit: Admonet nos d. tanta ista et tam sancta sollempnitas exhortari uos ad uigilandum

AUGUSTINE Wilmart Add. [15]: PL Suppl. 2. 740

Rubric: Vnde supra
Incipit: Video equidem d. f. alacritatem animi uestri

Wilmart in RB 42 (1930), 138, no. 15.

Rubric: Incipit eiusdem de pascha
Incipit: Exulta celum et in leticia esto terra. Iste dies amplius nobis ex sepulcro radiauit


Rubric: Vnde supra
Incipit: Salue dies eternis frequentanda conuentibus

AUGUSTINE, Serm. ined. IV (PL 47. 1155–6)

19.19. (fols. )
Rubric: Vnde supra
Incipit: Resurrectionis dominice ueneranda sollempnitas cunctis hodie per orbem gloriosa resplenduit


Rubric: Vnde supra
Incipit: Licet omnes sollempnitates d. que in ecclesiis pro Dei honore celebrantur sancte sint

Ps.-LEO 8: PL 54. 495–7

Rubric: Vnde supra
Incipit: Hec est dies quam fecit Dominus exultemus et iocundemur in ea sicut Domino Deo nostro cantauimus


Rubric: Vnde supra
Incipit: Non minus etiam nunc letari debemus

Ps.-MAXIMUS 36 (PL 57. 605–10)

Rubric: Vnde supra
Incipit: Hesterno die id est preterita nocte lecta est ex euuangelio secundum Matheum


Rubric: Vnde supra
Incipit: Dominus noster Iesus Christus sicut apostolus dicit mortuus est propter delicta nostra


Rubric: Vnde supra
Incipit: Post laborem noctis preterite quoniam etsi spiritus promptus est caro autem infirma


Incipit: Hoc quod uidetis in altare Dei etiam transacta nocte uidistis


The sermons are numbered xii-xiv, xvii, xx-xl.

20. (fols. 125v-9)
John Chrysostom, Quod Nemo Laeditur nisi a Seipso
Rubric: Crisostomus quod nemo leditur nisi a semetipso
Incipit: Scio quod crassioribus
Explicit: quia a semetipso non leditur
Final rubric: Explicit ...

Wilmart no. 39; CPG 4400; PG 52. 459–80; ICO v. 750–69A; M. Malingrey in Sacris Erudiri 16 (1965), 320–54

21. (fols. 129rv)
John Chrysostom, Cum de Eius Expulsione Ageretur
Rubric: Incipit sermo eiusdem cum de eius expulsione ageretur
Incipit: Multi quidem fluctus et unde immanes
Explicit: pro hiis agamus gratias Deo cui ...

Wilmart no. 29; ICO v. 953–5.

22. (fols. 129v-30)
John Chrysostom, Post Exilii Prioris Reditum
Rubric: Sermo Crisostomi post exilii prioris redditum
Incipit: Quid dicam, quid loquar
Explicit: in Christo Iesu Domino nostro cum quo est cum Deo Patre et Spiritu Sancto honor potestas et gloria per immortalia s. s. amen.
Final rubric: Explicit de regressu prioris exilii

Wilmart no. 37; ICO v. 955–7.

23. (fols. 130rv)
John Chrysostom, Quando de Asia Regressus Est Constantinopolim
Rubric: Incipit eiusdem sermo quando de Asia regressus est Constantinopolim
Incipit: ⟨M⟩oyses magnus ille Dei famulus
Explicit: instruere ad salutem per Christum Dominum nostrum cui ...

Wilmart no. 36; ICO v. 957–60.

24. (fols. 130v-8)
Jerome, De Interpretatione Nominum Hebraicorum
Rubric: Incipit prefatio beati Ieronimi libro interpretationis Hebreorum nominum
Incipit: Philo uir disertissimus
Incipit: Non statim ubicumque ex a. littera
Explicit: siue preuaricator
Final rubric: Explicit ...

CPL 581; Lambert 201; CCSL 72 (1959), pp. 57–161.

25. (fols. 138–235)
Jerome, 112 letters

Epist. 57 (38), 73 (44), 129 (57), 35 (1), 36 (2; as 3 items, dividing in sects. 10–15), 62 (3), 19 (4), 20 (5), 15 (6), 16 (7), 18B (8), 18A (9), 21 (10), 14 (37), 52 (33), 58 (34), 55 (?), 83–4 (39–40), Epist. suppos. 42 (41), 69 (42), 146 (43), 17 (45), 124 (46), Epist. suppos. 17 (47), 145 (48), 122 (49), 47 (50), 71 (54), 61 (55), 109 (56), Adv. Vigilantium (57), 70 (58), 74 (59), 72 (60), 76 (63), 68 (64), 147 (65), 8 (67), 125 (68), 10 (69), 7 (70), 9 (71), 12 (72), 2 (73), 119 (74), 140. 16–21 (75), 48–9 (76–7), 97 (78), 50 (79), 126 (22), 134 (25), 141–3 (26–8), Ps.-JEROME (PELAGIUS), Libellus Fidei (PL 39. 2181–3, &c.; Lambert 316) (29), Epist. suppos. 37 as two items (30–1), 55. 5 (‘Epistolaris responsio ad quod supra’) (37), 51 (53), 4 (61), 5 (62), 6 (66), Epist. suppos. 9 = PASCHASIUS, De Assumptione Beatae Mariae Virginis (CCSL cont. med. 56C [1985], pp. 109–62), as two items (80, 94), Sermo Ieronimi de assumptione Sancte Marie sacris consecratus uirginibus. Quocienscumque dilectissime uobis aliquid pro amore conditoris nostri ... in manu Domini per gratiam eius qui ... Ps.-ILDEFONSUS, part pr. PL 96. 235–6, Petis a me peticiunculam ... (BHL 5345), Epist. suppos. 50. 1, Epist. suppos. 48–9, Epist. suppos. 50. 2–11, Epist. suppos. 23, 22 (91), 45 (92), 11 (93), Epist. suppos. 1 (94; ?JULIAN OF ECLANUM; a later hand has written in the lower margin of fol. 191v ‘Ista epistola non est Ieronimi sed Iuliani heretici Pelagiani ut patet per Bedam super Cantica libro primo c. 12. Et per Augustinum epistola 71 ad Iulianam uirginem et per Guidonem uel Guigonem priorem Cartusie ad fratres Deroborenses’), 130 (95), 107 (95), 64 (97), 117 (98), 13 (99), 54 (100), 79, 123 (101), 120 (102) without the capitula , 121 (103), 59 (104), 40 (105), 26 (106), 25, 41–2, 27, 44, 43 + 46. 11–12 (112), 38, 29 (114), 34, 32, 30, 28, 60, Epist. suppos. 40 (CAELESTIUS), 118 (121), 39 (122), 108 (123), 75, 77 (125), 23–4 (126–7), 1 (128), 127, 66. 1–11 (129). CPL 620; Lambert IA, p. 234; CSEL 54–6 (1910, 1912, 1918); the supposititious letters in PL 30. 15–308. An early hand has numbered the letters in the margin, and given the longer ones numbered subdivisions, also signalled in the text by paraphs. The letter-numbers (given above in brackets following the modern number) follow the order of the collection usual in English MSS after the Conquest (Mynors, Durham, p. 37), ‘Dormientem … patriarcham Loth’.

26. (fols. 235–8v)
ORIGEN, Homilies on the Song of Songs,

transl. Jerome

Rubric: Ieronimus ad papam Damasum de tractatu Origenis in epithalamicis carminibus v
Incipit: Origenes cum in ceteris libris omnes uicerit
Rubric: De cantico canticorum tractatus Origenis a beato Ieronimo translatus vi
Incipit: Quomodo didicimus per Moysen esse quondam non solum sancta
Rubric: (fol. 236v) Incipit alia omelia ab eo loco in quo scriptum est Nardus mea dedit odorem suum usque ad id quo ait Quia uox tua suauis et forma tua speciosa
Incipit: Omnes anime mociones uniuersitatis Conditor Deus creauit ad bonum
Explicit: sponsi sermone sapiencia Christi Ihesu cui

CPG 1432; ed. W. A. Baehrens, GCS 33 (1925), pp. 26–60; Lambert 206.

27. (fols. 239–46)
Augustine, De Diuersis Quaestionibus ad Simplicianum

Preceded by Epist. 37

Incipit: Domino dilectissimo et uenerabiliter sincerissima caritate amplectendo patri Simpliciano Augustinus
Rubric: Aurelii Augustini Ypponensi episcopi ad Simplicianum liber primus incipit
Incipit: Gratissima plane atque suauissima interrogacionum tuarum
Explicit: se uerissimam non recuso amen
Final rubric: Aurelii Augustini episcopi ad Simplicianum liber secundus explicit

CPL 290; CCSL 44 (1970).

28. (fols. 246–7v)
Augustine, Aduersus Iudaeos
Rubric: Incipit liber eiusdem contra Iudeos
Incipit: Beatus apostolus Paulus doctor gencium in fide et ueritate
Explicit: speraui in misericordia Dei in eternum et in s. s.

CPL 315; PL 42. 51–64.

29. (fols. 247v-9)
Augustine, Ad Orosium contra Priscillianistas et Origenistas

Preceded by the relevant extract from Retract.

Rubric: Incipit liber Augustini ad Orosium de Priscillianistis et de Origenis errore
Incipit: Respondere tibi querenti dilectissime Horosi
Explicit: dignatus est caritatem
Final rubric: Explicit ...

CPL 327; CCSL 49 (1985), pp. 168–78.

30. (fols. 249–54)
Augustine, Contra Felicem Manichaeum
Rubric: Incipit eiusdem contra Felicianum Manicheum
Incipit: Honorio Augusto sexies consule septimo idus Decembris Augustinus
Incipit: Hesterno die scis te dixisse
Explicit: Felix his gestis subscripsi
Final rubric: Explicit ...

CPL 322; PL 42. 519–52; CSEL 25(2), pp. 801–52.

31. (fols. 254–61v)
Augustine, De Gratia Christi et Peccato Originali
Rubric: Incipit liber eiusdem contra Pelagium et Celestium de gratia Christi et de peccato originali
Incipit: Quantum de uestra corporali et maxime spirituali salute gaudeamur
Explicit: aliquando finiendus est
Final rubric: Explicit ... ad Albinum Pinianum et Melaniam

CPL 349; CSEL 42 (1902), pp. 123–206.

32. (fols. 261v-72v)
Augustine, Adnotationes in Iob
Rubric: Incipit liber sancti Augustini episcopi annotacionum in Iob
Incipit: Et opera magna erant ei super terram. Quia operabatur de ipsis operibus
Explicit: ne recedat a Deo amen

Followed by a note in red ‘Hic nihil est de capitulo 40, 41, 42.’ CPL 271; CSEL 28, 2 (1895), pp. 507–628; Stegmüller, Bibl. 1462.

33. (fols. 273–319v)
Augustine, Tractatus in Iohannis Euangelium
Rubric: Aurelii Augustini doctoris eximii in expositionem euuangelii secundum Iohannem quas colloquendo prius ipse ad populum habuit et inter loquendum a notariis exceptis eo quo habite sunt ordine uerbum ex uerbo postea dictauit ...
Incipit: Intuentes quod modo audiuimus ex leccione apostolica
Explicit: meum terminare sermonem
Final rubric: Expliciunt omelie

Capitula on fol. 320rv. After fol. 308 there is a gap in the text from Tract. 23. 9 (‘quando mortui audient et qui’ to 109. 4 (‘regnaturum dicendo memento mei cum ueneris’), due to missing quires. CPL 278; CCSL 36 (1954); Stegmüller, Bibl. 1471.

Physical Description


Written space 285 × 165 mm. , ruled with crayon in 2 cols of 72 lines.


Expert English gothic rotunda bookhands except for art. 33, in anglicana.


Red or blue initials flourished in the other colour; red or blue paraphs. Art. 33 opens with a large red and blue initial flourished in both colours, thereafter blue initials flourished in red; red titles and running heads. 35.


Origin: S XIV1 ; England

Merton College MS. 14 – Part II


Language(s): Latin

(fols. 321–5v)
Robert Grosseteste, Notulae in Ethica Nicomachea et in Commentatores Graecos in eadem
Incipit: De capitulo .i. Politeia dicitur a polis quod est ciuitas
Incipit: Omnis ars et omnis doctrina &c. Ars est colleccio ex adinuentis comprehensionibus
Explicit: (ends unfinished in vi. 1) in seipsa habens ipsum et alteris tribuens

unpr.; Thomson, Grosseteste, 68–70; idem, ‘The “Notule” of Grosseteste on the Nicomachean Ethics’, Proceedings of the British Academy 19 (1933), 195–218, identifying the hand of this art. with one of the annotators of CCCC 480, a member of Grosseteste’s circle; Lohr, pp. 104–5; Sharpe, Handlist , p. 456.

35. (fols. 326–9v; 330 blank)
Robert Grosseteste, Summa on Aristotle, Nicomachean Ethics
Rubric: Tituli libri primi ethice Aristotelis secundum R.
Incipit: Omnis ars et omnis doctrina ...; Primum capitulum de eo quod est aliquis finis perfectissimus
Explicit: et qualiter ordinata et quibus legibus et consuetudinibus utens
Final rubric: Expliciunt

Often found preceding art. 34. pr. Venice 1483, Lyons 1542; Thomson, Grosseteste, p. 88, listing another eleven copies; Lohr, p. 104.

Physical Description


Written space 290 × 170 mm. , ruled with crayon in 2 cols, art. 34 the frame only, written in about 100 lines, art. 35 ruled in 85 lines.


Art. 34 written in a tiny scholastic note-hand, art. 35 in a small gothic rotunda bookhand.


No decoration art. 34; red paraphs and highlighting art. 35.


Origin: S. XIII2

Additional Information

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R. M. Thomson, A descriptive catalogue of the medieval manuscripts of Merton College, Oxford (Cambridge: D. S. Brewer), 2009.


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    Coxe, pp. 10–12; Powicke, no. 12; Römer 2. 300.

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