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Merton College MS. 21

Former shelfmark: B. 2. 9



Language(s): Latin

fol. iiirv blank; for fols. iv–vv see below.

1. (fols. 1–73)
Indexes to select works of Augustine and others

The indexes to each work are arranged alphabetically by subject, with separate lists of capitula , or by book and chapter with a brief digest of the contents. They begin with De Trinitate, ‘Aaron non consensit in uitulum’, and also cover John Chrysostom, Quod Nemo Laeditur, Prosper, Liber Sententiarum, Gennadius, De Ecclesiasticis Dogmatibus, Fulgentius, De Fide, and Ps.-Augustine, De Igne Purgatorio.

2. (fols. 75–105)
Index to Peter Lombard, Sentences
Incipit: ⟨A⟩bortum quod tunc dicuntur homicide qui abortum prouocant
Explicit: (ypostasis) filii est tota natura incarnata ..

Stegmüller, Sent. 10, 3; also in Lambeth Palace Libr. 115.

3. (fols. 105v-19v)
Thomas Aquinas, Tabula Libri Ethicorum
Incipit: ⟨A⟩ccio. Quod actio id est operacio uirtutis omnino est alterius gratia si propter bonum proprium
Explicit: (Visus) eligunt amatores hunc sensum quam alios

Followed by capitula , and ‘Explicit tabula ethicorum.’ STO 48. B 63–155.

4. (fols. 119v-25v)
Index to Hugh of St Victor, De Sacramentis
Incipit: Abyssus. Quid sit abissus
Explicit: (Xtus) Vnde dicitur Christus et a Christo Christiani.
Final rubric: Explicit. Qui scripsit carmen sit benedictus amen

unpr.; Goy, p. 171.

Added, in an anglicana hand, probably to fill previously blank leaves:

5. (fol. 125rv)
Rubric: Capitula excerpta de gestis habitis contra Pelagium hereticum et alia de libellis eius que in Palestino synodo sibi obiecta ipse dampnare compulsus est
Final rubric: Expliciunt capitula in quibus tam Christianam dogmatis professio est quam pellagiani erroris scelarata inuencio
6. (fols. 125v-8v; 129–34v blank)
Rubric: Collectio errorum in Anglia et Parisiis condemnatorum qui per capitula distinguntur et primo de erroribus condempnatis in Anglia

22 errors. Then ‘Isti sunt errores condempnati a fratre Roberto bone memorie de Kiluuerby archiepiscopo Cant’ de consensu omnium magistrorum tam regencium quam non regencium apud Oxon’ die Iouis proxima post festum Sancti Cuthberti in quadragesima anno Domini M. CC. 76...’. The year should be 1277: the decree ed. Denifle & Châtelain I, pp. 558–60.

7. (fols. 135–64; 164v-6v blank)
Incipit: ⟨P⟩rompte uolentibus per hoc opusculum in decretalibus et super decretales
Incipit: ⟨A⟩bbas ubi appellacio potest
Explicit: (Xtus) nec dicendum est Christum non esse aliquid secundum quod homo
Final rubric: Explicit tabula decretalium secundum ordinem alphabeti

Kaeppeli, no. 1619, many copies but omitting that in CCCC 38 (s. xiv), from St Augustine's Abbey Canterbury.

Physical Description

Secundo Folio: inimicalis
Form: codex
Support: Parchment
Extent: 173 leaves (v + 168)
Dimensions (leaf): 325 × 220 mm.
Dimensions (written): 265 × 170 mm.
The edges heavily retrimmed and spattered with red.


a singleton, a bifolium, 1–212, 312(+ 2 before 1), 4–1312, 1412(lacks 7–9, 11–12), a singleton; catchwords.


Ruled with pencil in 2 cols of 62 lines.


Proficient English gothic rotunda bookhands.


Mostly lacking; sporadic rubrication, red underlining and yellow highlighting.


Standard Merton s. xvii, repaired and rebacked by Maltby; sewn on four bands; formerly chained from the usual position. fols. i-ii and 167–8 are modern paper blanks. At the foredge of fols. iv-v, near the foot, are the marks of another iron chain-staple. Near the foot of fol. 166 are the marks of the large iron Merton chain-staple. The same marks, but less distinct, are near the head of fol. iii, showing that this leaf has been reversed and moved from the rear of the book, where it was conjugate with fol. 166. An earlier binding had two foredge straps and clasps. fols. iv and 158 were pastedowns in an earlier binding.

Accompanying Material

fol. iiirv blank. fols. iv-vv are from cc. 7–8 of a copy of a tract against the Jews, fol. iv much effaced by glue. C. 8 is titled ‘De peccato ultimi templi et de causa huius captiuitatis’. Many named rabbis are quoted. Written space 265 × 160 mm., ruled with pencil in 2 cols of 59 lines, in an anglicana hand, s. xiv in.; lacking decoration.


Origin: S. XIV ; England

Provenance and Acquisition

The chain-staple shows that the book was at the College before c. 1500. At the head of fol. 1 is the James no. ‘283’ (recte178), s. xvii in. Inside the front board is a sheet of paper with a table of contents, s. xvii, and ‘N. 2. 9. Art:’, canc. and replaced with ‘B. 2. 9 (XXI)’ in red. The College bookplate. ‘9’ is inked on the foredge.

Record Sources

R. M. Thomson, A descriptive catalogue of the medieval manuscripts of Merton College, Oxford (Cambridge: D. S. Brewer), 2009.


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    Coxe, pp. 18–19; Powicke, no. 503; Römer 2. 302; Dondaine & Shooner, no. 2128.

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