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Merton College MS. 38

Former shelfmark: A. 1. 2



Language(s): Latin

fols. iv-v are filled with what appear to be omitted passages from the main text, keyed to it by alphabetical letters. On fol. vv is a 2-line table of contents, s. xv ex.

Physical Description

Secundo Folio: (table) ⟨A⟩bhominacio
Secundo Folio: (text, fol. 31) occidere sed
One main book, II being a slightly later supplement.
Form: codex
Support: Parchment
Extent: 169 (v + 164) leaves
Dimensions (leaf): 310 × 200 mm.
The edges heavily retrimmed with loss of marginalia and stained red.


a bifolium, 116 (+ 1 before 1) / 2–1312; framed catchwords; red leaf-numbering.


Several neat anglicana hands.


I: initials are highlighted with yellow. II: on fols. 18 and 30 red and blue flourished initials with 3-sided bar borders. Blue initials flourished in red; red or blue paraphs, plain red or blue initials in table (a); underlining in red or ink of text.


s. xix, sewn on five bands; fols. i-iii and 162–4 are blank paper binding leaves. The first parchment leaves have the marks of a chain-staple near the foot of the foredge.


Provenance and Acquisition

Near the foot of fol. 161v is pencilled ‘liber magistri Roberti Wyght xiiii s. iiii d.’ At the head of fol. vv, mutil., is ‘Liber domus scolarium de Merton ex dono Magistri Roberti Wygh⟨t anno Domini Mmo. ccccº lxviiiº.’ The inscription is repeated below in a hand of s. xvii, which shows that the words now missing were ‘quondam socii eiusdem collegii’. For Whyte, see MS 20.

In the middle of the page, now very faint, is ‘li. 21us’, c. 1500, showing that the book was then part of an electio .

Near the head of fol. 1 is the James no. ‘117’ (recte 243), s. xvii in.

On fol. vvis a slip of parchment with a table of contents and ‘N. 3. 12. Art:’, s. xvii. Inside the front cover is the College bookplate with ‘N. 3. 12’, canc. and replaced with ‘A. 1. 2. (XXXVIII)’ in red. ‘12’ is inked on the foredge.

Merton College MS. 38 – Part II


Language(s): Latin

Indexes to the main art.

a. (fol. 1rv)
Rubric: Hec sunt uocabula seu dictiones in tabula Crisostomi contenta que sic incipit Abierunt pharisei de quibus tractatur plus uel minus quid uel quantum secundum quod habetur in opere imperfecto

A list of key-words in 7 cols, Abierunt-Zizannia

b. (fols. 2–17)

Alphabetical index Abominatio-Zelus

Incipit: Abhominacio desolacionis quadripliciter exponitur, Omel. 57 q. 1
Final rubric: Explicit tabula Crisostomi super opus imperfectum et consequenter subscribitur de quibus uocabulis seu dictionibus in dicta tabula contentis tractatur plus uel minus quid uel quantum secundum quod habetur in opere imperfecto
c. (fol. 17rv)

Another list of key words in 9 cols, Abhominacio-Zelus

Physical Description


Written space 235 × 155 mm. , frame-ruled with pencil in 2 cols; written in c. 57 lines.


Origin: s. xv in. ; England

Merton College MS. 38 – Part I


Language(s): Latin

(fols. 30–157)
Ps.-JOHN CHRYSOSTOM, Opus Imperfectum in Mattheum
Incipit: Sicut referunt Matheum conscribere euangelium
Incipit: Liber generacionis ...; Liber est quasi apotheca gratiarum
Explicit: cum uideritis abhominacionem desolacionis stantem in loco suo

CPL 707; PG 56. 611–946; Stegmüller, Bibl. 4350. MSS listed and classified by van Banning, this one at pp. ccxxxi, ccxxxvi, cclxiv-cclxxii, cccxv.

Preceded by another alphabetical index, ‘Abierunt pharisei omelia 37 ... Zizannia in tritico omelia 13c. Explicit tabula S. Iohannis Crisostomi operis imperfecti. Qui me compleuit non tota nocte quieuit’, fols. 18–29v.

Followed by an anthology of the homilies, fols. 157v-61, as MS 12 art. 6. 1, and a list of the homilies with their texts, added in a different hand on fol. 161.

The homilies are numbered, in pencil and ink, at the top r. h. corner of each recto. Column-letters have been pencilled in the margins. There is a good deal of correction and annotation in early hands, one of them doubtless Wyght’s (see below).

Physical Description


written space 230 × 150 mm. , frame-ruled with crayon in 2 cols, written in c. 55–60 lines.

Additions: On fol. 161v an early reader added a list of Hebrew names with interpretations.


Origin: s. xiv ex. ; England

Additional Information

Record Sources

R. M. Thomson, A descriptive catalogue of the medieval manuscripts of Merton College, Oxford (Cambridge: D. S. Brewer), 2009.


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    Coxe, p. 27; Powicke, no. 969; van Banning, p. cccxv (no. 188).

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