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Merton College MS. 84

Former shelfmark: B. 1. 9



Language(s): Latin

fol. iii-iv blank. On fol. ivv are three notes of contents, s. xv: ‘Lincoln’ de occulo morali’; ‘Dialogus Gregorii [in fine libri added] | Liber de ammonicione beati Ieronimi presbiteri. Et statim post sequitur expositio ewangelii Ductus est Ihesus in deserto a spiritu. | Alphabetum narracionum cum tabula in fine super eodem’, all lined through; ‘Contenta huius libri per ordinem contentorum | Lincoln’ de oculo morali | Tractatus de ammonicione beati Ieronimi presbiteri. Et statim post sequitur expositio ewangelii ductus est Ihesus in deserto a spiritu. | Item alphabetum narrationum cum tabula in fine super eodem. | Item liber dialogorum Gregorii’. Against the first three items a hand of s. xvi notes ‘defossatae’, of s. xvii ‘Desiderant’. But they were probably still in place in 1600, since they were listed (following this table) as James no. 158.

Physical Description

Secundo Folio: ponis te periculo
In principle two separate volumes, but perhaps always together.
Form: codex
Support: Parchment
Extent: 151 leaves (iv + 147)
Dimensions (leaf): 270 × 190 mm.
The edges retrimmed and spattered with red. fols. iii-iv and 142–3 are of thick, stiff parchment.


a bifolium, 1–612, 78(7–8 canc.) / 8–1112, 1216(16 canc.), a bifolium; catchwords.


Probably the same decorator throughout. On fols. 1 and 79 are red and blue initials with 1-sided borders in the colours; plain red or blue initials and paraphs.


Standard Merton s. xvii; sewn on four bands; formerly chained from the usual position. fols. i-ii, 146–7 are paper leaves from this binding, the outermost from a copy of John Sanford, Grammar, or Introduction to the Italian Tongue (Oxford, 1605). An earlier binding had a strap from the front to a pin in the middle of the back board, and a brass chain-staple from the foredge of the front board near the foot. The outermost parchment leaves were formerly pastedowns.


Provenance and Acquisition

On fol. 143 a long scrape-mark may be the erasure of an inscription. At the College in 1375 or soon after. On fol. iv ‘Liber Willelmi Duraunt legatus domui scolarium de Mertone in Oxon’ et liberatus eidem domui per Iohannem Wendouere executorem eiusdem Willelmi Duraunt; orate pro utroque.’ Duraunt (BRUO 612) was fellow in 1336, warden from 1351 until his death in 1375. Wendover (BRUO 2014) was fellow in 1371, no longer in 1387. On fol. 144v are the marks of the large iron chain-staple.

At the head of fol. 1 is the James no. ‘158’, s. xvii in.

Merton College MS. 84 – Part I (fols. 1–78)


Language(s): Latin

1. (fols. 1–77)
ARNOLD OF LIÈGE OP, Alphabetum Narrationum
Rubric: Incipit alphabetum narracionum
Incipit: Antiquorum patrum exemplis didici nonnullos ad uirtutes fuisse inductos
Incipit: Abbas. Abbas non debet esse nimis rigidus
Explicit: Zelotipa est mulier de marito habita modica de occasione [sic for deuotione]

Followed by:

(fols. 77–8)
An alphabetical index of words

in 5 cols

Explicit: Finis huic uenit et ecce nunc uenit huius alphabeti finis, Illi gratias qui est a et o, principium et finis. Quem qui hunc librum lecturi sunt orare deuote dignentur ut horum compilator, cuius nomen in prologo continetur, eorum orationibus aductus finem legatum consequi mereatur qui ... . Finito libro sit laus et gloria Christo amen.

Unpr.; Glorieux, Théol. 61b; Kaeppeli 335; Bloomfield 0448.

Across the 4 outermost cols on fol. 78 is a note on the qualities of the eye, s. xv ex. fol. 78v blank.

Physical Description


Written space 215 × 150 mm. , frame-ruled with crayon, written in c. 48 long lines.


Written in a debased bookhand using anglicana forms.


Origin: S. XIV1 ; England

Merton College MS. 84 – Part II (fols. 79–143)


Language(s): Latin

2. (fols. 79–141)
GREGORY, Dialogi
Rubric: In Christi nomine incipiunt capitula libri dialogorum
Incipit: Quadam die dum nimiis quorundam secularium tumultibus depressus
Explicit: si ante mortem Domino hostia ipsi fuerimus

CPL 1713; SChr 251, 260, 265 (1978–80).

On fol. 141v two distichs, s. xvi; on 142 pen-trials; 142v-3v blank.

Physical Description


Written space 220 × 140 mm. , ruled with pencil (from fol. 110v the frame only) in 40 long lines.


Written in proficient anglicana.


Origin: S. XIV1 ; England

Additional Information

Record Sources

R. M. Thomson, A descriptive catalogue of the medieval manuscripts of Merton College, Oxford (Cambridge: D. S. Brewer), 2009.


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    Coxe, pp. 45–6; Powicke, no. 499.

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