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Merton College MS. 98

Former shelfmark: I. 3. 3



Language(s): Latin

fols. i-ii are cut down from a single-sheet document bound in sideways, dated 1357, recording the resolution of a dispute by the bishop of Salisbury. fol. iiiv blank.

1. (fols. 1–117)
Thomas Aquinas, Commentary on II Sent
Incipit: Omnia per ipsum facta sunt ... Hec uerba scripta sunt Io. 1. Sic possit exponi omnia scilicet encia
Explicit: per obediencie perseuerantiam nos perducere dignetur et specialiter me Dominus noster Iesus Christus qui .... Explicit.

The complete work ed. P. Mandonnet & M. F. Moos, 4 vols [to IV dist. 22] (Paris 1929–47); Stegmüller, Sent. 846; Glorieux, Théol. 14f. fol. 117v blank but for faint early pencil notes.

2. (fols. 118–203v)
RICHARD MIDDLETON OFM, Commentary on I Sent.
Rubric: Scriptum super primum sententiarum secundum uenerabilem doctorem fratrem Ricardum de Media uilla de ordine fratrum minorum (added in a hand of s. xv)
Incipit: ⟨A⟩bscondita produxit in lucem. Hec uerba scripta Iob xxviii ad literam de Deo dicta sed secundum allegoricum de magistro
Explicit: et spiritualiter mihi tribuat Dominus Iesus Christus qui ...
Final rubric: Explicit scriptum super primum sentenciarum editum a fratre Ricardo de Media Villa ordinis minorum.

pr. Venice 1507–09, Brescia 1591 / repr. Frankfurt, 1963; Glorieux, Théol. 324a; Stegmüller, Sent. 722; Sharpe, Handlist, p. 493.

(fols. 203v-5v)
Table of quaestiones
Final rubric: Expliciunt tituli questionum primi scripti super sentencias fratris Ricardi de Media uilla ordinis minorum Deo gracias amen.

Physical Description

Secundo Folio: ergo cum
Form: codex
Support: Parchment
Extent: 209 leaves (iii + 206)
Dimensions (leaf): 335 × 230 mm.
Dimensions (written): 260 × 170 mm.
The edges heavily retrimmed, affecting the running heads, and stained yellow.


A bifolium, a singleton, 1–912, 1010(10 canc.), 11–1612, 1716, a singleton hooked around 17; catchwords; pencilled quire-signatures of the usual late medieval form.


Ruled with pencil in 2 cols of 53 lines.


An English gothic rotunda bookhand of university type. At the foot of fol. 205v, in a tiny hand, is a record of expenses in making the book: ‘v s. vi d. in per .17’. in scrip(tura) iii s. et vi d. et pro ex. 3.’


Art. 1: On fol. 1 a 7-line red and blue O, flourished and with a 3-sided border in both colours; blue initials flourished in red; red or blue paraphs; running heads in capitals of the colours.

Art. 2: unfilled spaces for coloured initials and rubrics; red running heads, paraphs, underlining and highlighting.


Standard Merton s. xvii, rebacked; sewn on seven bands. Formerly chained from the front board, near the foot of the foredge. fol. 206, of thick, stiff parchment, was a pastedown in an earlier binding. f. iiiv was also once pasted down, earlier than s. xvii. fols. i-ii were once flyleaves at the end of a book that was chained from an iron staple at the foot. On fol. 1, near the top of the foredge, is a rust mark, either from the uppermost of two straps, or from a chain-staple.


Origin: S. XIV in ; England, Oxford

Provenance and Acquisition

Made commercially in Oxford.

On fol. 206v are two lines of faint early writing, of which ‘Iste quaternus accommodatur fratri Gileberto de | soc’ Mertune ’ can be read. This was presumably Gilbert de Pecham OFM (BRUO 1452; BRUC 446), fellow of Merton in 1324, still in 1331, lector of the Cambridge conventc. 1339, still alive in 1355.

Formerly at the Franciscan house, Oxford: at the head of fol. 206, s. xv, ‘Pro isto libro accomodatur fratri minori Greene de domo fratrum minorum Oxonie vi s. viii d.’

On fol. iii is a table of contents and ‘Ex dono magistri Iohannis Gygur nuper custodis istius Collegii de Mertone Oretis pro eo’, both in the same rough secretary hand. Part of this is repeated on the verso, s. xvii. Gygur (BRUO 840–1) was fellow 1438–54, warden 1471–83, d. 1504. He gave this book in July 1486 (Registrum, p. 79).

Inside the front board are two sheets of paper. On one are ‘D. 4, 8’ (canc.) and contents, s. xvii, on the other ‘N. 8. 3. Art:’, s. xvii, canc. and replaced with ‘I. 3. 3. (XCVIII)’ in red; the College bookplate.

Record Sources

R. M. Thomson, A descriptive catalogue of the medieval manuscripts of Merton College, Oxford (Cambridge: D. S. Brewer), 2009.


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    Coxe, pp. 49–50; Powicke, no. 1060; om. Dondaine & Shooner.

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