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Merton College MS. 106

Former shelfmark: G. 1. 3



Fols. iv-v blank

Physical Description

Two original volumes together early, the second surviving now only as a single quire, with medieval foliation, 252–7.
Secundo Folio: et fidem
Form: codex
Support: Parchment
Extent: 150 leaves (v + 145)
Dimensions (leaf): 290 × 210 mm.
The edges heavily retrimmed affecting marginalia and running heads, and stained red


A bifolium, 1–1012, 118, 126(+ 1 after 6) / 1312(lacks 7–11).




Each section in a neat small anglicana hand.


Standard Merton s. xvii, sewn on five bands; formerly chained from the usual position. Fols. i and 145 are paper blanks added s. xix, ii-iii and 143–4 are paper binding leaves from the binding of s. xvii, the outermost from the same printed book as in MS 11. On the parchment leaves at the end are marks of an iron-chain-staple at the foredge, near the foot, and of a brass chain-staple in the middle of the foot. f. 146 was once a pastedown.


Provenance and Acquisition

On fol. vv, in the same hand, ‘Scriptum uenerabilis inceptoris Occham super quatuor libros sentenciarum | Item quodlibeta eiusdem Occham quondam socii aule de Merton in Oxon’’, and ‘Liber domus scolarium de Merton Halle Oxonie ex dono magistri Willelmi Duffeld archidiaconi Clyuelandie ad inchatenandum infra librarium eiusdem domus cuius quondam erat socius Oretis igitur pro eo’. For Duffield (d. 1473), see MS 91.

Inside the front board is a sheet of paper with ‘D. 7, 8’ (canc.) and contents, s. xvii, and ‘N. 8. 11. Art:’, canc. and replaced with ‘G. 1. 3 (CVI)’ in red; the College bookplate.

Merton College MS. 106 – Part I (fols. 1–134)


Language(s): Latin

1. (fols. 1–133)
WILLIAM OCKHAM, Commentary on I Sent.
Incipit: Circa prologum quero utrum sit possibile intellectui uiatoris habere notitiam euidentem de ueritatibus theologie
Explicit: nec est difformis uoluntati diuine sed est conformis uoluntati diuine.
Final rubric: Explicit scriptum fratris Willelmi de Hocham super primum sentenciarum.

WOT 1–4 (not using this copy); Stegmüller, Sent. 294.

(fols. 133–4; 134v blank)

Table of the quaestiones in bks. 1–4, and the first 5 of Quodlibet 1.

Physical Description

Form: codex
Support: Parchment
Dimensions (written): 235 × 155 mm.


Frame-ruled with pencil in 2 cols; written in c. 67 lines.


Blue initials flourished in red; red paraphs, highlighting and running heads.


Origin: S. XIV ; script of English appearance

Merton College MS. 106 – Part II (fols. 135–42)


Language(s): Latin

2. (fols. 135–40v)
WILLIAM OCKHAM, Quodlibeta II-III (fragm.)
Incipit: ||(Beg. impf. in II q. 18) generatur ex actibus igitur ex distinctis actibus generantur distincti habitus
Explicit: (fol. 135v) de futuro et alia de presenti.
Final rubric: Explicit secundum quodlibet.
Rubric: Incipit tertium quodlibet.
Incipit: ⟨P⟩rima questio tercii quodlibet est utrum supposito quod Deus intelligat et sit causa efficiens
Explicit: (ends with q. 22) qui est sub actu contrario.||
Final rubric: Explicit 3m quodlibet. Nomen scriptoris benedicat Deus omnibus horis | Scribere qui nescit nullum putat esse laborem.

Followed by a note in a contemporary Continental hand: ‘Scriptum uenerabilis inceptoris Ocham super quatuor libros sentenciarum cum quodlibetis fratris Alfonsi de Portugalia prouincialis Sancti Iacobi ordinis fratrum minorum.

Pr. Paris 1487, Strasbourg 1491; Glorieux, Quodl. 2. 119–20.

Fols. 141–2v blank.

Physical Description

Form: codex
Support: Parchment
Dimensions (written): 245 × 155 mm.


Frame-ruled with pencil in 2 cols; written in c. 60 lines.


None: unfilled spaces for coloured intitials and rubrics.


Origin: s. xiv ex. ; script of English appearance

Additional Information

Record Sources

R. M. Thomson, A descriptive catalogue of the medieval manuscripts of Merton College, Oxford (Cambridge: D. S. Brewer), 2009.


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    Coxe, p. 51; Powicke, no. 926; WOT 1. 15*.

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