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Merton College MS. 171

Former shelfmark: M. 3. 8



Language(s): Latin

At the head of fol. iv are the remains of an inscription of which at least a line was cropped by the binder: ‘que sunt necessaria predicatori uidelicet ad ro. x. in postille super illo Quomodo ergo inuocabit’. Below is ‘In isto uolumine continentur articula doctoris Nicholai Gorham super omnes epistolas Pauli ceriatim ut patet’, s. xiv. Below again, s. xvii, ‘A 1º Proverbiorum usque ad Baruch Gorrani opera furto uel dolo ex hac Bibliotheca ablata erant. [Another hand] pars quae superest ex reliquis extat inter libros minores in alia bibliothecae parte.

Fols. ivv-v blank.

(fols. vv-262v)
PETRUS DE TARENTASIA (Ps.-NICHOLAS GORRAN), Commentary on the Pauline Epistles
Incipit: Argumenta. Expeditum est iam de ultimo ewangelio
(fol. 1)
Incipit: Paulus ...; In principio huius operis sicut et aliorum operum theologie
Incipit: Paulus ...; Hanc autem epistolam primo scribit Paulus apud Romanis
(fol. 48v)
(I Corinthians)
Incipit: Enoch placuit Deo ...; In uerbis propositis significatur prerogatiua
Incipit: Corinthii sunt ...; Huic epistole premittit glossator prologum
Incipit: Paulus ...; Presens epistola quam scribit apostolus Corinthiis
(fol. 89v)
(II Corinthians)
Incipit: Conuertimini ad correccionem ...; Secundum philosophum unumquodque recipitur in alio per modum recipientis
Incipit: Paulus ...; Hanc secundam epistolam scribit apostolus Corinthiis
(fol. 118v)
Incipit: Quis dedit ...; Olim Galli uenientes in Greciam
Incipit: Paulus ...; Hanc epistolam scribebat Paulus Galathis ab Epheso
(fol. 136v)
Incipit: Ego confirmaui columpnas eius; Sicut dicit sapiens non minor est uirtus quam querere
Incipit: Paulus ...; Hanc epistolam scribit apostolus ad Ephesios
(fol. 153)
Incipit: Dixi rigabo ...; In tribus commendatur sapientis prudencia circa bonum
Incipit: Paulus ...; Sicut dictum est hanc epistolam scribit apostolus Philipensibus
(fol. 165)
Incipit: Vacillantes confirmauerunt sermones ...; Duo sunt opera sapientis non mentiri de quibus nouit mencientem
(fol. 176)
(I Thessalonians)
Incipit: Cor suum dabit ut consumet ...; Sub parabola figuli hic ad litteram posita
Incipit: Paulus ...; Hanc epistolam ut dictum est scribit apostolus Thessalonicensibus
(fol. 186v)
(II Thessalonians)
Incipit: Doctrinam quasi antelucanum ...; In quolibet opere concurrunt quattuor cause
Incipit: Paulus ...; In hac secunda epistola more solito
(fol. 192v)
(I Timothy)
Incipit: Qui docet filium suum in zelum ...; Afinis et est causa causarum
Incipit: Paulus ...; Presens epistola quam primam scripsit apostolus Thimotheo episcopo
(fol. 205v)
(II Timothy)
Incipit: Machabeus primus sumptis armis ...; Secundum philosophum omnes transferentes secundum similitudinem aliquam
Incipit: Paulus ...; Hanc epistolam secundam ut dictum est scribit apostolus Thymotheo a Roma
(fol. 215)
Incipit: Paulus ...; Sicut dictum est habeat[sic] [sic pro hanc] epistolam scribit apostulus Thyto discipulo suo
(fol. 220v)
Incipit: In tempore iracundie factus est reconciliacio. Ista uerba ad litteram scripta sunt de Noe
Incipit: Paulus ...; Sicut dictum est intentio huius epistole est Honesimo
(fol. 222v)
Incipit: Parrabo[sic] nomen tuum fratribus meis ...; Duo sunt opera contra que uersatur principaliter sapiens predicator
Incipit: Multipharie ...; Vltimam epistolam scribit Paulus ad Hebreos
Explicit: et gloriam dabit Dominus cuius honor et imperium per omnia s. s. amen.
Final rubric: Expliciunt postille fratris Nicholai de Gohram[sic] [sic] super epistolas Pauli quarum usum quicunque pro sui utilitate eciam ad tempus habuerit, roget pro anima domini Hugonis de Notingham, qui in omnibus expensas exhibuit multum prompte, et eciam pro anima fratris Willelmi de eadem per cuius labioriosam sollicitudinem taliter erant scripte.

Unpr.; Stegmüller, Bibl. 6882–95, without the argumenta.

Physical Description

Secundo Folio: (fol. 1) Paulus seruus
Secundo Folio: (fol. 2) et dicitur
Form: codex
Support: Parchment
Extent: 269 leaves (v + 264)
Dimensions (leaf): 350 × 245 mm.
Dimensions (written): 270 × 190 mm.
The edges heavily retrimmed and spattered with red.


Two singletons, 1–1212, 138, 14–2112, 2214(14 canc.); catchwords have been cropped; quire-signatures of the usual late medieval form; red leaf-lettering or –numbering.


Ruled with crayon in 2 cols of 64 lines; running heads between lines ruled across the page. Blocks of commentary alternate with short passages of text, written in larger script on alternate lines.


The gothic rotunda bookhand of William of Nottingham (for whom see MS 168). He occasionally annotates in anglicana.


Red and blue flourished initials; blue initials flourished in red; plain red initials, red or blue paraphs; red and blue chapter numbers in the margins and as running heads. At the ends of quires are pencilled the number of the coloured initials and paraphs.


Standard Merton s. xvii, sewn on seven bands; formerly chained from the usual position; fols. i-iii, 262–4 are paper binding leaves, fols. i-ii, 263–4 from the same printed book as in MS 11. Previously rebound in 1436–7. On fol. iv are the marks of two straps.


Origin: S. XIV in. ; England, Oxford

Provenance and Acquisition

Made in Oxford.

Given to the College in 1374 by William Reed: UO49. 98. For Reed, see MS 8. Part of a set of ten volumes, of which eight survive: the others are MSS 166, 168–70, 172.

Inside the front board is a sheet of paper with ‘F. 3, 7’ (canc.) and contents, s. xvii, and ‘O. 6. 11. Art:’, canc. and replaced with ‘M. 3. 8 (CLXXI)’ in red; the College bookplate.

Record Sources

R. M. Thomson, A descriptive catalogue of the medieval manuscripts of Merton College, Oxford (Cambridge: D. S. Brewer), 2009.


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    Coxe, p. 68; Powicke, no. 551.

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