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Merton College MS. 184

Former shelfmark: O. 3. 7



Language(s): Latin

fol. i blank.

1. (fols. 1–88)
WILLIAM DE LUXEUIL OP, Postillae in Ieremiam
Incipit: Direxit opera eorum in manibus prophete sancti. Verba ista scripta sunt Sap. x. et dicta sunt ad literam de Moyse
Explicit: quod magis patet in hystoria.
Final rubric: Expliciunt postille super Ieremiam prophetam

Unpr.; Glorieux, Théol. 30b; Stegmüller, Bibl. 2906; Kaeppeli 1566.

2. (fols. 88–106v)
WILLIAM DE LUXEUIL OP, Postillae in Lamentationes
Incipit: Quis dabit capiti meo aquam ...; In uerbis istis scriptis Ierem. ix. tangitur quadruplex causa huius operis
Explicit: in ultimo uerbo orationis et lamentationis sue.

Unpr.; Glorieux, Théol. 70c; Stegmüller, Bibl. 2907; Kaeppeli 1567.

3. (fols. 107–17v; 118rv blank)
WILLIAM DE LUXEUIL OP, Postillae super Baruch
Incipit: Post lacrimacionem et fletum ...; Verba ista scripta sunt Thob. iii. et satis competunt huic libro
Explicit: (ends unfinished in 6: 72) quod fuit inuentum in loco de

Unpr.; Glorieux, Théol. 30d; Stegmüller, Bibl. 2908; Kaeppeli 1568.

4. (fols. 119–268; 268v-9 blank)
WILLIAM DE LUXEUIL OP, Postillae super Prophetas Minores
Incipit: Ossa xii. prophetarum ...; Verba ista scripta sunt Eccl. xlix. et satis competunt huic libro
Explicit: paratum est ab origine mundi ad quod nos perducat &c.
Final rubric: Expliciunt postille super prophetas fratris Willelmi de Lyssy.

Unpr.; Glorieux, Théol. 70e; Stegmüller, Bibl. 2909; Kaeppeli 1569. This appears to be the only copy.

Physical Description

Secundo Folio: similitudine ysa xlix
Form: codex
Support: Parchment
Extent: 270 leaves (i + 269)
Dimensions (leaf): 355 × 240 mm.
Dimensions (written): 240 × 155 mm.


A bifolium (1 pasted down), 1–912, 1012(11–12 canc.), 11–2212, 238(8 pasted down); catchwords and leaf-numbering.


Ruled with crayon in 2 cols of 54 lines.


A single expert anglicana hand. Annotated throughout in a hand of s. xv ex.


Red or blue initials; red paraphs and at first underlining of lemmata.


Medieval, apart from a modern overcover: tawed skin over thick, wide-bevelled boards with slightly projecting foredges; sewn on six bands, blue and plain head- and tail-bands. Two straps of pink skin, one still with a brass clasp, from the front board to catches in the rear. The front pastedown has the mark of a central strap from an earlier binding. Traces of a brass chain-mark near the foot of the foredge of the front board.


Origin: c. 1400 ; script of English appearance.

Provenance and Acquisition

One of a number of books lent by Warden Henry Abyndon (1421–37) to John Hanham ‘et sunt libri proprii non de domo’ (UO52. 113).

Near the foot of fol. i is an erased single-line inscription.

On fol. iv is ‘Li 9us’ (s. xv, showing that it was part of a College electio), and the contents. Near the foot of the rear board is the mark of the large chain-staple, probably originally iron, replaced in brass.

On the rear pastedowns are cancelled cautiones: ‘Caucio Magistri Walteri Hert exposita in cista antiqua anno Domini millesimo CCCC xlvi et mense Ianuar’ die uicesimo sexto et iacet pro xxxiis. iiij d.’, renewed five more times, the last time 19 Nov. 1455, valued at 25s. Recorded in Appendix B, no. 103 (1452). ‘Et per renouacionem caucionis Hert iacentis in antiqua cista uniuersitatis’. Hart (BRUO 881–2) was fellow c. 1439–55, d. by May 1484. He owned a copy in 2 vols of Simon Bredon’s Trifolium, given to the College after his death by his brother (Powicke, p. 218).

On fol. 269v is the monogram of the Oxford stationer John Godsond (1438–56) and his valuation ‘xxxii s. iiij d’. At the foot of the rear pastedown is ‘ualet v. m’.’ At the head of the front pastedown is ‘Hoc uolumen continet postillas super Ieremiam et duodecim minores prophetas et appreciatur in quinque marcis. Habet autem unum folium nudum in principio et tria in medio in tractatum qui incipit Ossa xii. prophetarum et unum in fine’, s. xv. The valuation is absurdly high.

The book was seen at Merton by John Bale (Appendix C, no. 12). At the head of fol. 1 is the James no. ‘139’, s. xvii in. On the front pastedown is a title, s. xvii, and ‘O. 7. 12. Art:’, canc. and replaced with ‘No. CLXXXIV.’ and ‘O. 3. 7’, in red ink.

Record Sources

R. M. Thomson, A descriptive catalogue of the medieval manuscripts of Merton College, Oxford (Cambridge: D. S. Brewer), 2009.


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    Coxe, p. 74; Powicke, no. 1198.

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