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Merton College MS. 212

Former shelfmark: N. 1. 6



Language(s): Latin

Fols. 1, 3–4 blank.

(fols. 1v-2v)
An alphabetical subject-index

In 3 cols, s. xv.

(fols. 4v-5)

In 2 cols, in a small informal bookhand little later than the main text, probably English.

At the head of fol. 5v is ‘Vnum ex quattuor et glose Cantoris super idem.’

(fols. 6–152v)
PETRUS CANTOR, Glossae super Vnum ex Quattuor
Incipit: In principio erat ...; Quatuor facies uni erant sicud Trinitas personarum unitati diuine
Explicit: post Ihesum representat ecclesia dominicis diebus. Cetera require in fine historiarum.
Explicit: Expliciunt glose iiii. euangeliorum collecte et excepte cum labore super unum ex quatuor, in quibus punctus super punctum positus in litera uel hec figura m nota est uerborum magistralium; punctus uero iuxta punctum positus uel hec figura G. nota est uerborum et auctoritatum sanctorum; figura uero m litere Grece in margine posite nota est glosarum que faciunt contrarietatem sibi uel textui uel questionem uel solutionem alicuius uel moralitatem exprimunt uel pungunt et affectus mouent uel que superuacanee sunt.
Final rubric: Explicit glosa super unum ex quatuor secundum P. Cantorem Parisiensem.

Annotated in various hands of s. xiii-xv.

Unpr.; Stegmüller, Bibl. 6504, this copy recorded as ‘Oxford, Bibl. Coll. Mes. vol. 144’.

Fols. 153, 154v blank

Physical Description

Secundo Folio: (fol. 7) trium personarum
Form: codex
Support: Parchment
Extent: 158 leaves (ii + 156)
Dimensions (leaf): 320 × 245 mm.
Dimensions (written): 235 × 155 mm.
The edges heavily retrimmed and stained yellow.


A6(1 canc.), 1–188, 194(lacks 4), a bifolium; catchwords.


Ruled with pencil in 2 cols of 64 lines; written above top line. The text of the Gospels is presented in two forms: against the l. h. boundary of each col. in small blocks, and as lemmata in the commentary.


A small expert French early gothic bookhand. At the head of fol. 153v are the words ‘Liber collatus’.


On fol. 6 are two large initials, the first red and blue, flourished in both colours, the second blue flourished in red; plain red or blue initials; marginalia in red; red underlining of lemmata.


Standard Merton s. xvii, repaired and rebacked; sewn on six bands; formerly chained from the usual position. Fols. i-ii and 155–6 are modern paper binding leaves. On fol. 154, formerly a pastedown in an earlier binding, are the marks of the large iron chain-staple, and of two brass strap-pins.


Origin: S. XIII1 ; script of French appearance.

Provenance and Acquisition

On fol. 152v ‘Liber collatus M. Thome Chace ad terminum uite sue per executores Magistri Thome Leyntwardyne ad orandum specialiter pro anima eiusdem et animabus parentum suorum et domini Roberti Braybrok ac omnium aliorum benefactorum suorum pro quibus ipse tenebatur orare, sub condicione tamen quod dictus Magister Thomas Chace post decessum suum relinquet istum librum alteri sacerdoti materiem predicabilem amplectenti. Et ipse sacerdos sub eadem condicione relinquet eundem librum tercio sacerdoti et sic de uno sacerdote ad alium quamdiu durauerit iste liber, condicione predicta semper seruata.’ Followed by ‘non obstante scriptura precedente inuentus erat iste liber uendendus London’ in Pater Noster Rewe quem emit Henricus Seuer’, autograph. Thomas Lentwardyn (BRUO 1131–2) was provost of Oriel (d. 1421), Robert Braybrooke (BRUO 254–5) bishop of London 1381–1404, Thomas Chace (BRUO 379–80) master of Balliol (d. 1428).

On fol. 5v: in large formal script, ‘Iste est liber Magistri [Henrici Sever over er.] continens glosam .4. ewangeliorum collectam et excerptam cum labore super unum ex quatuor per Petrum Cantorem Parisiensem’; ‘Liber domus scolarium de Mertone ex dono Magistri Henrici Seuer sacre pagine professoris ac custodis eiusdem incathenatus ad communem usum in libraria studentis uolencium Anno Domini M. CCCC lxviii’; ‘B lier .21us’ in the usual hand (see above, MS 60). For Sever, warden 1455–71, see MS 6.

At the foot of fol. 154 is ‘prec’ xxvi s. viii d.’, s. xv.

At the head of fol. 6 is the James no. ‘144’, s. xvii.

Inside the front board is a sheet of paper with a table of contents and ‘F. 5, 6’ (canc.), s. xvii, and ‘P. 1. 9. Art:’, canc. and replaced with ‘N. 1. 6 (CCXII)’ in red; the College bookplate.

Record Sources

R. M. Thomson, A descriptive catalogue of the medieval manuscripts of Merton College, Oxford (Cambridge: D. S. Brewer), 2009.


For enquiries relating to this manuscript please contact Merton College Library.


    Coxe, p. 82; Powicke, no. 952.

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