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Merton College MS. 268

Former shelfmark: O. 1. 10



Language(s): Latin

On the front pastedown is a table of contents, s. xv. fols. i-iiv blank but for a faint note near the head of f. i ‘43 ex utraque parte’.

1. (fols. 1–189v)
Quaestiones on IOHANNITIUS, Isagoge
Incipit: Cum terminorum multorum sensuum uere significaciones per eorum diuisionem elucescunt hinc Iohannicius medicinam in suo introductorio medicine in duas partes distinguit
Explicit: ordeata ex optimo ordeo facta &c.
Final rubric: Et sic est finis huius Deo laus. Expliciunt Isagoge in Iohannicium una cum questionibus huis operi ualde necessariis anno Domini millesimo CCCC. quinquagesimo viii uicesimo tercio die mensis Decembris in uico Draconum Sarum. Hermannis Zurke de Grypessualdis scripsit &c.
eTK 0347M
2. (fols. 190–301rv)
(fols. 190–293v)
Quaestiones on GALEN, Tegni or Ars Parua
Rubric: Incipiunt questiones supra librum Tegni Galeni et primo in eundem librum prologus.
Incipit: Tres sunt omnes doctrine que ordine habentur a⟨b⟩; omnibus &c. Nota quod tres sunt doctrine ordinarie. Vna est dissolutiua
Explicit: et sic aliquando aliquando non. Et sic patet ad questiones supradictas.
Final rubric: Et sic habetur finis harum questionum supra librum tegni Galeni Deo laus. Expliciunt questiones super librum Tegni Galeni anno Domini M. CCCC. LIX terciodecimo die mensis Marcii per Hermannum Zurke alias de Gripesswaldis.
eTK 0942A
(fols. 293v-300)
Index of tituli and quaestiones

f. 301rv blank.

Annotated at the beginning in an italic hand of s. xvi.

Physical Description

Secundo Folio: lost
Form: codex
Support: Parchment
Extent: 303 leaves (ii + 301)
Dimensions (leaf): 290 × 190 mm.
Dimensions (written): 200 × 110 mm.
The feet stained yellow. Foliated 1–292 (mod. 1–293), in a hand of c. 1600, which also inserts the numbers in the index on fols. 293v-300.


A4(1–2 pasted down), 18(lacks 1–3), 2–388, a leaf conjugate with the rear pastedown excised; ornamentally framed catchwords several words long; quire-signatures of the usual late medieval form in both pencil and red ink.


Ruled with crayon in 44 long lines.


Written in the archaizing bookhand of Hermann Zurke of Greifswald. On 189v,‘in uico draconum’ = Dragonhall St, now Exeter St, Salisbury. He also wrote Oxford, Bodl. Libr., Bodl. 361, 362, Laud. misc. 558, and BL, Lansdowne 555.


The stub of the original first leaf has the remains of a full border; on f. 1 a 6-line champe initial C with partial foliate border; on f. 190 a 6-line T in colours on a gold ground with 3-sided floral border; blue initials flourished in red; red or blue paraphs, red underlining.


s. xv, blind-stamped leather over wide-bevelled flush oak boards; sewn on six bands, raised on the spine; endbands formerly oversewn with red and green silk. From the same workshop as BL Add. 28870, the register of Vallis Scholarum at Salisbury. Two straps from recesses in the front board to pins in the rear, replaced by broader straps and clasps (the lower now missing) to catches in the back. Nail-holes from two labels, one above the other, on the rear cover. The stamps comprise mottoes ‘Mon bien mondain’ and ‘Jesu Mercy Ladi help’ (as also on its companion volume Bodl. Libr., Laud. misc. 558), a vase of flowers motif, and Oldham 405. Near the foot of the front board are two brass nails, arranged vertically, doubtless from a medieval chain-staple. Later chained from the foredge of the front board, near the foot.


Origin: 1458–9 ; England, Salisbury

Provenance and Acquisition

Written at Salisbury by Hermann Zurke of Greifswald for Gilbert Kymer (BRUO 1068–9), chancellor of Oxford University 1447–53, dean of Salisbury from 1449 (d. 1463). One of a group of four medical manuscripts, written by the same scribe, presented by Kymer to the old University Library. At the head of the front pastedown is ‘prec’ iii s. ?d.’ Below, three lines of inscription have been erased: ‘Liber | magistri Gilberti x d. | ’. This was read as a record of gift to the University Library by E. W. B. Nicholson, who made it more illegible by using reagent.

On f. 300v, in an italic hand of s. xvi, ‘Liber Richardi Phillipps ex dono magistri Henrici Morgan’. Morgan was perhaps BRUO 1501–1540, p. 401, BCnL 1522, DCL 1525, canon of Exeter and Hereford, d. 1559. Phillipps may have been ibid. 449, educated at Worcester, BA 1540, MA 1543, still alive in 1570.

At the foot of f. 176 is scrawled, s. xvi, ‘7 l. vi s. viii d.’

At the head of f. 2 ‘Isagoge in Iohannicium una cum quaestionibus huic operi ualde necessariis et quaestiones super librum Tegni sunt Collegii Mertonensis ex dono Roberti Barnes medici cuius animam omnipotens Deus perducat ad uitam aeternam.’ Robert Barnes (ibid. 28), from Worcestershire, fellow of Merton 1538–58, MD, d. 1604 at Oxford. He made his donation of this and many other books in 1594 (ibid. 714–5).

On the front pastedown is ‘P. 4. 19. Art:’, s. xvii, canc. and replaced by ‘O. 1. 10 (CCLXVIII)’ in red; the College bookplate. ‘19’ is inked on the foredge.

Record Sources

R. M. Thomson, A descriptive catalogue of the medieval manuscripts of Merton College, Oxford (Cambridge: D. S. Brewer), 2009.


For enquiries relating to this manuscript please contact Merton College Library.


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