A catalogue of Western manuscripts at the Bodleian Libraries and selected Oxford colleges

Merton College MS. 203B

Former shelfmark: H. 1. 9

Hymns; S. XV or XVI


Language(s): Greek

On some of the flyleaves there are pen-trials of uncertain date.

Hymns from the Greek liturgy, mainly for Saturday
1. (fols. 1r-10v)
A sequence of hymns for Sunday matins, incomplete at the beginning.
Incipit: άκουε θαυμάτων ούρανέ, ένωτί]ζου δὲ γή

as printed in the Parakletike (Rome, 1885), p. 14. It is followed by

Incipit: ύμνοΰμεν τό μέγα καί φρικτόν
Incipit: τόν ποιμένα τόν μέγαν καί κύριον

Pr. Parakletike (Rome, 1885).

2. (fols. 11r-125v)

Seven sequences for Saturday vespers beginning with Echos B; the incipits are as follows:

(fols. 11r-24v)
Incipit: τόν πρό αίώνων έκ πατρός γεννηθέντα

Pr. Parakletike (Rome, 1885), p. 109.

(fols. 24v-42r)
Incipit: τώ σώ σταυρώ Κύριε σώτερ

Pr. Parakletike (Rome, 1885), p. 186.

(fols. 42r-60v)
Incipit: τόν ζωοποιόν σου σταυρόν

Pr. Parakletike (Rome, 1885), p. 272.

(fols. 61r-77v)
Incipit: διὰ τού τιμίου σου σταυρού

Pr. Parakletike (Rome, 1885), p. 362.

(fols. 77v-94r)
Incipit: νίκην έχων, Χριστέ, τήν κατὰ τού άδου

Pr. Parakletike (Rome, 1885), p. 450.

(fols. 94r-110v)
Incipit: δεύτε άγαλλιασώμεθα τώ Κυρίω

Pr. Parakletike (Rome, 1885), p. 534.

(fols. 110v-25v)
Incipit: έσπερινόν ϋμνον καί λογικήν λατρείαν

Pr. Parakletike (Rome, 1885), p. 616.

3. (fols. 126r-33v)
Exaposteilaria for matins
Incipit: τοϊς μαθηταϊς συνέλθωμεν
4. (fol. 133v)
A hymn for St George's day
Incipit: ώς γενναϊον έν μάρτυσιν

Physical Description

Form: codex
Support: Paper
Extent: 140 leaves (iii + 137)
Dimensions (leaf): 143 × 105 mm.
Dimensions (written): 110 × 70 mm.
135 only a stub. Fols. i-iii, 134–7 post-medieval flyleaves. Watermarked paper, but the leaves are too small to exhibit complete specimens that might be identified.


18(lacks 1–2), 28, 34, 4–78, 810, 98(lacks ?2), 108, 118(lacks 5), 12–178, 188(lacks 4–6); the upper right corner of 1r is marked with the letter δ in a hand much smaller than that of the scribe, which seems to indicate that 24 leaves are missing; part of this leaf has been torn away and there is slight damage also to fol. 87.


16 long lines. Ruling pattern not clearly visible.


One scribe; the nad is clear but far from elegant. He used brown ink of various shades; initials are in faded carmine, and there is simple pen-work ornament on 84r.


s. xvii, blind-tooled polished calf over pasteboard. 26 is inked on the foredge; the spine has three paper labels marked 19, H. 1. 9 and 203B. Hooked around the first and last quires are parchment stubs, pastedowns in an earlier binding, from a document written in French, s. xv.


Origin: S. XV or S. XVI

Provenance and Acquisition

Inside the front board is the College bookplate, together with obsolte shelf-marks O. 8. 19 Art., canc., B. 2. 26 Arch., canc., H. 1. 9. and (203B) in red, and Q 5. 26 Arch., canc., and a note. s/ ?xvii, 'Liturgia Graeca Imperf.' On fol. iiiv 'Liber Bibliothecase Coll. Merton Oxon', and below in a different hand: 'Liturgia graeca desunt nonnulla.'

Record Sources

R. M. Thomson, A descriptive catalogue of the medieval manuscripts of Merton College, Oxford (Cambridge: D. S. Brewer), 2009.


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