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MS. Barocci 220

Summary Catalogue no.: 220

Galen. 13th cent.


Language(s): Greek

2. (fol. iv verso)
Epistolary formulae

Fols. iii-iv are paper, 16th cent., 160 × 100 mm. Fol. iv recto blank.

3. (fols. 5r–6v, 1r–4v, 7r–8v, 40r–45v, 9r–39v, 46r–47v)
Galen, περὶ δυϲπνοίαϲ

About 24 leaves missing from the beginning, and one leaf after each of fols. 8, 45, 39; pr. C.G. Kühn, Medicorum Graecorum opera, vol. vii, Leipzig 1824, p. 819,7 ἂν εὕρωμεν – p. 841,11 ϲυνέπεϲεν, p. 844,3 ἅπαν εἰϲάπαξ – p. 859,14 ϲυλλογιζόμενοϲ, p. 862,7 τοῦ πόνου τροπὴν – p. 950,18 φλεγμανθείϲηϲ καὶ τὸ, p. 954,8 τιϲ ἐν τοῖϲ – end.

4. (fols. 47v–48v)
⟨Nicetas⟩ Heracleensis, versus politici
Incipit: πέδον τιθηνὸν ἀκρίβου πεφιλμένε
Explicit: οὕτω ϲκοπεῖτε καὶ χαράττειν καὶ γράφειν

104 verses, written in two columns. Addition, 13th cent.

5. (fol. 48v)
Incipit: οὐ χρόνοϲ ἀλλὰ τρόποϲ
Explicit: τοποτηρητὴϲ καὶ ἔξαρχοϲ πάϲηϲ δύϲεωϲ Χριϲτοφόροϲ μητροπολίτηϲ Ἀγκύραϲ τῆϲ Γαλατῶν ἐπαρχίαϲ

Addition, 13th cent.; copy of a document by which Christophoros, metropolitan of Ancyra, cedes something to one Βαρθολομαίῳ ἱερομοναχῷ; damage to the page prevents full transcription, but the μονὴ Ἀκαπνίου is mentioned

Physical Description

Form: codex
Support: Parchment (except fols. i–iv and 49).
Extent: iv + 49 leaves.
Dimensions (leaf): 280 × 190 mm.
Dimensions (ruled): 220 × 130 mm.
Foliation: Foliated (i–ii) (iii–iv), 1–48, (49).


fols. 1–48: (fol. 5) i (probably 8, disordered), (fol. 40) ii 8 (1, 8 missing), (fol. 9) iii–v 8, (fol. 33) vi 8 (3 canc.), (fol. 46) vii (3 leaves). Quires numbered on the bottom right corner of the first recto.


Ruling: 30 lines, ruling type Leroy 02C1.


One scribe.


Rubrication: title, simple penwork ornament and lemmata from Hippocrates in carmine.

Additions: A very few marginalia and glosses, various dates. See also above, items 1–3, 5.


Binding modern.


Origin: 13th century

Last Substantive Revision

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