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Exeter College MS. 50

Albertanus Brixiensis, De amore et dilectione Dei; Honorius Augustodunensis, Imago mundi; England, s. xv1


Language(s): Latin

1. (fols. 1r-120r)
Albertanus Brixiensis, De amore et dilectione Dei
Incipit: || siue assentatores omnes quasi lacrimantes
Explicit: ad quid ille nos conducat. qui sine fine viuit et regnat. Amen.
Final rubric: Explicit liber de amore et dileccione Dei et proximi ⟨libri quatuor⟩ et aliorum rerum et de forma uite. quem Albertanus causidicus Brixiensis de hora Sancte Agathe compilauit. ac scripsit cum esset in carcere domini imperatoris federici in Ciuitate Cremone. In quo positus fuit. cum esset capitaneus gauerdi. ad defendendum locum ipsum. ad utilitatem communis brixie. Anno domini millesimo CCmo tricesimo viijº de mense augusti in die sancti Alexandri. quo obsidebatur ciuitas Brixie per eundem Imperatorem. Indiccione xjª.

Pr. Cuneo, 1507; ed. S. L. Hiltz, De amore et dilectione Dei: an edition (University Microfilms International, Ann Arbor, MI, 1981), based only on Philadelphia, Univ. of Pennsylvania, MS Lat. 107; Bloomfield, no. 4407. Over 70 other copies are known.

Fol. 120v is blank.

2. (fols. 121r-147r)
Honorius Augustodunensis, Imago mundi
Rubric: Hic incipit tractatus qui ymago mundi vocatur.
Incipit: Septiformi spiritus in trina fide illustrato
Explicit: Hinc longe supereminere dicitur colorum celum in quo habitat Rex angelorum.

Ed. V. I. J. Flint, AHDLMA 49 (1982). Our text is of bk. 1 only, edn. 48–92. On fol. 147r are six lines of writing, so thoroughly erased that even with ultraviolet light the only certain words are ‘ex dono’. On fol. 147v are ‘John’ and a pen-trial, ‘Johannes mey ys a knaue’ (s. xvi1).

Fol. 148rv is blank.

Physical Description

Secundo Folio: lacking.
Form: codex
Support: parchment HFFH
Extent: 148 leaves, preceded by two 18th-century paper flyleaves and followed by one other.
Dimensions (leaf): 132 × 95 mm.
Dimensions (written): 85 × 70 mm.


112 2–510 68 7–1410 158. Catchwords are by the scribe. Quire numbers 3q–13q in 1; 2 has none.


1: One column, c. 21–27 lines. Frame-ruled in crayon.

2: One column, 18–20 lines. Frame-ruled in crayon.


Anglicana formata but with secretary a and g. Punctuated by low point.


Two-line red initial, rubrics, and red stroking of capitals throughout. 1 has red and sometimes black running book numbers.


Sewn on four bands between 18th-century millboards covered with marbled paper and half-leather. On the spine is a red leather label with a gold title.


Origin: s. xv1 ; England

Provenance and Acquisition

In addition to an erased ex libris and the name John Mey in a pen-trial, for which see 2 above, there are some 15th-century marginalia, but the early history of the book is unknown.

It is not recorded at Exeter c. 1600 in Ecloga (but see Watson, Exeter, Introduction, pp. xxii–xxiii). Not in CMA.

Exeter library identifications are, on the front pastedown, bookplate 2, ‘BB4–9 Gall’, deleted and replaced by ‘Q1–25-Gall’, also deleted, ‘171–B–5’ and ‘Coxe L’ (pencil). On fol. ir is a note in Coxe’s(?) hand, ‘See at end of B. V. ⟨Bk. 5⟩ Albertanus Causidicus Brixiensis De amore Domini[sic] etc.’ On the spine is a round paper label with ‘5’ on it and at the foot a square paper label with ‘65’.

Record Sources

Andrew G. Watson, A descriptive catalogue of the medieval manuscripts of Exeter College, Oxford (Oxford: Oxford University Press), 2000.


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