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Exeter College MS. 60

Simon of Hinton, Super prophetas xii minores; Oxford, England, c. 1484?


Language(s): Latin

(fols. 1r-266v)
Simon of Hinton, OP, Comm. minores prophetas (‘Expositio litteralis’)
Incipit: Non idem est etc. Duplex prologus libro duodecim prophetarum premittitur. vnus communis toti libro[sic]. Alius proprius Osee. [prol.]
Explicit: [fol. 1v] [Osee 1.1] Voluerit quidam iaspidem gemmam ||
Incipit: || [fol. 2r] tam uicinam quam presentem et preteritam
Explicit: [fol. 56v] imputribilia Est autem genus arboris [Joel 3.18] ||
Incipit: || [4 leaves] [fol. 59r] [Amos I] Mt Carnal’
Explicit: [fol. 247v] [Zach. 14.11] Sciend’ uero quod hoc nomen anathathema ||
Incipit: ||[fol. 248r] [Malachi I.1] interpretatur vir videns
Explicit: Anathema non erit amplius Vt plenius dictum est de anathemate etc.

unprinted; Stegmüller, Bibl., 7656–67; Kaeppeli, 3597. Because of the loss of leaves, there are gaps in the text between fols. 1/2 (prol.-Hosea i. 1), 56/7 (Joel iii. 18-Amos i. 2) and 247/8 (Zach. xiv. 11-Malachi i. 1). On the author and text see B. Smalley, ‘Two Biblical commentaries of Simon of Hinton’, RTAM 13 (1946), 57–85; ead., ‘Some more exegetical works of Simon of Hinton’, RTAM 15 (1948), 97–106; ead., ‘The Quaestiones of Simon Hinton’, Studies in Medieval History Presented to Frederick Maurice Powicke, ed. R. W. Hunt, W. A. Pantin, and R. W. Southern (Oxford, 1948), 209–22; Sharpe, Latin Writers.

Physical Description

Secundo Folio: tam uicinam.
Form: codex
Support: parchment FHHF
Extent: 266 leaves preceded and followed by one 18th-century paper flyleaf
Dimensions (leaf): 410 × 280 mm.
Dimensions (column): 280 × 80 mm.


18 (wants 2) 2–78 88 (wants 2–5) 9–308 318 (wants 5–8) 328 (wants 1) 338 344. Catchwords by scribe; no quire signatures or numbers.


Two columns, 60 lines. Ruled in ink.


Written by Scribe 3 (William Osborne?); see MS 51, Script. In this volume he uses no high or low ascenders.


Of the same type as in MS 51 but by Artist D (John Bray): see Watson, Exeter, pp. 85–87, q.v. also for a characterization of his work.

Major borders remain intact on fols. 1r (Hosea), 45r (Joel), 86r (Jonas); 95v (Micah), 121v (Nahum); partly lost on fol. 192v (Zachariah) and entirely lost from before fols. 57r (Amos) and 248r (Malachi). Lemmata are underlined red. There are no paraphs, rubrics, or plain initials.


Stamped leather bindings over square-edged wooden boards, (presumably) rebound; stamp used was employed in Oxford between 1535 and 1621, here in the second phase state, probably c. 1605–10. Two straps held by nails. Refurbished in the 19th century (1839?): that volumes were resewn is indicated by the very tight binding, which makes collation difficult, and by the provision of new endbands; edges were stained red; book was reinforced by pasting long strips of canvas round the spine and attached to the boards, and the old spines were replaced. Sewn on seven bands. For other details see Watson, Exeter, p. 87.


Origin: c. 1484? ; Oxford, England

Provenance and Acquisition

For 1480 × 1484 as the suggested date of writing see Watson, Exeter, pp. 85–87 and below, MS 68, History. In border on fol. 1r are Roger Keys’s arms (from which one key has been excised). For his form of ex dono inscription, lost from this volume, see MS 53, History.

Exeter library identifications are, at the top of fol. 1r, ‘Liber Coll: Exon.” (s. xvi/xvii?), at the top of fol. 1v, ‘L.6.10’ (with ‘10’ below the ‘6’) and on the front pastedown bookplate 3, on which are ‘173–F–10’, deleted and replaced by ‘212.G.8’, and ‘Coxe LX’ (pencil).

Record Sources

Andrew G. Watson, A descriptive catalogue of the medieval manuscripts of Exeter College, Oxford (Oxford: Oxford University Press), 2000.


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