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Exeter College MS. 159

Statutes of Edward III and Richard II, in Latin and French; London(?), England, s. xivex.

Physical Description

Secundo Folio: (capitula) De purueiance
Secundo Folio: (text) neuprisone.
Form: codex
Support: parchment FHHF
Extent: 136 leaves, followed by one medieval membrane flyleaf
Dimensions (leaf): 190 × 135 mm.
Dimensions (written): c. 130 × 75 mm.


112 (wants 2, 7; fol. 1 is now pasted down) 2–88 98 (wants 8) ∥ 10–148 158 (wants 3–8) 168 (wants 1–5) 17–188 1912 (wants 1–6, 8) 204 (wants 1, 2, 4). In addition to the loss of leaves from quires of which at least one numbered leaf remains, whole quires have been lost, viz. a quire of 6 after quire 8 and two quires of 8 between fols. 134 and 135. There are no catchwords. In A there are remains of small roman quire numbers as far as the middle of quires; in B are the remains of a series of quire letters a–j in the bottom centre of lower margins of first leaves.


One column, c. 27–30 lines. Ruled in crayon.


A, anglicana formata punctuated by low point.

B, anglicana formata but often with short r, punctuated with low point.

*C: the script of the two documents, an untidy anglicana, unpunctuated, at first appears dissimilar but comparison of letter forms, especially the y, shows that the writer is the same.


A, rubrics, red paraphs and underlining; B, red paraphs only. In both, spaces with guide letters have been left for initials.


Sewn on three bands between flush bevelled wooden boards covered with once-white whittawed leather which is now smooth and shiny (s. xv). Endbands are blue and white (or brown?). On the front cover are the remains of one strap attached with two nails but a corresponding catch on the back cover has been lost.


Origin: s. xivex. ; London(?), England

Provenance and Acquisition

At the foot of fol. 2r are obliterated names. Originally two separate volumes. Perhaps written in London but item *C suggests that there is a connection with Somerset.

On the front cover is ‘N. 88’; in ink on a square paper label on the spine is ‘88’; on the spine itself is ‘88’; and on fol. 10v is ‘88. Statuta Regni ab anno 1 Edw. iii ad annum 14 Ric: 11. Vide Catal. Glynne Barti.’ (s. xviii), all referring to the catalogue of the library of Sir William Glynne (CMA ii. 49–54, no. 2012. 88), with the majority of whose manuscripts the book came to Exeter by bequest of Joseph Sandford: see MS 87, History.

Exeter library identifications are ‘CLIX’ inside the front cover and perhaps ‘2’ on a round paper label on the spine.

Exeter College MS. 159 – Part A (fols. 1–73)


Language(s): Latin and Anglo-Norman

*i. (fol. 1v (front pastedown))
Incipit: Nomina Regum Angl’ qui plene habuerunt regnum post aduentu christianorum. Rex Alfredus regnauit xliiij anni et dimidium
Explicit: Edwardus filius eius regnauit lij anni [to 1377, and continued in another hand] Ricardus filius Edwardi principis Wallie xxij anni et tres menses. Henricus filius Dux Lancrastr[sic]. xj anni et di’. Henricus filius eius ix anni et dj’.

Written after 1377 and presumably added to in 10 Henry VI, 1432.

ii. (fols. 2r-8v)
Incipit: Capitula statutorum editorum ⟨dominj⟩(?) Regis Edwardi tercij post Conquestum primo cum hugh le despencer le pier et Hugh le Fitz
Explicit: Statuta de anno xlv ... Statuta de pannis

The last statute is marked ‘vacat’ in red in the rubricator’s hand and ink and crossed through. Fols. 9r–10r are blank. On fol. 10v is a note about Sir William Glynne; see History.

iii. (fols. 11r-73v)
Statutes, 1–43 Edward III (1327–70)
Incipit: De anno regni Regis Edwardi tercij a conquestu primo come Hugh le despenser le sisme iour de martz. Primierement que null homm
Explicit: en cest pardon. Statuta de anno E xlvº.

pr. SR i. 251–392.

Exeter College MS. 159 – Part B (fols. 74–134)


Language(s): Latin and Anglo-Norman

(fols. 74r-134r)
Statutes, 1–14 Richard II (1377–91)
Incipit: ⟨R⟩icard par la grace de dieu Roy dengleterre et de Fraunce et Seignour dirland a nostre viscount de Somers’ salutz. Sachietz qal honour de dieu
Explicit: [fol. 115v] le roi repelle lour poiar deinz le temps ||
Incipit: || [fol. 116r] [12 lines erased, evidently end of statute 11 Richard II, ch. 11, then] ⟨I⟩ncipit statut’ apud Cambrugg’ anno xijº. Pur commune bien et vniuersel profit de tout le roialme ... [fol. 118v] ... as altrez villes deinz. [fol. 119r] le hundr’ Rope de Wapent’ ou es villes
Explicit: en preiudice et domage de Roi et de roialme.

pr. SR ii. 1–77. Because of the loss of a quire between fols. 115 and 116 text from 10 Richard II to end of 11 Richard II, SR ii. 42b/49–55 is lacking. Fol. 134v is blank.

Exeter College MS. 159 – Part *C (fol. 135–136)


Language(s): Latin

(fols. 135v, 136v)

Two documents relating to the construction of a building in West Chinnock, south Somerset, in the last week of Nov. 1429.

a. (fol. 135v)
Incipit: Hic est expensa aula mea[sic] uidelicet meeremium
b. (fol. 136v)
Incipit: Md(?) de domino Johannes[sic] de lane filius et heres Johannis in the lane de Westchynnok die dominica ante festum Sancti Andree anno regni regis Henrici Sexti octauo quo die incepto [ ⟨dicum⟩] inter predictum Johannis[sic] Lane et Johannem Poun’ [or Ponn’] quod Johanes Poun’ [or Ponn’] debet facere predictum domum

Fol. 136r is blank.

Additional Information

Record Sources

Andrew G. Watson, A descriptive catalogue of the medieval manuscripts of Exeter College, Oxford (Oxford: Oxford University Press), 2000.


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