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St John's College MS 19

Augustine, Sermons on Psalms


Language(s): Latin

Fols. 1ra-264vb:
Rubric: Incipit de psalmo lxxxo
Incipit: Loqui ad uos de presenti psalmo suscepimus aduiuet uocem uestram quies uestra
Explicit: primos ab eadem litterra incipiunt quam preponunt
Final rubric: Explicit psalmus Tricesimus ijus. [corrected s. xvii to ‘sermo […] super Psalmum 118’]
Augustine, Enarrationes in Psalmos (CPL 283), psalms 80–118 only, ed. Eligius Dekkers and Johannes Fraipont, CC 38–40 (1956), the text here corresponding to 39:1119–40:1776, but lacking portions of Ps. 96.4–7 (39:1357/24–1359/12) in the lost leaf after fol. 96. Most of the final column is blank.

Physical Description

Secundo Folio: iacobus
Form: codex
Support: Vellum (FSOS/FHHF)
Extent: 264 + i
Dimensions (leaf): 350 × 230 mm.


1–812 98 (–1) 10–2212 236 (–6, probably blank). Fragmentary signatures in quires 9, 10, and 15 (all leaves in the first half of each quire signed a–f or a–e, x). Boxed catchwords in the gutters (many cut into or pared away).


In double columns, each column 255 × 70–75 mm. , with 15 mm. between columns, in 40 lines to the column. Occasional prickings, especially in the gutters; bounded and ruled in pencil.


Written ingothic textura semiquadrata or rotunda. Punctuation by point, punctus elevatus, and punctus interrogativus. Punctuation by point, punctus elevatus, and punctus interrogativus.


Headings in red at the head of each psalm, with 2- to 4-line red and navy-blue lombards (unflourished).

Smaller lombards for some inner divisions.

At the head, a 7-line red initial with navy vine and leaf infill.

Many instructions for rubrics at the page foot in a small informal hand, perhaps s. xiii ex.


Brown reversed calf over millboards, s. xviii. Sewn on five thongs. ‘19’ in gold at the head of the spine. Two pairs of string ties front and rear; a chain staple mark with two intact nails in Watson’s position 6, the staple intact inside the front cover. A College bookplate on the front pastedown. One blank modern paper flyleaf at the rear (i).


Origin: s. xiii/xiv ; English

Provenance and Acquisition

'Hic est liber ecclesie beati Thome martiris de lesnes de dono fratris thome de sanduyco quem qui abstulerit aut illi super eo fraudem fecerit nisi eidem ecclesie plenare satisfeceret anathema sit maranatha’ (fol. 1), in anglicana, s. xiii/xiv. Ker, MLGB 114, 274 (where Thomas of Sandwich is noted as having given two other books, Cambridge, Gonville and Caius College MS 135; and BodL, MS Bodley 656). This is the third volume of a four-volume copy; no surviving Lessness book can be one of the companion volumes.

'Tercia pars Augustini super Psalterium' (fol. 1 foot, s. xv, bastard secretary), with an addition ‘A Psalmo 80 ad finem Psalmi 118’ (s. xvii).

'?Ex dono Ricardi Tilesley 1619' (the front pastedown, s. xx, in pencil). Tilesley’s bequest, including this MS, appears in col. lxxxix of the Benefactors’ Book and is discussed at Hunt, 65; he was an archdeacon of Rochester.

St John's College MS 19 - pastedown


Language(s): Latin

Incipit: || -cior mus vnde Iosephus in xii. donauit ei magnificentissima munera
Explicit: et sunt mamme mulierum mamille virorum vbera pecorum papille ||
Incipit: || terre vnde geometer a um et hec geometria e ars que docet
Explicit: augusto refulsere celo vnde in titulo Ouidiano Incipit liber methamorpho- ||
Huguccio of Pisa, Magne derivationes

Entries for ‘M’ corresponding to the text of BodL, MS Laud misc. 626, fols. 104vb/19–105rb/3, 110ra/36–110va/23.

At the foot of the lower board fragment, in contemporary anglicana: ‘Dicas Magdalene velud hec helene tamen vsus | Abdicat hoc stabilis cum magdalena legatur | Sicut terrena quia deriuata trahuntur’; not in Walther.

Physical Description

Form: codex
Support: parchment
Dimensions (fragment): 340 × 235 mm.


In double columns, each column 255 × 80 mm. , with 15 mm. between columns, in 50 lines to the column.


Written in textura semiquadrata.


Two-line blue lombards on red flourishing at the heads of entries, with some marginal headings (several later).

Alternate red and blue paraphs to break up entries.


Origin: s. xiv in

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Ralph Hanna, A descriptive catalogue of the western medieval manuscripts of St. John's College, Oxford (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2002)


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