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St John's College MS 71

Augustine of Ancona, Summa de ecclesiastica potestate


Language(s): Latin

Fols. 1–427:
Incipit: Quia de potestate ecclesiastica tractare sermonem assumpsi⟨mu⟩s cum potentia referatur ad actum
Explicit: eternus Iudex in suo conspectu putari ut saciemur cum appuerit nobis gloria eius qui est Benedictus in secula seculorum Amen Explicit ista carta scripta cum grauida pena Dentur pro pena scriptori aliqua dona Munera bona
Augustine of Ancona, Summa de ecclesiastica potestate

The heading to the following table identifies the work as ‘summa de ecclesiastica potestate fratris AUGUSTINI DE ANCHONA ordinis fratrum heremitarum sancti Augustini’. See Adolar Zumkeller, Manuskripte von Werken der Autoren des Augustiner-Eremitenordens in mitteleuropäischen Bibliotheken (Würzburg, 1966), no. 141 (77–8); ed. Hain 960, BMC 2:329–30 (Augsburg, 1473). The text is followed by a table (fols. 427–36v) which concludes with another scribal couplet, ‘Explicit iste liber scriptus cum labore semper | Sit sanus dexter et finis ad celos Iter’.

Physical Description

Secundo Folio: principaliter
Form: codex
Support: Paper. The marks are indistinct and difficult to pick out through the close writing on very thin paper, and there may be a great many unwatermarked sheets. But, so far as one can ascertain, all quires are formed of sheets, usually eight, folded in folio. There are three paper stocks:

A: Monts/Dreiberg: of the general type Piccard XVI 4, nos. 1151–1253, most commonly in use c.1430–50; the primary stock, its run only broken by the next two;

B: Unidentified: the sole stock visible in quires 4 and 5; perhaps as many as eight sheets total;

C: Monts/Dreiberg: the general type Piccard XVI 2, nos. 365–473, most commonly in use c.1420–early 1440s; at least the three central sheets of quire 25 and the sole stock of quires 26–8; as many as twenty-seven sheets total.

Extent: Fols. ii + 436 + i (numbered fol. iii), an accurate medieval foliation in the upper corners of rectos.
Dimensions (leaf): 285 × 210 mm.
Dimensions (written): 190 × 122 mm.


110 (–1) 214 3–416 514 6–2716 2816 (–16, probably blank). Boxed catchwords toward the gutter (a few cut away); all but three quires signed with a number at the foot of the first leaf (the first four quires in roman, the remainder arabic). In this system, quires 1–28 = I–28.


In long lines, 35 lines to the page (the format somewhat variable). No prickings; bounded in black ink, no rules.


Written in continental cursiva formata. Punctuation by occasional point.


Headings in red (although in the main unfilled).

At the head, a 15-line red lombard, with apparently an armorial (Greek cross with ermines).

At the heads of chapters 2- and 3-line lombards in text ink, many simply in outline (capitals are unfilled in quires 4–5, on a unique paper stock and with a shift in page format).

The text is broken with frequent red paraphs, text capitals at sentence heads frequently ochre-slashed (as are also some catchwords).


Brown reversed calf over millboards, s. xvi. Sewn on four thongs. Ties on both boards to hold the volume closed. Holes from a chain staple in Watson’s position 6. ‘71’ in black ink on a paper lozenge at the head of the spine, in black ink on the leading edges (which have been reddened) with an ink description ‘Augustinus de ancona de potestate ecclesiastica MS’. A tab on the lower board leading edge for a shelfmark, but it is blank. Pastedowns front and rear from MS, the same as that used in binding MS 69. At the front, two modern paper flyleaves; at the rear, another (iii). The identical bindings and pastedowns, as well as the common donor, indicate that this MS and our MS 69 were bound together.


Origin: s. xv med. ; Italy

Provenance and Acquisition

‘Liber Collegij Sanctj Johannis Baptistae Oxon ex dono Reuerendj in Cristo Patris Johannis Roffensis olim hujus Collegij socij et Praesidis’, i.e. John Buckridge (fol. 2, upper margin).

MS 71 - pastedowns



Language(s): Latin

a. The front pastedownab:
Incipit: || Secundo motus proieccionis non est continuus contrarium videatur ... continuus propter
Explicit: quia ⟨ ⟩ hoc est sufficiens causa debilitacionis motoris et ||
WALTER BURLEY, commentary on Aristotle’s Physics from late in book 8 (Sharpe, no. 1902 [709–26, at 719–20]; Lohr, Traditio 24 [1968], 179–80). The text corresponds to the full version in Oxford, All Souls College MS 86, fols. 198ra / 39–98rb / 67. The leaf formed columns 1029–30, i.e. the leaf immediately preceding the rear pastedown of our MS 69 in the original Burley MS.
b. rear pastedownab
Incipit: || .ompnus et vigilia insunt composito .am racione materie quam forme de accidentibus que ⟨ ⟩isunt opposito racione
Explicit: augmentacio scilicet materia prima non sit sepa- ||
WALTER BURLEY, Expositio libri de generatione et corruptione (Sharpe at 716–17, Lohr 181–2). The leaf is marked as columns 14 and 15 in the same MS as the previous, but in fact followed closely on the others here, its text corresponding to All Souls MS 86, fols. 201va / 45–202ra / 11.

Physical Description

Dimensions (leaf): 282 × 208 mm.


In double columns, each column the length of the fragment x 80 mm, with 12 mm between columns, in about 64 surviving lines to the column.


Written in anglicana formata,. s. xiv med.


The text is broken with alternate red and blue paraphs.


Origin: s. xiv med.

Additional Information

Record Sources

Ralph Hanna, A descriptive catalogue of the western medieval manuscripts of St. John's College, Oxford (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2002)


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