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St John's College MS. 73

Berengaud on the Apocalypse


Language(s): Latin

Fols. 1–139
Rubric: Incipit prima uisio Apocalipsis
Incipit: Apocalypsis ihesv cristi quam dedit illi deus palam facere […]
Rubric: [fol. 3, the text] Incipit expositio primę uisionis in apocalipsin
Incipit: Beatvm Iohannem apostolum et euangelistam hunc librum apocalipsin edidisse constat
Explicit: Quod funditus esse delendum de cerno uel certe in melius commutandum
Final rubric: Explicit
BERENGAUD, monk of Ferrières, Expositio in Apocalypsim (Stegmüller, Bibl. 1711 [2:196–7]), ed. PL 17:765–970, preceded (fols. 1–3) by the text of the ‘prima uisio’, Apoc. 1:1–3:22. The text has been very carefully corrected, with a number of readings supplied in the margin, as well as erasures and rewriting in the text.

Added text:

fols. 139–45v
Rubric: Incipit tractatus domni ODDONIS CAMERACENSIS episcopi de canone misse Prima periodus
Incipit: Quia dignum et iustum est nos agere tibi gratias e igitur clementissime pater
Explicit: cola et comata confusis distinccionibus sententias non conturbent
Final rubric: finit opus
ODO OF CAMBRAI, 'Expositio in canonem missae’,

ed. PL 160:1055–70. Added s. xiii in. or xiii1 (above top line), first by filling the blank portions of fol. 139rv, then by adding extra leaves. The added portions have a writing area 191 × 130 mm. . In long lines, 31 to the page. No prickings, except on the inherited leaf; bounded and ruled in pencil. There are two hands; the second scribe, who writes transitional caroline / textura quadrata, takes over in the top line of fol. 141v.

Physical Description

Secundo Folio: sathanas
Form: codex
Support: Vellum (HSOS/HFFH).
Extent: Fols. v + 145 + iii (numbered fols. vi–viii).
Dimensions (leaf): 290 × 198 mm.
Dimensions (written): 195 × 120 mm.


1–178 184 196 (–6, probably blank). Catchwords, the great majority cut away, at the centre of the last folio; no signatures.


In long lines, 33 lines to the page. Regular prickings; bounded and ruled in stylus.


Written in caroline, the main text by two scribes, the second beginning at the foot of fol. 109. Punctuation by point and punctus elevatus.


Widely dispersed red headings to set off the separate ‘visions’.

At fols. 1 and 3, 8-line arabesque capitals in blue with green and touches of red and in green with blue and gold respectively.

At the start of the ‘visions’, 2-line arabesque capitals in red, green, and gold.


A modern replacement. Sewn on five thongs. At the front, one marbled paper leaf, two modern paper flyleaves, and two medieval vellum flyleaves; at the rear, two modern paper flyleaves and another marbled paper leaf (vi–viii).


Origin: s. xii med. ; England

Provenance and Acquisition

‘Hic est liber sancte Marie de Rading’ Qui eum celauerit uel fraudem de eo fecerit anathema sit’ (fol. iv). Ker, MLGB 158; Registrum R.49.2 (197), but not noting this copy.

Notes on the texts by R.T. and C.W., both librarians of St John’s, with particular attention to the author of the commentary, including explanations of the cryptogram identifying him at the explicit (fol. v).

‘Liber Collegij Sancti Ioannis Baptistae Oxon’ ex Dono Magistri Ioannis Stonor de Northstoke in Comitatu Oxon’ Generosi’ (fol. 1 upper margin).

Record Sources

Ralph Hanna, A descriptive catalogue of the western medieval manuscripts of St. John's College, Oxford (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2002)


For enquiries relating to this manuscript please contact St John's College Library.


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