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St John's College MS 106

Hugh of St Victor, De sacramentis

Physical Description

Comprising two originally separate MSS
Secundo Folio: pater (fol. 6)
Secundo Folio: quia ideo (fol. 116)
Form: codex
Support: both on vellum (both HSOS/HFFH).
Extent: Fols. iii + 127 + iii (numbered fols. iv–vi).
Dimensions (leaf): 245 × 168 mm.
Foliation: A modern foliation in the bottom gutter, in which fols. 2–127 are correctly numbered 1–126.


Heavily water-damaged, especially at the ends of the book: fol. 1 a torn-away fragment and fols. 2–11 to some extent damaged and mounted (fols. 2 and 3 fragments only); fols. 123–7 all repaired in the upper corners.


A modern replacement. Sewn on five thongs. At the front, a marbled paper leaf and two modern paper leaves; at the rear, two modern paper leaves and another marbled leaf (iv–vi).


Origin: s. xii2 or xii ex. ; England

Provenance and Acquisition

No information.

Manuscript 1 = Fols. 1–114


Language(s): Latin

1. Fols. 5–113:
Rubric: Incipit liber secundus de incarnatione uerbi [very faded] De incarnatione uerbi et tempore gratie Capitulum I
Incipit: In superiore parte huius operis condicionem omnium rerum a principio primo cum lapsu hominis
Explicit: uidebimus et amabimus amabimus et laudabimus Ecce quod e\r/it in fine sine fine
Final rubric: Expliciunt sacramenta Magistri HUGONIS SANCTI VICTORIS Parisiensis cenobij non tantum omnium artium liberalium scientia peritissimi Verum etiam utroque sacre scripture testamento perspicacissimj
Hugh of St Victor, De sacramentis christianae fidei book 2 only

ed. PL 176:371–618; see Goy, 168. Fol. 1 is blank; fol. 1v, now mostly torn away with only line ends extant, had a text, ‘…tis cristiane fidei. . .’, identifiable with Hugh’s prologue to book 1, ed. PL 176:173–4. Fols. 2–5 have a table of chapters for the eighteen parts.

2. Fols. 113–14:
Rubric: AUGUSTINUS ex sermone de verbis evangelicis xvjo.
Incipit: Peccantes coram omnibus argve vt et ceteri timorem habeant Cristum dominum et paulum seruum eius audiamus
Explicit: habet firmum fundamentum Nouit dominus qvi svnt eius Et Recedat ab inivstitia

The incipit is sermo 88.5.8, ed. PL 38:509. But the passage also appears as a quotation in later glosses of 1 Tim. 5:20; cf. FLORUS THE DEACON at PL 119:403 and PETER LOMBARD at PL 192:355.

Added text:

fols. 114–15
Incipit: Incipiunt quinque hore secundum numerum quinque literarum nominis Iesv […] | [fol. 114v] Gratias ago tibi dulcissime Iesv cuius gratia sum id quid sum
Explicit: de merore ad beate uisionis consolationem peruenire concede Qui uiuis et regnas [form ending] Deo gratias Expliciunt v. hore dulces et melliflue de Iesv

In gothic textura quadrata, s. xiii2 on the blank final page of MS 1 and the blank initial page, left as a cover, of MS 2.

Physical Description

Extent: Fols. 114.


110 (1 a fragment) 210 (–4 to –7) 3–138 1410. A few catchwords towards the gutter; all but three quires numbered in roman on the final leaf, quires 1–13 = i–xiij.


Writing area 180–5 × 100 mm. . In long lines, 39 lines to the page. Prickings frequent in early portions; bounded and ruled in pencil.


Written in protogothic bookhand. Punctuation by point and punctus versus, occasional punctus elevatus.


Headings in red.

Two-line alternate red and green (very occasionally gold) arabesque initials at heads of sections.

Running titles in red to identify the eighteen books.

Manuscript 2 = Fols. 115–27


Language(s): Latin

3. Fols. 115va–27vb
Rubric: Incipvnt sententie magstri HUGONIS DE SANCTO VICTORE
Incipit: De fide quia spe que in nobis est omni poscenti rationem reddere
Explicit: sunt associate corporibus ut in eis deo famulentur et uerum et summum bonum promereantur
Summa sententiarum breaking off in 2.1

ed. PL 176:41–80. A College bookplate has been pasted on top of the text on fol. 127v.

Physical Description

Extent: Fols. 13.


158 16? (the five leaves fols. 123–7: perhaps an eight with cancelled blanks). No catchwords or signatures.


In double columns, each column 210 × 63 mm. , with 8 mm between columns, in 38 lines. Prickings; bounded and ruled in brown crayon.


Written in protogothic bookhand. Punctuation by point and occasional punctus elevatus.


Headings in red (with instructions, not all fulfilled, vertically along the leading edges).

Alternate red and green 2-line arabesque capitals (only the first flourished, red on green).

Additional Information

Record Sources

Ralph Hanna, A descriptive catalogue of the western medieval manuscripts of St. John's College, Oxford (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2002)


For enquiries relating to this manuscript please contact St John's College Library.


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