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St John's College MS. 110

Vulgate Bible


Language(s): Latin

Fols. 1ra–371rb
Incipit: || -odus cum x. plagis cum decalogo cum mysticis diuinisque preceptis […]
Incipit: || [fol. 2ra, the text] -dysi comede De ligno autem sciencie boni et mali ne comedas […] [fol. 298vb] Matheus ex iudea sicut primus in ordine ponitur […] [fol. 299rb] Liber generacionis ihesu cristi filii dauid filii Abraham
Explicit: Ueni domine ihesu amen Gracia domini nostri ihesu cristi cum omnibus uobis Amen
The Vulgate Bible,

in Ker’s ‘usual order’ (MMBL 1:96–7). The fragmentary opening corresponds to Stegmüller, RB 284, JEROME, epistle 53, ed. Isidore Hilberg, CSEL 54 (2nd edn., 1996), 454/16–465/5. At the end, fol. 371v is blank. Lacks, due to lost leaves, most of Stegmüller, Bibl. 284, along with all of Stegmüller, Bibl. 285, and Gen. 1:1–2:16; Joshua 22:27–Judges 1:25; part of Stegmüller, Bibl. 531, the three prophetic books Habakkuk, Zephaniah and Haggai, and Zach. 1:1–2:9, along with the relevant prologues; and Acts 27:4–James 1:26, together with Stegmüller, Bibl. 809. Other deviations from the usual contents and order include: the MS includes both the Prayer of Manasses (fol. 134ra) and that of Solomon at the end of Ecclus. (fol. 209va) it lacks 2/3 Ezra (fol. 146ra). In addition, 1–2 Thessalonians precede Colossians (fol. 346vb).

The following standard prologues are absent: Stegmüller, Stegmüller, Bibl. 327 to 2 Chron. (fol. 123ra), 343 to Esther (fol. 153ra), and 517 to Obadiah (fol. 274va).

Physical Description

Secundo Folio: -dysi comede
Form: codex
Support: Vellum (FSOS/FHHF).
Extent: Fols. ii + 371 + i (numbered fol. iii).
Dimensions (leaf): 245 × 165 mm.


112(–1, –3) 2–512 612(–8) 7–2212 238(–6, a cancel with no text loss) 2412(–10, –11, –12) 25–3112 3212(–2, –12, the latter probably blank). No catchwords or signatures.


In double columns, each column 170 × 47 mm. , with 6 mm between columns, in 58 lines to the column. No prickings; bounded and ruled in black ink.


Written in gothic textura semiquadrata, below top line. Punctuation by point, medial point, and occasional punctus elevatus.


Headings in alternate lines of red and blue between books (some in red only).

The stub preceding fol. 1 has bits of a vinet.

Books introduced by 8-line champes on gold leaf, with long marginal ascenders and descenders, vine and leaf decoration with dragons, and sometimes other animal shapes.

Chapters noted in margins in blue or red with contrasting paraph; the text divided by 1-line lombards, alternating red and blue, and red-slashed capitals.

Books indicated in running titles of alternating red and blue lombards.

Psalms (fols. 164va–83ra) has its own decorative scheme—3-line lombards, alternately blue on red flourishing and gold leaf on blue flourishing with lengthy marginal extenders; champes with vine and dragons at the nocturns; alternate 1-line red and blue lombards for versals.

See AT, no. 208 (22).


Brown leather over millboards, with a stamped fillet, s. xvii. Sewn on six thongs. Gold ‘110’ in the top compartment of the spine, in black ink on the leading edges. All edges red-coloured. At the front, one paper flyleaf and one vellum flyleaf (probably a former pastedown); at the rear, one paper flyleaf (iii).

Modern paper pastedowns, a College bookplate on the front pastedown.


Origin: s. xiii2/4 ; England

Provenance and Acquisition

‘Liber Collegii Divi Joannis Baptistae Oxon Ex dono Edwardi Bernardi Socii et Bibliothecarii 1667’ (fol. 1, lower margin).

Record Sources

Ralph Hanna, A descriptive catalogue of the western medieval manuscripts of St. John's College, Oxford (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2002)


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