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MS. Bodl. 211

Summary Catalogue no.: 2927


Physical Description

Form: codex
Support: parchment


Fine miniatures (tinted drawings). Script, parchment and initials, not Italian. (Pächt and Alexander ii. 251, pl. XXIII)

p. iii

  • Type drawing
  • Subject Ink sketch of a kneeling monk, holding a book (in the same position as Roger Bacon on fol. 1r).

p. 1

  • Type miniature
  • Subject Drawing in camaieu gris, tinged with brown and pale pink, showing Roger Bacon, kneeling, presenting a book to a noble patron, seated in a cloistered alcove, surrounded by attendants. Second kneeling figure behind Bacon.

p. 5

  • Type miniature
  • Subject Drawing in camaieu gris, tinged with brown, showing seated Roger Bacon and a standing figure in long robes, holding a tall vessel. Book, pen and ink on a table neadby. Interior view of an alter with triptych. Top left window has a figure, holding an instrument, perhaps astrolabe. On wall bracket, statuette of a seated figure. Garden outside.


Soft red leather on parchment boards, French (?) 15th cent. work, worn, in American cloth cover.


Origin: 15th century, middle ; Italian, Central (decoration) (?)

Provenance and Acquisition

'More meditere mori', 16th cent.: so someone named More probably possessed the work, though 'more' may represent μwρε.

Presented by sir Henry Savile in 1620.

Record Sources

Summary description abbreviated from the Summary Catalogue (1922). Decoration, localization and date follow Pächt and Alexander (1970).

Digital Images

Digital Bodleian (2 images from 35mm slides)
Digital Bodleian (1 image from 35mm slides)


    Printed descriptions:

    S. J. P. van Dijk, Latin Liturgical Manuscripts in the Bodleian Library, Oxford, vol. 6: Fragments - Office Books, Rituals, Directories (typescript, 1957), p. 264

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