A catalogue of Western manuscripts at the Bodleian Libraries and selected Oxford colleges

MS. Bodl. 36

Summary Catalogue no.: 1888


Language(s): Latin

1. (fol. vi)
Robert Grosseteste, Templum Domini
Incipit: Templum Dei sanctum ... Sermo iste quamuis omnes tangat

Here without title or author, except in a later list of contents. This piece is separate.

2. (fol. 1)
Raymond of Penafort, Summa de casibus poenitentiae
Rubric: Summa magistri Raymundi

Identified by K. Pennington (Traditio 27 (1971), 477 n. 28) as an abbreviation of the second recension of Penafort's Summa.

3. (fol. 46)
Robert Grosseteste, Doctrina de confessione (serm. 31)
Rubric: Doctrina domini R. Lincolniensis episcopi de confessione
Incipit: Scriptum est enim de Leuitis
4. (fol. 51)
Hugh of Saint-Victor, Soliloquium de arra animae
Rubric: Tractatus sancti Augustini \Hugonis de Sancto Victore/ de Arra anime

Fol. 52 is slightly defective, and most of fol. 55v is in a rather later hand.

Language(s): Latin
5. (fol. 56)
Ps.-Anselm, De XIIII partibus beatitudinis
Rubric: Libellus beati Anselmi archiepiscopi de xiv beatitudinibus
Incipit: Queritur inter homines
Explicit: cruciaret undique||

Ends abruptly, a leaf being lost.

6a. (fol. 58)
Ps.-Bernard of Clairvaux, De caritate
Rubric: Tractatus de caritate
Incipit: Cogit me instancia
6b. (fol. 58)
Bernard of Clairvaux, Epistolae (extracts)

With an added index (?).

7. (fol. 66)
Hugh of Saint-Victor, De laude caritatis

Here without author's name.

8. (fol. 67v)
Paulinus of Aquileia (Ps.-Augustine), Liber exhortationis (extract)
Rubric: De beata Virgine Maria
9. (fol. 70)
Aelred of Rievaulx, De institutione inclusarum (extract)
Rubric: Meditacio Eldredi abbatis ad sororem inclusam
Incipit: Vestis quippe nuptialis (cap. 40)
William of Saint-Thierry, De amore Dei

De contemplando Deo, and (fol. 81) De natura amoris

10b. (fol. 88)
Bernard of Clairvaux, Apologia ad Guillelmum abbatem
Incipit: Venerabili patri Gwillelmo ... Vsque modo si qua scriptitare
11. (fol. 93)
Bernard of Clairvaux, De laude nouae militiae

Here anonymous.

12. (fol. 99)
Richard of Saint-Victor, Benjamin minor
Rubric: Liber Beniamin

Here anonymous.

13. (fol. 115v)
Ps.-Augustine, De spiritu et anima
Rubric: Liber sancti Augustini de anima
14. (fol. 123)

Eight anonymous sermons:

(fol. 123)
Jerome, De persecutione Christianorum (Migne, Patrol. Lat. xl. col. 1342)
(fol. 123)
Arnulphus de Boëriis, Speculum monachorum

First few paragraphs, ending, some leaves being lost, 'cum aliis exeat ad laborem'.

The rest are not easily to be identified.

15. (fol. 132)

In arts. 15–17 the hand is different, and the rubricator uses blue ink in the rubrics.

Language(s): Latin
16. (fol. 135v)
Ps.-Augustine, De XII abusiuis saeculi
Rubric: sancti Augustini episcopi de xii abusiuis
Language(s): Latin
17. (fol. 140v)
Ps.-Augustine (Patrick of Dublin), De tribus habitaculis animae (De triplici habitaculo)
Rubric: Liber Augustini Yponiensis episcopi de gloria electorum & pena dampnandorum

Short anonymous pieces are at foll. 75v, 128, 129. There is a late 13th cent. example of the word Honorificabilitudinitatibus on fol. 131v.

Physical Description

Form: codex
Support: parchment
Extent: xii + 147 leaves
Dimensions (binding): 5.875 × 4.375 in.


2 cols.


Two hands.


Illuminated capitals.


Origin: 13th century, middle

Provenance and Acquisition

Carmarthen, Franciscan convent: 'Liber de communitate fratrum Minorum Kermerdinie' (Caermarthen), middle 15th cent.

'Dono dedit Bibliothecæ Publicæ Jo: Dauis S. Theol. Bacch. ex Coll. Lincoln. 14. Martij 1615'.

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