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MS. Bodl. 361

Summary Catalogue no.: 2462

Medical treatises; England (Salisbury), 1453–1459


Language(s): Latin

1. (p. 1)
'Stephanus Arnaldus' (?Étienne Arlandi), Dietarium
Language(s): Latin
2. (p. 113)
Bartholomew of Salerno, Practica medicinae
Rubric: Bartholomei Practica medicine
Incipit: Practica diuiditur in duo, in scienciam
Language(s): Latin
3. (p. 203)
John of Saint-Paul, Breuiarium de signis morborum
Rubric: Opus magistri Johannis de Sancto Paulo, alme vniuersitatis Salernitane doctoris prefamosi
Incipit: (preface) Assiduis peticionibus me karissimi
Language(s): Latin
4. (p. 331)
Rubric: Tractatus de effectibus farmacorum
Incipit: Partium in humano corpore multiplicitas

Thorndike-Kibre 1027J.

Language(s): Latin
5. (p. 335)
Pontius de Sancto Egidio, Curae
Rubric: Practica magistri Petri de Sancto Egidio
Incipit: Cure omnium egritudinum
Language(s): Latin
6. (p. 394)
Rubric: Experimenta Minerve
Incipit: Experimentum contra vertiginosos. Ille due vene

Thorndike-Kibre 543K.

Language(s): Latin
7. (p. 400)
Archimatthaeus, Practica
Rubric: Practica Archimathei
Incipit: Cum opus quodlibet suo habet artifici
Language(s): Latin
8. (p. 424)
Rubric: De splene et ⟨h⟩epate et eorum passionibus
Incipit: Due vene protense sunt
Thorndike-Kibre 471D
Language(s): Latin
9. (p. 432)
Rubric: Introductorium in Practicam medicine
Incipit: Cogitanti michi uotum uestrum
Language(s): Latin
10. (p. 444)
Rubric: De dietis infirmorum secundum magistrum Petrum de Musanda
Incipit: De cibis et potibus infirmorum
Language(s): Latin
11-12. (p. 458)
Rubric: Trotula maior . de passionibus mulierum ⟨et⟩ de causis et curis earundem
Incipit: Cum auctor vniueritas Deus
Rubric: (p. 469) Trotula minor
Incipit: Ut de curis mulierum
Rubric: (p. 480) De ornamentis mulierum
Incipit: Ut mulier suauissima appareat


At this point the order of leaves is disturbed; one possible reconstruction follows.

Language(s): Latin
13. (p. 493)
Rubric: Tractatus de pestilencia
Explicit: salubriter conualescet

Last few sentences only.

Language(s): Latin
14. (pp. 493–6, 489–92, 481–8)
Richard the Englishman (?), Compendium (Thorndike-Kibre 194F)
Rubric: Compendium magistri Richardi
Incipit: Caritatis studio et breuitatis causa
Language(s): Latin
(pp. 499–501)
Medical recipes
Language(s): Latin and English

Physical Description

Form: codex
Support: parchment
Extent: 502 pages
Dimensions (leaf): 333 × 227 mm.


1 col., 46 lines, written space 208–10 × 110–15 mm.


Written by Herman Zurke of Greifswald, who also wrote MS. Bodl. 362, MS. laud Misc. 558, and Merton College MS. 268, and cf. Colophons de mss. ii, nos. 7073–4.


Fine borders, initials. (Pächt and Alexander iii. 1053, pl. XCVIII)

Illuminated borders, initials, coloured initials, rubrics.

Accompanying Material

pp. i-vi are parts of Latin household accounts, early 16th century; pp. 503–4 are a leaf from a Latin philosophical work, 14th century.


Origin: 1453, 1455, 1456, 1459 ; English, Salisbury

Provenance and Acquisition

‘... Hermannus zurke alias de Gripessualdis huic scripture finem imposuit. Anno domini .Mº.CCCCºlixº. vltimo die. mensis Maij.’ (p. 111, covering pp. 1–111). ‘... felicter fine clauditur. Anno domini .M.CCCC.lvto. Quinto decimo die mensis Octobris in villa Sarum. Hermannus zureke alias de Gripeswaldis’ (p. 203, covering pp. 113–203). ‘... Anno domini Millesimo .CCCC. Quinquagesimo Sexto. Sextodecimo die mensis Octobris. Hermannus zurke alias de Gripesswaldis’ (p. 330, covering pp. 203–330). There are simlar colophons on p. 334 (covering pp. 331–4), dated 20 Oct. 1456; on p. 393 (covering pp. 335–93), dated 6 Nov. 1453; on p. 424 (covering pp. 400–24, and probably 394–9 also), dated 28 Nov. 1453; p. 458 (covering pp. 444–58 and probably 424–44 also), dated 14 Dec. 1453 ‘hora quinta post vesperas. In ciuitate Sarum.’ pp. 497–8, of which only a fragment remains, probably bore a similar colophon covering pp. 458–98.

Written for Gilbert Kymer (?).

Probably given by Kymer to the library of Oxford University (R. M. Thomson and J. G. Clark, The university and college libraries of Oxford (2015), p. 1320).

Acquired before 1602.

Record Sources

Description adapted (2018) from the following sources, and from published literature cited in the description:
A. G. Watson, Catalogue of Dated and Datable Manuscripts c.435–1600 in Oxford Libraries (Oxford, 1984), no. 80 [physical description, origin, provenance]
Otto Pächt and J. J. G. Alexander, Illuminated Manuscripts in the Bodleian Library, Oxford, III (1973), no. 1053 [decoration]
Summary Catalogue (1922) [contents, endleaves, acquisition]

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