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MS. Bodl. 393

Summary Catalogue no.: 2224

Physical Description

Composite: two parts
Form: codex
Support: paper
Extent: ii + 175 leaves
Dimensions (binding): 12.25 × 9.125 in.


Stained by damp at each end, and with the few margins injured


Stamped white sheepskin (c. 1602) on older sewing and boards.


Provenance and Acquisition

Exeter, Devon, Cathedral church of St Peter (MLGB3

Presented by the Dean and Chapter of Exeter, 1602

MS. Bodl. 393 – Part 1


1. (fol. 1)
Isidore, Sententiae
Explicit: Explicit liber Ysodori de Summo Bono

In three books. Followed by:

Language(s): Latin
a. (fol. 28v)
Isidore (?), Sermon
Incipit: Scito homo te ipsum, quid sis
Language(s): Latin
b. (fol. 29v)
Isidore, Epistula ad Massonem episcopum

Letter of Isidore to Bishop Massona

Language(s): Latin
c. (fol. 30)
List of chapters
Language(s): Latin
d. (fol. 31)
Isidore, A note by Isidore on Origen's critical marks

Patrologia Latina lxxxi, 971

Language(s): Latin
e. (fol. 31)

Short moral and theological pieces

Origen, Homilies on Exodus XII.1-2
Rubric: Origenes super exodum
Incipit: Scriptum est quod vidit Aaron et omnes
Explicit: gloria eius intrinsecus
Language(s): Latin

Followed by short notes and verses, (1) 'hec tria expellunt hominem a domo', (2) on the seven letters of 'peccaui', (3) six lines of verse beginning 'Vis fieri pulcher animam(?) virtute corones', (4) 'Mater quid fili peto te dulcissima ba ba / O pater o fili mihi plausus oscula da da', (5) 'Prodiga natura cantori dant[sic] tria iura / aut sunt[sic] pomposi fures aut luxuriosi', (6) a version of DIMEV 553

Language(s): Latin and Middle English
(fol. 31v)
Incipit: Cur mundus militat
Explicit: quamdiu poteris
Walther 3934

Followed by Walther 12895 (four lines).

Language(s): Latin
Rubric: Infirmus dicit ad mortem
Incipit: Mors cur non faris
Explicit: iuuabit pacificatus
Walther 11235
Language(s): Latin

Physical Description

Form: codex
Support: paper


Origin: 15th century, middle ; England

MS. Bodl. 393 – Part 2


2. (fol. 33)
William Woodford, Determinationes
Rubric: Prima determinacio fratris et magistri Willelmi Widford de ordine fratrum Minorum Oxonie contra Wyclyf in materia de religione

Followed by three others (fols 41v, 52v, 59)

The third was delivered 'Oxonie anno Domini M° ccc. lxxxxix° [1389?; or as on fol. 52v, 1390] in scolis Minorum et die vesperiarum fratris Johannis Romseye', the fourth at Oxford in 1390, when Woodford was 'pro tunc vicarius prouincialis'

Referred to as 'Willelmi Wodforde' on fol. 41. Fol. 52v has 'contra Wicheleuistas', rather than 'contra Wyclyf'

Language(s): Latin
Franciscus de Mayronis, Flores S. Augustini

A compilation of extracts from the following texts, mostly by Augustine:

(fol. 70)
Augustine, De Trinitate
Rubric: Flores Francisci de Maronis super beatum Augustinum De Trinitate
(fol. 166v)
Augustine, Super Matthaeum
(fol. 166v)
Augustine, Super Lucam
(fol. 169v)
Augustine, Quaestiones diversarum Scripturarum
Language(s): Latin

Physical Description

Form: codex
Support: paper

Accompanying Material

Fragments of a 13th century Latin theological manuscript were used in the sewing of the second part, e.g. between fols 155 and 156.


Origin: 15th century, middle ; England

Additional Information

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Description adapted (March 2023) by Stewart J. Brookes and Matthew Holford from the Summary Catalogue (1922), with additional description of item (e).


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2023-01-06: Description revised to incorporate all the information in the Summary Catalogue (1922)