A catalogue of Western manuscripts at the Bodleian Libraries and selected Oxford colleges

MS. Bodl. 410

Summary Catalogue no.: 2305


Language(s): Latin and Middle English

Fasciculus Morum (preacher's handbook)

Includes verse tags in English.

(fol. 1v)
Incipit: He that it rueth he rueth full sore
DIMEV 1877
(fol. 2r)
Incipit: The fiend our foe ne may us dere
DIMEV 5265
(fol. 2v)
Incipit: Whoso speaketh of thing that is unrest
DIMEV 6629
(fol. 4r)
Incipit: See and hear and hold still
DIMEV 4798
(fol. 4v)
Incipit: Pride that is overgart
DIMEV 4409
(fol. 4v)
Incipit: Not mans steven but good will
DIMEV 3710
(fol. 6v)
Incipit: Mary Mother of grace we cryen to Thee
DIMEV 3428
(fol. 9v)
Incipit: Whoso woneth him not to good first all in his youth
DIMEV 6657
(fol. 9v)
Incipit: Chastize your children while they been young
(fol. 10r)
Incipit: Wretched man why art thou proud
DIMEV 6811
(fol. 10r)
Incipit: The fleshes lust may thou not alive better quench
DIMEV 5280
(fol. 10r)
Incipit: Man I-born of woman ne liveth but a stound
DIMEV 3354
(fol. 10v)
Incipit: We been executors of this deed
DIMEV 6164
(fol. 10v)
Incipit: Nas there never carion so loath
DIMEV 3675
(fol. 17v)
Incipit: Sithen this world was full of onde
DIMEV 4921
(fol. 20v)
Incipit: Love God that loved thee
DIMEV 3268
(fol. 21v)
Incipit: Take no God but One in heaven
DIMEV 5103
(fol. 22r)
Incipit: Now I have that I will
DIMEV 3758
(fol. 22v)
Incipit: Love God over all thing
DIMEV 3267
(fol. 22v)
Incipit: True love among men that most is of let
DIMEV 6068
(fol. 23v)
Incipit: Behold mine wounds how sore I am dight
(fol. 24v)
Incipit: By deeds of Dyane I swear to thee
(fol. 25r)
Incipit: I hung on the cross for love of thee
DIMEV 2199
(fol. 25r)
Incipit: O ye men that by me wend
DIMEV 4113
(fol. 25v)
Incipit: Behold man what pain I dree
(fols. 38v–39r)
Incipit: Through ferly death together aren folde
DIMEV 5911
(fol. 38v)
Incipit: Our wisdom this world has bereft
DIMEV 4331
(fol. 39r)
Incipit: Alas alas that I was born
(fol. 40v)
Incipit: The lady dame Fortune is both friend and foe
DIMEV 5367
(fol. 40v)
Incipit: That mantle the king to Wilfred lent
DIMEV 5157
(fol. 40v)
Incipit: King I sit and look about
DIMEV 2998
(fol. 40v)
Incipit: All mankind turneth in wheel and that on wonder guise
(fol. 41v)
Incipit: Sithen law for will beginneth to slacken
DIMEV 4917
(fol. 45v)
Incipit: This world foul is and cleanseth lite
DIMEV 5786
(fol. 46v)
Incipit: That I gave that is mine
DIMEV 5140
(fol. 49v)
Incipit: Round in shaping
DIMEV 4516
(fol. 51r)
Incipit: Long sleepers and overleapers
DIMEV 3167
(fol. 57v)
Incipit: Whole and healing sooth and sorrowing
DIMEV 6592
(fol. 58r)
Incipit: He may be thy boot
DIMEV 1839
(fol. 60v)
Incipit: Alas alas that I was born
(fols. 63v–64r)
Incipit: Good bidder good warner
DIMEV 1642
(fol. 64v)
Incipit: Fire water wind and land
DIMEV 1312
(fol. 67r)
Incipit: Whoso will not when he may
DIMEV 6647
(fol. 67r)
Incipit: Man that life upholdest / think when thou art oldest
DIMEV 3381
(fol. 68r)
Incipit: That I spent that I had
DIMEV 5142
(fol. 75v)
Incipit: Love God over all thing
DIMEV 3267
(fol. 83r)
Incipit: That law hath no right
DIMEV 5151
(fol. 86r)
Incipit: That is merry to be a wife
DIMEV 5148
(fol. 89r)
Incipit: Whoso liveth in fleshly will
DIMEV 6618
(fol. 91r)
Incipit: When the head quaketh
DIMEV 6443

Physical Description

Form: codex
Support: parchment


Illuminated capitals.


White leather on boards, clasps lost, English 15th cent. work.


Origin: 15th century ; English

Provenance and Acquisition

Windsor, Berkshire, Royal collegiate chapel of St George: Medieval binding. Usual chain mark. Title "[Fasci]culus morum" near top of back-board. (MLGB3: inferred evidence).

Presented by the dean and canons of Windsor in 1612.

Record Sources

Summary description abbreviated from the Summary Catalogue (1922).


Last Substantive Revision

2022-04-04: Add binding information from Summary Catalogue.