A catalogue of Western manuscripts at the Bodleian Libraries and selected Oxford colleges

MS. Bodl. 42

Summary Catalogue no.: 1846


(fols. ii, iv)
Language(s): Middle English
(fol. vi verso)

List of contents, with items now missing including in part 2 'Epistola fratris Vincentii de Antichristo missa pape Benedicto'

Language(s): Latin

Physical Description

Composite: two parts
Form: codex
Extent: vi + 287 leaves
Dimensions (binding): 7.625 × 5.625 in.


Plain white leather on boards, clasps lost, 15th cent. English work.

Leather bookmarks.


Provenance and Acquisition

'Liber magistri J. Collis emptus a domino W. Palett ... 1472, precium vijs.'

'Hec est caucio magistri [Jacobi] Babbe, magistri [Gul.] Merefylde & Johannis Mane, exposita in cista Germeyne in vº die mensis Octobris anno Domini ccccº 7 ixº ... & habet 2º supplementa, primum est Byblia 2º folio edisserunt, 2m supplementum est Liber Januensis de Sanctis 2º folio nec ligaturam, & iacet pro xlvj s viii d'

Oxford, Exeter College: 'Item lego collegio Exoniensi librum ... [hunc], & volo quod transeat in communi electione librorum. Teste Ricardo Smyth'

'Ex legacione magistri Jacobi Babbe ...... restituatur'

'De eleccione Smale.'

Probably acquired by the Library between 1605 and 1611.

MS. Bodl. 42 – Part 1 (fols. 1–236)


Language(s): Latin

1. (fol. 1)
Petrus de Alliaco, Tractatus de reformacione ecclesie
Rubric: Tractatus de reformacione ecclesie quem cardinalis Cameracensis collegit
2. (fol. 15)
Petrus de Alliaco, De ecclesie potestate (imperfect)
Rubric: Tractatus cardinalis Cameracensis de ecclesiastica potestate in consilio Constantiensi

Ends abruptly on fol. 22r with 'in quo requiritur' in chapt. 1 of part 2.

3. (fol. 23)
William Norton, Tabula super doctorem de Lyra
Rubric: Tabula super doctorem de Lyra scripta per Henricum de ...... [erased: Oliueira?, Almara?] anno Domini Mº. cccc iijº
(fol. 232)
Rubric: Questiones fratris N. de Lyra super Biblia hic contente uel saltem tacte

A list of questions discussed in the commentaries.

Physical Description

Form: codex
Support: parchment




Origin: 15th century, early ; English

MS. Bodl. 42 – Part 2


4. (fol. 237: olim 10–17)
List of 'prothemata' or texts for sermons on holy days
Language(s): Latin
5. (fol. 245: olim 355–366 + one + 266–283)
Ps.-Bernard, Meditationes piissimae de cognitione humanae conditionis (extracts)
Rubric: Meditationes beati Bernardi
Language(s): Latin
(fol. 250)

Two poems:

Incipit: Wit was his nakede brest

NIMEV 4088; DIMEV 6540.5

Incipit: Loke man to Jesu Crist

NIMEV 1940; DIMEV 3177

Language(s): Middle English
(fol. 250)
Rubric: Liber florigerus

Made up out of Augustine's works

Language(s): Latin
(fol. 259v)
Treatise on the Ten Commandments
Rubric: De preceptis Decalogi
Incipit: Queritur utrum Deus debuit imponere

In three books.

Language(s): Latin

With other theological notes and extracts

Language(s): Latin
6. (fol. 275v: olim 283v, 8, 23–26, 28–29, 344, 5, + one))
Theological notes and extracts, including:
(fol. 283)

Letter from pope Innocent IV, recommending Fredericus de Lavania to a canonry at Lincoln, A.D. 1253, with Grosseteste's refusal (Ep. 128)

(fol. 284)

Notes of Roman, Hebrew, and Greek months (fols. 276, 284), and of the Greek alphabet

Language(s): Latin

Physical Description

Form: codex
Support: parchment
Extent: fragments of a manuscript once comprising over 366 leaves.


Partly in two columns.


Two hands.


Origin: 14th century, early ; English

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