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Lincoln College MS. Gr. 82

Former shelfmark: Lincoln College MS. Lat. 82

Diktyon no.: 48693

Acts and Epistles; Calabria?, 11th c.


Language(s): Greek

Acts, Catholic Epistles, Pauline Epistles
1. (fol. 1r)
Preface to Acts,

«Πράξεις ἀποστόλων» τὸ βιβλίον καλεῖται etc.: H. von Soden, Die Schriften des Neuen Testaments in ihrer ältesten erreichbaren Textgestalt I.1 (Berlin 1902) 331 (no. 130).

2. (fols. 1r-v)
Preface to Acts

Soden, 332 (no. 131).

3. (fols. 2r–50r)
Acts of the Apostles
4. (fols. 50v–73r)
Catholic epistles

With prefaces Soden, 334–339 (no. 134).

5. (fols. 73v–186v)
Pauline epistles

With prefaces Soden, 339–349 (no. 140–141).

6. (fols. 186v–187v)
Ἀποδημία τοῦ ἁγίου ἀποστόλου Παύλου

BHG 1457.

7. (fols. 187v–189v)
List of Epistles readings

For the movable feast cycle.

8. (fols. 190r–196v)
Brief description of church services

From Monday of Holy Week through Pentecost.

9. (fols. 196v–206v)
List of Acts and Epistles readings

For the fixed feast cycle from 1 September through 31 August.

10. (fols. 206v–207v)
List of Acts and Epistles readings for various occasions

Consecration of a church, foreign invasion, etc. (end lost).

Physical Description

Form: codex
Support: Parchment
Extent: iv+210 leaves
Dimensions (leaf): 197 × 155 mm.


Collation: 7 × viii (ff. 1–56), vii (ff. 57–63, f. 58 single, text loss after f. 62), viii (ff. 64–71), vii (ff. 72–78, f. 75 single, text loss after f. 74), 2 × viii (ff. 79–94), viii (ff. 95–102, ff. 96 and 101 single), 6 × viii (ff. 103–150), viii (ff. 151–158, ff. 153 and 156 single), viii (ff. 159–166, ff. 160 and 165 single), viii (ff. 167–174), viii (ff. 175–183, ff. 176, 177, 180, 182 single), 3 × viii (ff. 184–207), text loss. Fol. 181 is a nineteenth-century paper note bound into the manuscript; ff. 208–211 are flyleaves. There are no quire signatures.


27 lines in two columns, ruling Leroy 01E2a. 150 × 110 (50+12+48) mm.


Copied by a single scribe who wrote Χ(ριστ)ε παράσχου τοῖς ἐμοῖς πόνοις χάριν (DBBE 2082) on f. 187v and whom Irmgard Hutter identifies with the priest Leo, copyist of Vienna, ÖNB, Theol. gr. 188 and Athens, EBE, 74.


A full-length image of the evangelist Luke on f. 1v seems to be the work of a professional artist.

The remaining decoration is evidently by the scribe himself. The beginning of each preface and of each epistle is marked with a headpiece (ff. 1r, 73v, 92v) or a headband (ff. 2r, 50v, 51r, 55v, 56r, etc.), as well as with an illuminated initial letter (ff. 50v, 51r, 55v, 56r, etc.).

Some of these initials are zoomorphic (ff. 71v, 111r, 130r, 152r, 161v, 169r) or anthropomorphic (ff. 57r, 62v, 66v, 72r-v, etc.).

There are also bust-length portraits of the apostle Paul next to the text of two of his epistles (ff. 93r, 170v).


Binding (seventeenth-century) of brown suede over pasteboard. There are four protruding ridges on the spine; the covers project over the book-block; the roots of two laces remain in place. There are no pastedowns. The front flyleaves and back flyleaves are two blank vellum quaternia.


Origin: 11th century ; Italy, Calabria?

Provenance and Acquisition

A parchment label written in late Gothic script and glued to f. ivv names Robert Flemyng (sic) as the book’s donor.

Record Sources

Description by Georgi Parpulov (2023).


Last Substantive Revision

2023-12: New description by Georgi Parpulov