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MS. Add. D. 104

Summary Catalogue no.: 28719


Haimo of Auxerre (?), In epistolas S. Pauli
Colophon: (fol. 2) Anno dominicę Incarnationis Millesimo sexagesimo septimo. Indictione .v. scriptus est liber iste. Deo gratias.
Colophon: (fol. 1) In anno ab incarnatione domini nostri Iesu christi anni sunt millesimo sexagesimo viimo. Indictione .v. .iiii. Id(us) F(e)br(uarias). luna xxii. sancte Scol⟨astice⟩
Language(s): Latin

Physical Description

Form: codex
Support: parchment
Extent: 192 fols.
Dimensions (leaf): c. 485 × 325 mm.


2 cols., 365–75 × 100 mm. , c. 45–7 lines.


Fine miniature, border, initials, many with zoomorphic and antorpomorphic designs. (Pächt and Alexander ii. 9, pl. I)

Coloured miniature and border, coloured initials, rubrics, parts of text in red.

Initials formed by white interlaced stems, bodies of beasts, birds, fish and grotesques, animal masks and biting animal heads on green, red and yellow ground on fols. 1r, 20r, 24r, 26v 31v, 39r, 40v, 43r, 43v, 50r, 52v, 59r, 65v, 66r, 68v, 70v, 73r, 74r, 77v, 79r, 82r, 84v, 85v, 87r, 87v, 89r, 90v, 93v, 96v, 102r, 104r, 104v, 110r, 111v, 115r, 115v, 116v, 119r, 119v, 123v, 125r, 125v, 127v, 128v, 130r, 130v, 135r, 137r, 138v, 141r, 142r, 143v, 144r (nude human figure), 145v, 149r, 149v, 150r, 151r, 152v, 153r, 155r, 155v, 171r, 173v, 174v, 179v, 184v, 190v. Unfinished initial on fol. 139v. Initials vary in size from three lines to half a page.

Fol. 2r, miniature and full border, Christ in Glory in mandorla, flanked by three angels and St. Paul. Mandorla is is mounted on decorative design with nude figure, interlaced white stems and biting animal heads on green, red and yellow ground. Full border, made of white bars, interlaced stems and acanthus leaves on green, red and yellow ground.


Origin: 1067 ; Italian, Rome, S. Cecilia

Provenance and Acquisition

Contemporary ex libris, fol. 1v: 'Quicumque situm librum rapuerit ... ab aecclesia sancte Caeciliae sit perpetua damnatione damnatus'.

Still at St Cecilia's in 1677 (Maxima bibliotheca veterum patrum viii (1677), 883–1124).

Libri sale, Sotheby's 5 April 1859, lot 1188, 'a consignment from abroard'.

Purchased by the Bodleian.

Record Sources

Adapted (2017) from A. G. Watson, Catalogue of Dated and Datable Manuscripts, and from the Summary Catalogue (1905).

Digital Images

Digital Bodleian (7 images from 35mm slides)


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2017-07-01: First online publication.