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MS. Bodl. 685

Summary Catalogue no.: 2499


Tabula septem custodiarum super bibliam
Colophon: Datus complecionis huius operis Jn crastino exaltacionis Sancte Crucis Anno domini millesimo CCCmo xxxxixº

On the work see R. H. Rouse and M. A. Rouse, ed., Registrum Anglie de libris doctorum et auctorum veterem, CBMLC (1991), pp. xcviii-cxxvi.

Preceded by a slightly later index biblicus. Lists of Biblical commentators added, late 15th century, fols. iii, iv, 236.

Language(s): Latin

Physical Description

Form: codex
Support: parchment
Extent: iii + 235 + iii fols.
Dimensions (written): 345 × 220 mm.
Foliation: 14th century (?) foliation.


2 cols., 54 lines, column space 240–7 × 68 mm.


Fine historiated border. (Pächt and Alexander iii. 589)

Historiated initial.

Coloured initials.


Origin: 1339 ; English, Oxford (?), Franciscan friary (?)

Provenance and Acquisition

Written by a Franciscan (Rouse & Rouse, p. civ), perhaps at the Oxford Greyfriars where the Tabula itself seems to have been compiled (ibid., ch. 5 passim).

‘Frater Jacobus Tubenhay de ordine minorum’, fol. 238, 15th century (Watson) or 14th century, middle (Rouse & Rouse, p. civ).

‘Finis Tabulae septem custodiarum petri Wilhymleyd’ and ‘secundum exemplar Magistri Wattson oxon.’ olim ex ordine minorum’, both early 16th century, fol. 235v. The mistaken ascription of authorship in the former passage derives from the colophon of Oxford, Balliol College MS. 217, of which Peter Wilhhymleyd was the scribe (Rouse & Rouse, p. c).

Probably acquired between 1605 and 1611.

Record Sources

Description adapted (2019) from the following sources, with reference to other published literature cited in the description:
A. G. Watson, Catalogue of Dated and Datable Manuscripts c.435–1600 in Oxford Libraries (Oxford, 1984), no. 109 [contents, physical description, origin, provenance]
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Last Substantive Revision

2019-03-27: Revised to incorporate all information in Watson, SC and Pächt and Alexander.