A catalogue of Western manuscripts at the Bodleian Libraries and selected Oxford colleges

MS. Bodl. 779

Summary Catalogue no.: 2567

South English legendary


Language(s): Middle English

(fols. 1r–1v; fols. 3r–10r)
Life of St Brendan
Rubric: Seint Patricis þe holy monk
Incipit: Seint brandan þe holy monk was ȝond in erlond |Monk he was of hard lyf as ich ondirstond
Explicit: An abbey þer is arered þat his body was In do |Nouȝ god vs brynge to þylke Ioye as his soule wente to

‘Seint brandan þe holy monke was ffand in Irlande’ added at the head of fol. 1r.

DIMEV 4567
(fol. 2r)

List of contents in the scribe’s hand, in red ink, with added item numbers.

(fol. 2v)

Continuation of the list of contents in black ink, likely in the same hand as one that adds item numbers and titles to the head of individual items within the manuscript.

(fols. 10r–17r)
Life of St Patrick (with his Purgatory)
Rubric: Seint patrik þe holy man
Incipit: Seyn pateryk com þoru godes grace to preche In irelonde |to teche men here ryȝte be leue Ihesu cryst to vnderstonde
Explicit: Now god lete vs so oure synne bete for his holy wounde |So þat we In purgatorye by leue lyte stounde
Final rubric: Explycit sancy patricy

Final rubric pasted over with a contemporary correction slip, replaced with the opening rubric for the following work. This was temporarily removed during conservation, with a photograph added to the accompanying fascicule of fragments.

DIMEV 4742
(fols. 17r–21r)
Life of St Christina
Rubric: Seint cristine þe holy virgine
Incipit: Seyn cristyne þe holy þyng as I ȝou telle can |Holyff ledde & clene & wel ȝonge by gan
Explicit: Wit turmentes as ȝe habbeþ I herd wit woundes meny on |now god for þe loue of here þedir vs brynge echon
Final rubric: Explycit sante cristy
DIMEV 4574
(fols. 21r–21v)
Life of St Oswald the King
Incipit: Seynt oswold þe gode kyng of þe on ende of ingelonde |Kyng was as fel þulke tyme In norþ homberlonde
Explicit: Now seynt oswold þe martyre oure erande so bede |Þat oure lord sende helpe to alle þat habbeþ nede
DIMEV 4741
(fols. 21v–22r)
Feast of the Circumcision
Rubric: ȝeris day þe holy feste
Incipit: Ȝeris & day þe holy feste hy dey is & gode |for þylke day oure swete lord schadde fyrst his blode
Explicit: now Ihesu I syrcumsysed was on erþe for al man kynne |graunt vs heuene blysse & schel vs alle fram synne
DIMEV 6852
(fols. 22r–23v)
The Expanded Nativity
Rubric: Þe birþe of Ihesu crist
Incipit: Out of Sesar augostus þer com a soche lym |Þat was fram þe emperour þat hyȝt octauyan
Explicit: & þus endeþ þe gospel amyd winter nyȝt |now crist vs sende helpe of soule þat al may dele & dyȝt

Extract, 156 lines corresponding to verses 219–372 with an added final couplet.

(fols. 23v–25v)
‘Euangelium In principio’
Rubric: Ewangelium Sancti Johannis
Incipit: In þe by gynnyng of þe fadir þe sone was & is |& þe sone was a nente god & god was sone I wis
Explicit: now seynt Jhon þe euangelist þat gode mon art & hende |praye to hym þat vs made þe Ioye of heuene vs sende

Without prologue of 26 lines.

(fols. 25v–41r)
Southern Passion
Rubric: Passion of crist
Incipit: After two dawes ȝe wete wel þat ester schal come |Whan goddes son schold be I take to gewes & ek I nome
Explicit: & bryng vs to oure eritage In to þy wonyng |þou graunte vs lord þat we so mote Ihesus almyȝty kyng

A further text at fols. 171r–172v.

(fols. 36r–36v)
Incipit: Þe holy feste of ester comeþ after lente anon |As oure lord aros fram deþ to lyue boþe in flesch & bon
Explicit: nouȝ god for his holy body þat for vs was i nome |let vs so his flesch afonge þat we to heuene come
DIMEV 5334
(fols. 40v–41r)
Incipit: tomas on of þe twelue þat in to name was |I cleped tomas longe in doute myd þe oþer nouȝt nas
Explicit: & bryng vs to oure eritage In to þy wonyng |þou graunte vs lord þat we so mote Ihesus almyȝty kyng
DIMEV 5809
(fols. 41v–66v)
Life of St Thomas of Canterbury

The ‘Harley text’.

Rubric: Saynt Thomas of canterbyrre
Incipit: Gilbert was Tomas fadir þat trewe man was & gode |& loued god & holy cherche seþþe he wit ondirstode
Explicit: & for þat ilke swete loue þat seint tomas on þe þouȝt |brynge vs to þat ilke ioye þat he so dere abouȝt
DIMEV 1507
(fols. 66v–70r)
Legend of St Michael
Rubric: Seint mychel þe arcaungel
(fols. 66v–67v)

Part I

Incipit: Seint mychel þe arcangel & his felawis al so |beþ by twene god & vs to techen what we scholde do
Explicit: & for þe mony fayre meraklis þat þoruȝ seint mychel com |hem let halwen myȝelmasseday þorwȝ out al cristindom
DIMEV 4732
(fols. 67v–70r)

Part II

Incipit: Seint mychel in nouembre haþ ek anoþer day |by fore þe feste of seint luk as ich ȝou telle may
Explicit: & þat we moot oure soules saue & come to þilke blisse |Þat euere is wit outen ende & neuer ne chal mysse
DIMEV 4731
(fols. 70r–71r)
All Saints Day
Rubric: ffestum omnium sanctorum
Incipit: Alle halewen day an erle we holdeȝ o tyme of þe ȝere |ffor fele enchesones þer to holy cherche vs gan lere
Explicit: & brynge vs to þat ilke ioye þere þat hy beþ inne |Ihesus for þy swete loue ne lete vs neuer ablynne
(fols. 71r–74v)
All Souls’ Day
Rubric: Alle soulen day
Incipit: Alle soulen day an erþe ryȝt is to holden hyȝe |ffor alle we cholle habbe ned þer to & alle we cholleþ deye
Explicit: & lete vs here oure sinnes bete as we hennes wende |& come to þat ilke ioye þat euer is wit outen ende
(fols. 75r–76v)
Life of St Blase
Incipit: Seint blas clene lyf he ladde wit outen eny hore |In þe lond of capadosye þis godman was I bore
Explicit: oure lordes aungeles com sone & here soules bere to heuene |lord vs þedir brynge for þy names seuene
DIMEV 4565
(fols. 76v–78v)
Life of St Wulfstan
Rubric: Seint Wolston bysschop
Incipit: Seint Wolston bysschop of Wirecestre was her in ingelonde |swyþe holy man was alle his lyf as ich ondirstonde
Explicit: & brynge vs to þat ilke ioye þer he is inne I brouȝte |Iesus for þat ilke loue þat þu vs so dere abouȝte
DIMEV 4773
(fols. 78r–81v)
Life of St Oswald the Bishop
Rubric: Seint oswoldþe bysschop
Incipit: Seint oswold þe bysschop was bore her in ingelonde |of grete lordes he was come as ich ondirstonde
Explicit: ffor ȝeue þu oure mysdedys þat we doþ ofte amys |& brynge vs in to þy kyngdom In þe ioye of heuene blis
DIMEV 4740
(fols. 81r–83v)
Life of St Edward the Elder
Rubric: Seynt edeward þo Yong marter
Incipit: Seint edeward þe ȝonge marter was kyng of ingelonde |wel ȝong I martret he was wit trecherye & onde
Explicit: bote good hit is wel to don whodir we euer wendeȝ |Ihesus for þyn holy name heuene blis þu us sende
DIMEV 4590
(fols. 83v–85v)
Life of St Alphege
Rubric: Seynt alphe þe marter
Incipit: Seint alphe þe marter þat good man was Inouȝ |I bore he was in ingelond & to holy lyf drouȝ
Explicit: Of oure mysdedes for ȝeuenesse & þin wille fulfille |& bryng vs to þyn ryche blisse & scheld vs fram þyne ille
DIMEV 4536
(fols. 85v–87v)
Life of St Dunstan
Rubric: Seint donston þe bischop
Incipit: Seint donston was of ingelond I come of gode more |meraklis oure lord dede for hym ar he were I bore
Explicit: & wente to þe ioye þat neuer ne chal mysse |Now Ihesu for þyn holy name graunt vs þat ilke blisse
DIMEV 4584
(fols. 87v–88v)
Life of St Aldhelm
Rubric: Seynt aldelme þe confessour
Incipit: Seint aldelme þe confessour was man of noble lyue |I bore he was in ingelond þe kynges broþir sone yue
Explicit: Now bidde we ȝerne syre aldelme oure erande to bere so |Þat we mote to þe ioye come þer he is in I do
DIMEV 4535
(fols. 88v–89v)
Life of St Augustine of Canterbury
Rubric: Seint austin þe prechour
Incipit: Seint austin þat cristindom brouȝte in to ingelonde |ryȝt is a mon oþer I wis þat he be ondirstonde
Explicit: & graunt vs þat we mote after oure endyng day |come to þe ioye of heuene þat lasteþ euere & ay
DIMEV 4543
(fols. 89v–93r)
Life of St Kenelm
Rubric: Seint kenelme þa ȝonge marter
Incipit: Seint kenelme þe ȝonge kyng þat holy marter is |Kyng he was of ingelond of þe march of Walis
Explicit: & marye mayde & modir bryȝt of ble þou praye þy swete sone |þat we mot also þorw þe in heuene ryche to wone
DIMEV 4658
(fols. 93r–94v)
Life of St Swithin
Rubric: Seint Swithin þe comfessour
Incipit: Seynt swiþþyn þe comfessour was her of ingelonde |by syde Winchestre he was I bore as I ondirstonde
Explicit: & for þe loue of seint swiþþin þat bysschop was her in ingelonde |þu bring vs to þe ioye of heuene þorwe oure lordes sonde
DIMEV 4763
(fols. 94v–96r)
Life of St Leonard
Rubric: Seint leonard þe confessour
Incipit: Seint leonard þe comfessour alonde ȝede her |after þat god on erþe com aboute fyf hondred ȝer
Explicit: & alle þat beþ in preson I brouȝt þorw synne of mankinde |Ihesu for seint leonardes loue þer of þou hem brynge
DIMEV 4661
(fols. 96v–98v)
Life of St Martin
Rubric: Seint Martin þe bysschop
Incipit: Sein martin was I bore In þe lond of salarye |Wel ȝong he was I norched in þe londe of papye
Explicit: ffoure score winter he was old ar he deyde also |nowȝ god geue vs part of þilke ioye þat he was in I do
DIMEV 4699
(fols. 99r–104v)
Life of St Edmund, Archbishop of Canterbury
Rubric: Seint Edemond þe Comfessour
Incipit: Seint edemond þe comfessour lyþ at pounteneye |of gode men & treue I come þey he were nouȝt wel hye
Explicit: ffor his loue we bidde god þat vs dere bouȝte |bringe vs to þe hyYe blis þat he his soule brouȝte
DIMEV 4587
(fols. 104v–105v)
Life of St Edmund the King
Rubric: Sent edemond þe kyng
Incipit: Seint edemond þe holy kyng of wham we makeþ gret feste |of þe on ende of ingelonde king was her be este
Explicit: Nou god for þe loue of seint edemond þat was so noble a kyng |Graunte vs þe ioye þat he is in after oure ending
DIMEV 4588
(fols. 105v–110av)
Life of St Clement
Incipit: Seint clement was I bore at rome by þe olde dawe |& of þe hyeste men he com of rome þat weren by þulke lawe
Explicit: & þer he lyþ in his cherche Imad myd faire ginne |God ȝeue vs part of þe ioye þat his soule is inne
DIMEV 4577
(fols. 110av–113r)
Life of St Katharine of Alexandria
Rubric: Seint caterin þe virgine
Incipit: Seint caterine of nobil cinne come by olde dawe |here fadir king he modir quene in þe olde lawe
Explicit: Nouȝ Ihesu for þe swete loue of seint cateryne |Ȝif vs þe ioye of heuene & cheld vs fram helle pyne
DIMEV 4656
(fols. 113r–113v)
Life of St Jacques the Martyr
Rubric: Seint ȝake þe marter
Incipit: Seint ieme in þe lond of perce of hyȝe men come |sone he let þe false laue & tok to cristindome
Explicit: nouȝ god for þe gret ioye þat seint Iakes hadde |brynge vs to þilke ioye þat seint Iakes hadde
DIMEV 4618
(fols. 113v–115r)
Life of St Andrew
Rubric: Seint andreu þe postil
Incipit: Seint Andrew þe apostle was seint petres broþir |oure lord hem brouȝt to cristindom hym & none oþir
Explicit: Now bidde we ȝerne seint andreuȝ þat he vs so wisseþ |And praye for vs þat we mote come to heuene blisse
DIMEV 4540
(fols. 115r–119r)
Life of St Nicholas
Rubric: Seint nicolas þe bischop
Incipit: Seint necolas þe good man þat good comfessour was |I come was of hy kim in þe cite of patras
Explicit: Bring vs to þat blisse þat is wit outen ende |& whan þat we beþ hennus I went oure soules þedir wende
DIMEV 4737
(fols. 119r–121r)
Life of St Christopher
Rubric: Seint cristofre þe Martir
Incipit: Seint cristofre was an heþen man In þe lond of canaan |In no stede be his day me ne fond so strong a man
Explicit: Now Ihesus for seint cristofris loue soule bote vs sende |& bring vs after oure ending day to þe ioye wit outen ende
DIMEV 4576
(fols. 121r–122v)
Legend of the Seven Sleepers
Rubric: þe seue sleperis
Incipit: Þe seue sleperis were holy men as men haþ ȝou I told be fore |In þe cyte of ephese hy weren alle I bore
Explicit: & bring vs to þe ioye þat neuer ne chal mysse |& oure soule þer to reste In heuen ryche blisse
DIMEV 4816
(fols. 122v–123v)
Lives of Sts Philip and James DIMEV 4752
(fols. 122v–123r)
Rubric: Seint phelip þe postil
Incipit: Seint phelip & seint iacob apostles wern tweye |Þe ferste day þat comeþ in may deþ hy þoledin beye
Explicit: & ne lete vs for owre mysdede neuer þat of blinne
(fol. 123r–123v)
Rubric: Seint iacob þe postil
Incipit: Seint Iacob was oure lordes kinne & oure leuedy sostir sone
Explicit: Now bidde we ȝerne seint phelip & seint iacob also |Þat oure soules mowe þorw hem In ioye of heuen ben do
(fols. 123v–126r)
Life of St Paul
Rubric: Sent poul þe postil
Incipit: Seint poul was a leþer man ar he I comwerted were |alle cristinmen of þe londe hadde of hym gret fere
Explicit: & for þe loue of seint poul whas lif ich habbe I sede |bryng vs to þe ioye of heuene after þat we beþ dede
DIMEV 4745
(fols. 126r–127v)
Life of St Julian Hosteler
Rubric: Seint iulian þe herberger
Incipit: Seint Iulian þe herbeger of gode kynne come |stalworþ man & noble he was & loued cristindome
Explicit: & wente to þe ioye þat lestiþ wit oute ende |nouȝ Ihesu for seint iulianes loue vs graunte þedir to wende
DIMEV 4652
(fols. 127v–128v)
Life of St Bridget (longer version)
Incipit: Seint bryde þe holy mayde of erlond ȝhe was |by ȝete ȝhe was in spousbreche & in a wonder cas
Explicit: at nouȝt so þat euer among sumþing þat mayde let dyȝt |Suþ hit by fal þer afterward þat þis mayde cholde
DIMEV 4571
(fols. 128bv–130v)
Life of St Agnes
Rubric: Anneys
Incipit: Seint anneys þe holy mayde wel ȝong ȝhe be gan |to serwin god & oure leuedy & ben cristin woman
Explicit: & saue vs alle fram dedly sinne þe whyle we beþ alyue |& bryng vs to þe blis þat ȝhe is in for his woundys fyue
DIMEV 4532
(fols. 130v–131r)
Life of St Hilary
Rubric: Seint illari þe bysschop
Incipit: Seint illary þe holy man of aquiteyne was |bysschop he was in þilke lond as oure lord ȝef þat cas
Explicit: He wente to þe ioye of heuen after his lyf anon |now god for þe loue of hym þedir vs bringe echon
DIMEV 4614
(fols. 131r–132r)
Lives of SS. Fabian and Sebastian

Longer version.

DIMEV 4593
(fol. 131r)
Rubric: Seint fabian þe marter
Incipit: Seint fabyan by olde dawe good man was Inouȝ |at rome he ladde ioly lyf & to alle goodnesse drouȝ
(fols. 131v–132r)
Rubric: Seint bastian þe marter
Incipit: Seint bastian was aman of wel gret honour |He serued dyoclisian þe heþen emperour
Explicit: & wente to þat ioye þat neuer ne chal mysse |now Ihesus for seint Sebastyanes loue graunt vs heuen blisse
(fols. 132r–134r)
Life of St Vincent
Rubric: Seint vincsent þe marter
Incipit: Seint vincsent in spayne was & to a cristin bysschop com |Þat men cleped valerye & nom of hym cristindom
Explicit: now Ihesu for þe loue of hym lete vs soche lyf lede |þat we mote to heuene come & for ȝeue vs oure mysdede
DIMEV 4772
(fols. 134r–135r)
Life of St Cuthbert
Rubric: Seint cotbert þe bisschop
Incipit: Seint cotbert was I bore here in ingelonde |god dede many fayr merakles as ich ȝit ondirstonde
Explicit: In to þe grete ioye of heuene god lene vs don also |& þorwȝ þe bone of seint cotbert bring vs alle þer to
DIMEV 4579
(fols. 135r–136v)
Life of St Benedict
Rubric: Seint benet þe holi monk
Incipit: Seint benet was I bore in þe lond of vrcye |to rome he was wel ȝong I sent to lerne clergye
Explicit: Now god for þe loue of seint benet vs lete þat wey to wende |& to þe ioye þat he is in to hym come at þe ende
DIMEV 4549
(fols. 136v–137r)
Rubric: Descriuins of þe fiue festis
Incipit: Festen moble þat beþ I cleped fyue in þe ȝere |þe ferste is to loke aleluia oure penaunce to rere
Explicit: þat we cholde wit sorwe of herte oure penaunce here lede |& aȝen þe tyme of lente repenty oure mysdede

The three following texts do not have headings and are treated as a continuous work.

DIMEV 1301
(fol. 136v)
The Feast of the Annunciation
Rubric: Seint maridai in lente
Incipit: Seint mary day in lente among oþer dayes gode |yȝt is for to holden hy who so hym ondirstode
Explicit: now bidde we Ihesus goddes sone þat þulke hy day wrouȝte |bringe vs to þat ilke ioye þat he vs to dere abouȝte
DIMEV 4704
(fols. 137r–139r)
Incipit: Leynt comeþ þer afterward þat syx wekis lasteþ |oure synnus alle for to bete alle cristene men fasteþ
Explicit: so þat he mowe on estir day whan he haþ al I vaste |oure lordes flesch ondir fongen þat a swete mossel is at þe laste
DIMEV 3048
(fols. 139r–139v)
Incipit: Þe holy feste of estir comeþ after lente anon |As oure lord ros fram deþ to lyue boþe in flesch & bon
Explicit: þe reuesony comep newen be fore seint markes day |þerfore we wolleþ tellen eftsone þe by gynnyng of may

Second occurrence in MS.

DIMEV 5334
(fols. 139v–142r)
Life of St Mary of Egypt
Rubric: S Marie gipcien þe holy woman
Incipit: Seint marye egipciake In egipte was I bore |alle here ȝonge lyf ȝhe ladde in synne & ek In hore
Explicit: so to don aboue þis erþe ar we hennes wende |to come to þe ioye þat ȝhe is in after oure dayus ende
DIMEV 4702
(fols. 142r–143r)
Life of St George
Rubric: Seint iorge þe marter
Incipit: Seint iorge þe holyman as we fyndeȝ I wryte |In þe lond of capadocye I bore he was & by ȝete
Explicit: & þere he is in gret ioye þat last wit outen ende |& god for þe loue of sent iorge vs lete alle þedir wende
DIMEV 4603
(fols. 143r–143v)
Life of St Mark
Rubric: Seint Mark þe holy gospeler
Incipit: Seint mark þe holy godspeller wyde wente alonde |for to prechy cristindom þorw oure lordes sonde
Explicit: men goþ wit letanye a processioun in eche cherche by wone |to preye for þe wedering & mankynne & good hit is to done
DIMEV 4697
(fols. 143v–144r)
Letania maior et minor
Incipit: Letanye is asong as ȝe mowe ofte I se |to bidde ech halwe after oþer oure help for to be
Explicit: Þat we holde so þis precessionis & þe fasting witoute synne |þat frut an erþe com wel forþ to helping to alle man kinne

No heading; treated as part of the preceding item.

DIMEV 3127
(fols. 144r–144v)
Life of St Peter
Rubric: Seint petir þe frere prechour
Incipit: Seint peter þe frere prechour In þe cite of veronye |I bore was of mysbyleued men þat were al in erersyȝe
Explicit: now god for þe loue of seint peter bring vs to þilke blisse |þer þat he is brouȝt to & þer of þat we ne mysse
DIMEV 4746
(fols. 144v–145v)
The ‘Early History’ of the Cross
Rubric: Þe gynnyng of þe holy rode
Incipit: Þe holy rode þe swete tre ryȝt is to habbe In mende |þat haþ fram strong deþ I brouȝt to lyue alle mankende
Explicit: So þat þilke stede was for lete mony a day |þat no cristinman ne payemens neyste were þe rode lay
DIMEV 5339
(fols. 146v–147v)
The Invention of the Cross
Rubric: Þe finding of þe þre rodis
Incipit: A noble emperour com syþ þat het constauntin |In batayle he was so moche þat nas of no fyn
Explicit: vs so werie with þe rode þe fendes fonding wit stonde |boþe by nyȝt & by daye a water & ek alonde
(fols. 147v–150r)
The ‘Exaltation’ of the Cross
Rubric: Þe holirode day in somyr
Incipit: Þe holyrode þat was I founde as ȝe wyteþ in may |an haunsed he was in septembre þe holyrode day
Explicit: now god for þe rode loue þat þu were on I do |bringe vs to þe hyȝe ioyȝe þat þu vs bouȝtist to
DIMEV 5338
(fol. 150v)
Life of St Julian the Confessor
Rubric: Seint Iulian þe Comfessour
Incipit: Seint Iulyan þe comfessour i bore was at rome |mony mon to cristindom þorw his preching come
Explicit: at þe ende of ieneuer þis comfessour so deide |god for þe loue of hym vs alle þedir to de
DIMEV 4651
(fols. 150v–151v)
Life of St Gregory
Rubric: Seint gregori þe pope
Incipit: Seint gregor þe comfessour in sysile was I bore |Im haynesse he ladde his lyf þat he ne were forlore
Explicit: bidde we him wit good hert apostil of ingelonde |Þat to fore oure lord crist he bere oure erande
DIMEV 4609
(fols. 152r–153v)
Life of St Lawrence
Rubric: Seint laurens þe marter
Incipit: Seint laurens good mon was And in strong martirdom |he ended on erþe his lif & to þe ioye of heuene com
Explicit: bringe vs to þat ilke blis þat lesteþ wit outen ende |& graunt vs alle þilke eritage & after oure day þedir wende
DIMEV 4659
(fols. 153v–154v)
Life of St Hippolytus
Rubric: Seint ipolit þe marter
Incipit: Seint yppolit þe marter kniȝt was of gret honour |Þat seint laurence in prisoun kepte þorw heste of þe emperour
Explicit: bring vs to þat blisse þat lesteþ euermore |for þe loue of seint Ipolit þat penaunce þoled sore
DIMEV 4615
(fols. 154v–156v)
The Assumption of Our Lady
Rubric: Þe somsion of oure ladi
Incipit: Seint marye goddes modir fram þe apostlis nas nouȝt |þo þe holy gost a whitsonday among hem was I brouȝt
Explicit: Now Iesus for þin modir loue vs leue þedir to wende |& bringe vs to þe ioye of heuene þat is wit outen ende
DIMEV 4703
(fols. 156v–159r)
Life of St Bartholomew
Rubric: Seint Bartulmeu þe postil
Incipit: Seint bartulmew þe apostil com of kinges blode |swyþe fayr & noble man he was glad & swete of mode
Explicit: Now idde we ȝerne seint bartilmeuȝ þat hy apostele is |þat we þe sonnere for his loue come to heuene blis
DIMEV 4547
(fols. 159v–160r)
Life of St Giles
Rubric: Seint gilis þe holi abot
Incipit: Seint gilis þe holyman ne loued noþing synne |at attenes he was I bore he com of kinges kinne
Explicit: to þilke ioye he vs bring þat is wit outen ende |& graunt vs after oure ending daye þedir alle to wende
DIMEV 4605
(fols. 161r–163r)
Life of St Justina
Rubric: Seint iustine & Seint ciprian
Incipit: Seint istine of hyȝe men in antioche com |Wel ȝong ȝhe louid Ihesu crist & tok to cristindom
Explicit: Now Ihesis for þe swete loue of þe mayde iustine |& for þe lour of sein siprian scheld vs fram helle pyne
DIMEV 4655
(fols. 163r–164r)
Life of St Guthlac
Rubric: Seint god lak
Incipit: Seint gutlac was a goodman Ibore here in ingelonde |of his lif ich mot telle þat ic ondirstonde
Explicit: & leue vs so to don here þe whyle we beþ alyue |& to þin oune eritage vs bring for þy woundus fyue
DIMEV 4611
(fols. 164r–167r)
Life of St Eustace
Rubric: Seint eustas & his wyf & his twey sonus
Incipit: Seint eustace a noble knyȝt of heþen laue he was |ac er þan he cristenid was me cleped him placidas
Explicit: nowidde[sic] we seint eustas al wit outen steuen |þat he preye for vs to god þat he graunte vs þe blisse of heuen
DIMEV 4592
(fols. 167r–170v)
Life of St Dominic
Rubric: Seint domenic þe holi frere
Incipit: Seint dompinke þe holy frere in spayne was I bore |in þe toun of cailre wel good was þe more
Explicit: Now bidde we seint domenyk þat þe ordre haþ I brouȝt |þat we ben forþ wit him to þe ioye of heuene be tauȝt
DIMEV 4583
(fols. 170v–171r)
Life of St Matthias
Rubric: Seint Matheu þe postil
Incipit: Seint mathy apostil is as we cholleþ alle I wite |þorwȝ lot apostis he I makid was as we findeþ I write
Explicit: Now god for þe loue of hym lede vs here so wisse |Þat whanne we hennes wendiþ come to heuen blisse
DIMEV 4728
(fols. 171r–172v)
Southern Passion

Separate sections usually associated with fols. 25v–41r.

(fols. 171r–172r)
Rubric: Þe asensioun of oure lord
Incipit: To his desiplis ihesus seyd by þese wordes ȝw mowe se |Þat I haue to ȝowȝ speke whyl h I haue wit ȝowȝ be
Explicit: Or þe holy gost weres hem sent þey ne dorste out gon
DIMEV 6853
(fols. 172r–172v)
Rubric: Þe hiȝe feste of Whitsone tyd
Incipit: At vnderne on Witsone day as þe apostlis stode & sete
Explicit: lord as þou fulfildist þy postlis wit þe holygost in erþe so |so fulfille vs here in erþe to heuin þat we streyȝt go
IMEV 443
(fols. 172r–175r)
Feast of Corpus Christi
Rubric: Þe feste of corpus day cristy
Incipit: Þe hyȝe feste of goddes blood þat late was I founde |good is to honoure In euery a stounde
Explicit: & god leue þat we moot þer to vs clensy so |þat we mowe þer þorwȝ be sauid fro pyne & fro wo
DIMEV 5329
(fols. 175r–176v)

The lower half of 175r up to 176v are blank, at the end of an inserted quire.

(fol. 177r)
Life of St Matthias
"And by leued þorwȝ him on god & torned to cristindome |Þe leipr iustise of þe londe þer of I hurd telle |He lot neme þis holyman & in strong deþ a quelle |ac he nys nowher I founde in boke what deþ he hadde þere |as I martrid he was in strong torment as þe apostles were |Gode men com þer afterward & þat holy body nome |& out of þe lond of Iude ladde hit suþþen to rome |& beryid hit þere wit honour þer as me seeþ hym ȝute |In seint Mary chirch of rome his heued wit gret prite |& þus he ended his lyf as ich ȝouh told habbe |& in þis maner apostil I chose wit outin eny gabbe |Now god for þe loue of him lete vs here so wisse |þat whanne we hennes wendeþ come to heuene blisse"

Original conclusion to Life of Matthias (final 13 lines) before leaves inserted between fols. 170 and 177. Repetition of lines now on fol. 171r inserted to complete Matthias before the new material.

DIMEV 4728
(fols. 177r–183r)
Life of St Francis
Rubric: Seint fraunceis þe holi frere
Incipit: Þe valeye hatte spoletan þer saint franceys was I bore |& þe toun assisie so þe bok vs telleþ sore
Explicit: þat on deyde amorwe þat oþer deyde an eue |& so hy gonnen boþe þis wrecched lif byleue||

Ends imperfectly near the head of the page with remainder of page blank.

DIMEV 5517
(fols. 183v–184v)
Life of St Faith
Rubric: Seint fey þe holi virgine
Incipit: Ich wot in ferne contre so men me toldin to |Is a swyþe noble toun I cleped ageno
Explicit: Þe seueþe day of octobre þese goodmen þolid þis |Now Ihesu crist for here loue vs graunte heuen blis
DIMEV 2328
(fols. 184v–186r)
Life of St Denis
Rubric: Seint denys þe marter
Incipit: Sen denys In þe olde laue heþen as oþer were |In þe cyte of attenus þeras non oþer nere
Explicit: & bringe vs to þat ilke ioye þer þat hy beþ inne |& to oure kende eritage heuen blisse to winne
DIMEV 4582
(fols. 186r–187r)
Life of St Nycasie
Rubric: Seint nicasie & his twey felawis
Incipit: After þat seint denys was þus I brouȝt of daweȝ |nycasie was bysschop þo of cristen men lawe
Explicit: & ȝeue vs space an erþe oure synnes to beten here |þat we mowe in heuene blis euere to wonie þere
(fols. 187r–188v)
Life of Pope Calixtus
Rubric: Seint calston þe pope
Incipit: In þe lond of rome I bore was seint calston |to swyþe gret goodnesse he drouȝ in his ȝouþe anon
Explicit: & bring vs to þe ioye þat euermore I leste |& þer in to wonye & maken þer oure feste
DIMEV 2608
(fols. 189r–189v)
Life of St Winifred
Rubric: Seint Vonefrede þe holi virgine
Incipit: Vonefreda was an holy mayde so ich ondirstonde |In þe tyme þe yre aleyn was king of ingelonde
Explicit: suþþe þo god sente his grace to heuen ȝhe gan wende |Now Ihesu for þe loue of here þedir vs bringe at oure ende
DIMEV 6698
(fols. 190r–190v)
Life of St Luke
Rubric: Seint luk þe gospeler
Incipit: Seint Luk þe gospeller non apostle nas |& þou he sewed þe apostlis & here desiple was
Explicit: Now bidde we Ihesu for lukes loue þat good clerk was & wis |bring vs in to þat ilke ioye þer þat he in is
DIMEV 4675
(fols. 190v–192r)
Life of St Illarion
Rubric: Seint illarion þe holy monk
Incipit: Gaza is a nobble toun In verre contre |In þe lond of spayne hit is so men hit telleþ me
Explicit: Now bidde we god for þe loue of seint illarion |Þat he vs graunty þat blis þat ending naueþ non
DIMEV 1500
(fols. 192r–195r)
Lives of Saints Crysanthus and Daria
Rubric: Seint crissaunt and darrie
Incipit: Polimus was a nob⟨l⟩e man in alisaundre I bore |knyȝt he was & gret lord so ic may telle ȝou fore
Explicit: & bring vs to þe ioye þat lesteþ euer more |þer þat þis twey marterus beþ þat wit pyne abouȝt so sore
DIMEV 4385
(fols. 195v–197r)
The Eleven Thousand Virgins
Rubric: Elleue þousend vyrginis
Incipit: Ellewe þousen of maydenes þat a fayre compenye was |I marterd weren for cristes loue & wole tellen þat cas
Explicit: nowȝ god vs graunty for his gras þat we moot awinne |þe hyȝe blisse of heuene þer þis maydenes beþ inne
DIMEV 1184
(fols. 197r–198v)
Lives of SS. Crispin and Crispinian
Rubric: Crispin and crispinyan twey holi marteres
Incipit: Moche harme Ich habbe I told & more ic telle can |hy þe liþer emperour þat het maximian
Explicit: & bring vs to þe ioye þer þey wonneþ inne |& leue vs so an erþe to don to heuene blis awinne
DIMEV 3574
(fols. 198v–199v)
Life of St Evarist
Rubric: Seint euarist þe pope
Incipit: Euarist þe holy pope so ich ondirstonde |was I bore by syde Ierusalem in þat ilke londe
Explicit: & þat he bere oure erande to god oure alþer kinge |Þat to þe ioye of heuene he vs alle bringe

‘þe pope’ later deleted.

DIMEV 1209
(fols. 199v–201v)
Lives of SS. Simon and Jude
Rubric: Seint Simon and Seint iude twey apostlus
Incipit: Seint symon & seint iude to breþerin were |Marye sonys cleophe as þe bok vs doþ lere
Explicit: Now Ihesu crist al myȝtey king for loue of hem to |scheldin vs fram helle pyne nowþe & euer mo
DIMEV 4758
(fols. 201v–202v)
Life of St Firmin
Rubric: Seint firmin þe bysschop
Incipit: Seint firmin þe bisschop was of holy lyf |swyþe moche he hated velenye & stryf
Explicit: nouȝ bidde we alle Ihesu crist for loue of seint firmin |Þat he vs chelde fram senne & saue vs fram helle pin
DIMEV 4596
(fols. 203r–203v)
Life of St Vital
Rubric: Seint Vital þe holy Marter
Incipit: Vital was a noble man in þe lond of rome |& hadde many bonde men þat of him lond nome
Explicit: ffor þus vital & agricola here lyuus hy gonen ende |nouȝ Ihesu for here veyre loue graunte vs to heuen wende
DIMEV 6146
(fols. 204r–204v)
Life of St Aldhelm
Rubric: Seint aldelme þe confessour
Incipit: Seint aldhelme þe confessour was man of noble lyue |I bore he was in ingelonde þe kingis broþer sone yue
Explicit: Now bidde we ȝerne seint aldelme þat he oure erande bere so |þat we moot to þe opye come þat he is in Ido

Second occurrence in MS.

DIMEV 4535
(fols. 204v–208r)
Life of St Margaret
Incipit: Olde & ȝonge ich rede ȝou ȝoure folyis for to lete |& leueþ on crist þat haþ ȝou bouȝt ȝoure sinnes to bete
Explicit: Now bidde we here bere oure erande myd wordes mylde & swete |þat we note to heuene come whan we oure lif doþ lete
DIMEV 4248
(fols. 208r–212v)
Life of St Oswin
Rubric: Seint oswin þe king þe holy marter
Incipit: In somtyme weren in ingelonde kingus swyþe ryue |for so ich finde in bok I wroȝt at onus þer weren fyue
Explicit: þat we after oure ending mot to him come |& wende to þe ioye þer þat he doþ wone
DIMEV 2580
(fols. 212v–216r)
Life of St John the Baptist
Rubric: Seint ihon þe holy baptist
Incipit: Good is to habbe in mende sein Ihon þe baptiste |ffor he was þe beste berne after Ihesu criste
Explicit: Seint Ihon þat in flom iordan cristenyd goddes sone |help vs to oure cristindom to þe ioy of heuen to come
DIMEV 4647
(fols. 216r–217r)
Rubric: Seint ihon & Seint poul twey breþerin of rome
Incipit: Ihon & poul breþerin were in þe borwȝ of rome |þe modir het costande þorw whom hy to þis world com
Explicit: þe vii calendr of Iulie þis cas fel I wis |nowȝ Ihesu þorw here bonys vs graunte heuen blis
DIMEV 2954
(fols. 217r–217v)
Life of Pope Leo II
Rubric: Seint lion þe pope þe ȝonge
Incipit: Þis lyon þe ȝonge In holywrit I cleped is |In rome he was pope ic ot to soþe I wis
Explicit: Ihesu crist in heuene vs graunte þedir to go |to þe blis of paradis þat lastiþ euer mo

‘þe pope’ later blacked out.

DIMEV 5728
(fols. 217v–218v)
Life of St Marius
Rubric: Seint marius & his vif & his to sonis
Incipit: Marius was a good man fram capadosye I come |wit his wif & his to sonys to þe borw of rome
Explicit: Now Ihesu þat is in heuene þou art so fre & hende |Graunte vs þat we mote alle þedir wende
DIMEV 3408
(fols. 218v–223v)
Life of St Peter
Rubric: Seint Petir þe holy apostil
Incipit: Seint petir was wiþ oure lord on of þe apostlus hexte |& seint Ihon þe ewangelist for euer þey were him nexte
Explicit: seint peter þat heuene keyis kepeþ þorwȝ goddus grace |graunte vs þedir for to come & þer to habben a place
DIMEV 4749
(fols. 223v–224r)
Life of St Swithin
Incipit: Seint swiþþin þe comfessour was I bore in ingelonde |by syde þe toun of Winchestre also ich ondirstonde
Explicit: vor he leet þe stronge brigge wit oute þe toun arere |& ford þerto lym & ston & workmen þat þer were

Crossed out; second occurrence in this MS.

DIMEV 4763
(fols. 224r–225r)
Life of St Alban
Rubric: Seint albon þe holy marter
Incipit: Seint albon þe holy man I bore was in ingelonde |I martrid he was for cristus loue wit chame & wit chonde
Explicit: Now bidde we to Ihesu crist & to seint albon faste |þat we moot to þe ioye come þat euer chal I laste
DIMEV 4534
(fols. 225r–226r)
Life of St Illurin (al. Silverius)
Rubric: Seint illurin þe holy pope
Incipit: Illurin þe pope þat holy marter is |Was I bore in grece as þe bok vs telleþ I wis
Explicit: þe xii calendre of iulie I buried he was þo |now god vs bringe to þe blis þat he was I do
DIMEV 2437
(fols. 226r–227r)
Life of St Paulin (or Paul) the Hermit
Rubric: Seint paulin þe ermyte
Incipit: On a tyme rengned in rome þe emperour decie
Explicit: Ihesu for paulinus loue ȝif it ben þy wille |Cheldin vs fram þe foule fend þat he vs nauȝt ne spille

Last 10 lines (on fol. 227r) crossed out.

DIMEV 4257
(fols. 227r–229av)
Life of St Sylvester
Rubric: Seint ciluestir þe holy pope’
Incipit: Anon þo þe emperour constauntin hadde his false goddus forsake |& þorwȝ siluestris lore hadde cristindom I take
Explicit: & þer wonye wit outen ende to oure ryȝt eritage |& for ȝiue oure sinnus alle þat we habbeþ I don outrage

‘þe holy pope’ later deleted.

(fols. 228v–302r)
Barlaam and Josaphat
Incipit: Ihon of damascene telleþ vs þe storiȝe |of barlaam & iosaphat to haue hem In memoryȝe
Explicit: now bidde we god of heuin þat euer was & is |þat he vs for here boþe loue bring to heuin blis
DIMEV 2965
(fols. 229va)
Life of St Remigius
Rubric: Seint remigi þe holy bisschop
Incipit: Þe holy bysschop remygye in france was I bore |a good whyle er he were be ȝete to crist he was I core
Explicit: & bring vs to oure eritage þat to vs alle is dyȝte |& þer to wonye wit him þat is oure alþer dryȝte
DIMEV 5333
(fols. 231r–231v)
Life of Pope Anicetus
Rubric: Seint anicet þe holy pope
Incipit: Seint anyset þe holy man þat somtyme pope was |In þe borw of rome so god him ȝef þe cas
Explicit: Now bidde we to Ihesu crist for loue of seint anyscete |þat he vs bringe to heuene for þer is ioye swete

‘þe holy pope’ later deleted.

DIMEV 4541
(fols. 231v–232r)
Life of St Sother the Pope
Rubric: Seint sother þe holy pope
Incipit: Sother þe holy pope in chaumpayne was I bore |of þe beste men of þe londe ic woot he nom his more
Explicit: þat he vs ȝeue grace here on erþe so do |oure soulus fram sinne sauen & after come þe to

‘þe holy pope’ later deleted.

DIMEV 5010
(fols. 232r–233r)
Life of Pope Caius
Rubric: Gay þe holy pope
Incipit: Gaye þe holy pope þat goodman was & hendeȝ |was of dyoclisianus þe emperourus kende
Explicit: Now Ihesu crist for þe loue þat he loued seint gay |þat he vs ȝeue his blessing so wel so he may

‘þe holy pope’ later deleted.

DIMEV 1499
(fols. 233r–233v)
Life of St Emerentiana
Rubric: Seint emerinciane þe holy virgine
Incipit: Seint anneys woned in rome so ich ȝou toldin ere |ȝhe hadde a fostirsostir þat wit here woned þere
Explicit: Bidde we to Ihesu crist for emerencianus loue |þat he vs granten þe blis þat is in heuen aboue
DIMEV 4533
(fols. 233v–234r)
Life of Pope Hyginus
Incipit: Seint igin þe holy pope in rome was I bore |he hadde swyþe holy lif so ich may ȝou telle fore
Explicit: Now Ihesu bring vs to þe ioye þat he is I brouȝt |as þu wit þy fywoundes dere vs alle bouȝt

‘þe holy pope’ later deleted.

DIMEV 4616
(fols. 234r–235r)
Life of Pope Miltiades
Rubric: Melchiades þe pope
Incipit: Melchiades þe pope in affer I bore was |of swyþe good cristin kende so god gaf þe cas
Explicit: Now bidde we god almyȝty king þat after oure ending |to þe ioy þat lesteþ euer oure soules þedir bring

References to ‘þe pope’ later blacked out.

DIMEV 3463
(fols. 235r–235v)
Life of Pope Damas
Rubric: Seint damas þe pope
Incipit: Seint damas þe pope was I bore in spayne |þe whil he was a ȝong child he liste nouȝt to playne
Explicit: nowe prey we to Ihesu crist þat is so fre & hende |Whan we partiþ of þis world let vs to oure soules to heuene wende

‘þe pope’ later deleted.

DIMEV 4580
(fols. 235v–236v)
Life of St Saturninus
Rubric: Seint saturnin and cicin twey holy marteres
Incipit: A prest somtyme was in rome me cleped saturnyne |þat hadde wit him a dekene þat was I hote cysine
Explicit: Now Ihesu crist al myȝty god for here boþer loue |bring vs to þe blisse þat is in heuen aboue
(fols. 236v–237v)
Life of Pope Innocent I
Rubric: Þe holy pope inocent
Incipit: Þe holy pope Innosent so god ȝaf pe cas |In þe lond of abdane ich woot I bore he was
Explicit: to come to þe ioye þat he is in I dyȝt |for þe loue of innocent so wel so þou myȝt

‘Þe holy pope’ later blacked out.

DIMEV 5336
(fols. 237v–238r)
Life of Pope Felix III
Rubric: Seint felix þe holy pope
Incipit: Felix was I bore in rome sumtyme be olde dawe |his fader heet felix ek a man of þe olde lawe
Explicit: Now bidde we god & seint felix þat he vs grace sende |þat we after oure ending day mot to heuene wende

‘Þe holy pope’ later blacked out.

DIMEV 1305
(fols. 238r–239r)
Lives of SS. Simplice and Faustine
Rubric: Seint cinplice and faustine
Incipit: Twey emperourus in som tyme was in þe lond of rome |þat slouin many a cristinman þorw wel wilfuldome
Explicit: & bringe vs to þe ioye þer þat hy beþ inne |& þat we mote oure ryȝt eritage wit ryȝt to oure soulus awinne
DIMEV 6085
(fols. 239r–240r)
Lives of SS. Abdon and Ceman
Rubric: Seint abdon and ceint cemen twey holy Marteris
Incipit: Seint abdon & seint ceman twey breþerin were |In þe lond of cordulis & weren kingus þere
Explicit: þat we mote so libbe here in world þisse |þat we moot alle come in to heuen riche blisse
DIMEV 4526
(fols. 240v–241v)
Life of St Germanus
Rubric: Seint ierman þe holy bisschop
Incipit: Seint ierman þe holy man in anticiodence was I bore |In þe toun of indegen of swyþe nobil more
Explicit: Now bidde we alle to Ihesu crist for loue of seint Iermayn |þat he bringe vs to þe ioye þer þat he is in
DIMEV 4604
(fols. 241rb–242v)
Life of St Aethelwold
Rubric: Seint thelwold þe holy bisschop
Incipit: Thelwold þe gode clerk was I bore in ingelonde |In his ȝonge lyue he hated sinne & chonde
Explicit: þer after anon his soule fro his body gan wende |In to þe blisse of heuene & god vs þedir sende
(fols. 242v–244v)
Life of St Martha and St Fronton
Rubric: Seint martha mary maudeleynus sustir
Incipit: Marþa was a good woman s al so ȝe hereþ telle |ȝhe herberuid Ihesu crist as we findeþ in þe gospelle
Explicit: & leue vs here on erþe doon oure sinnus to bete |& we mot to þat ioye come ar we oure lif here lete
DIMEV 3410
(fols. 244v–249r)
The ‘Vernon’ Life of Mary
Rubric: Þe concepciun of oure ladi

Rubric written upside-down.

Incipit: Alle ȝe wetyn whan & how þe feste chal ben holde |of oure ladyes concepcioun as þe boke vs tolde
Explicit: & þus þey come togedere þat sondrid were so long |Iesus schelde vs from pyne of helle þat is so stronge
DIMEV 6690
(fols. 249r–251r)
Life of St Lucy
Rubric: Seint lucie þe holi maide
Incipit: Seint lusie þat holy mayde In sysile was I bore |wel ȝong ȝhe gan to serue god & lefte sinne & hore
Explicit: Þere Yhe is wit Ihesu crist In ioyȝe wit outin ende |now Iesw for þat maydenus loue vs let þedir wende
DIMEV 4663
(fols. 251r–254v)
Life of St Thomas the Apostle
Rubric: seint tomas þe a postil
Incipit: Seint tomas þa postil I martrid was In inde |of his lyf we mote rede as we in book doþ finde
Explicit: Now seint tomas þat in to Inde cristindom fyrst brouȝte |bringe vs to þe Ioyw of heuene to woch oure lord vs wrouȝte
DIMEV 4767
(fol. 254v)
Life of St Anastasia
Incipit: seint anastas was I bore at rome by olde dawe |of swyþe hyȝe men I come al of þe olde lawe
Explicit: þey stodin þere Imwasschiin some he walwid among hem fast |loþlicher schreue ne myȝte be ne so by baicced þe last

First 34 lines; crossed out.

DIMEV 4537
(fols. 254v–257v)
Rubric: Þe birþe of ihesu crist
Incipit: Of a prophete I wil ȝouȝ telle his name was Ȝakarye |his wif hiȝte elyȝabeþ & goddus modir hyȝte maryȝe
Explicit: Now pray we him wit al oure myȝt þat wolde for vs so lowe alyȝt |soch grace þat he vs send þat we motin to heuene wend

C version, 251 line extract with a unique conclusion, four couplets. Lines 249–517, following heading on fol. 254v with the previous item, crossed out.

DIMEV 6380
(fols. 257v–258v)
Life of St Anastasia
Incipit: Seint anastas was I bore at rome by olde dawe |& of swyþe hyȝe men ycome al of þe olde lawe
Explicit: & þe maner is mochil in erþe for to lyȝe lesinge |In to þe ioy þat ȝhe is inne god oure soulus bringe

Complete text; second occurrence in MS.

DIMEV 4537
(fols. 258v–260r)
Life of St Stephen
Rubric: Seint steuene þe marter
Incipit: Seint Steuene was a Iew & of þe Iewes he com |& þorwȝ preching of þe a postlis cristindom he nom
Explicit: In þilke chirche his holy bonus were I don in chrine |Now god for þe loue of seint steuene schild vs from helle pyne
DIMEV 4762
(fols. 260r–265r)
Life of St John the Evangelist
Rubric: Seint steu ihon þe wangelist
Incipit: Seint Ihon þe wangelist þat apostil al so is |was oure lordus auntis sone & seint Iames broþer I wis
Explicit: Now seint Ion þe wangelist ȝif it þy wille is |pray for vs alle þat we mote come to heuene blis
DIMEV 4634
(fols. 265r–266v)
Of þe holi feste of inocens
Rubric: Of þe holi feste of inocens
Incipit: Of þe holy feste of Inosent |þat endid here lyf In gret turment |Is good to honoure & to holde |boþe of ȝong & of olde
Explicit: Now lord king of heuene a boue |for his holy Inosentis [loue] |send vs grace so to spede |þat we haue heuene to oure mede
DIMEV 4219
(fols. 266v–270r)
Life of St Mary Magdalene
Rubric: Seint Mary Maudelein
Incipit: Seint mary maudeleyn þat god forȝaf here sinne |lasarus soster & martha þey come of kingus kinne
Explicit: now mary magdalen þat þus brouȝt here lyf to ende |bidde god þat we moot wit here to þe ioy of heuin wende
DIMEV 4707
(fols. 270r–271v)
Life of St Birinus
Incipit: seint birrin þe comfessour þat good mon was I nowȝ |In þe toun of rome was bore & to ech goodnes drowȝ
Explicit: & went to þe ioy of heuin out of þis erþ anon |nou god for þe loue of hym bring vs þedir echon
DIMEV 4561
(fols. 271v–272v)
The Conception of Mary
Incipit: Aftir þat anne wit childe was & þat wit ryȝt kinde |Ȝhe bar þat swete barn þat euer worþ in mynde
Explicit: Ȝhe was mayde widue & wif ȝe so is non þat haþ þe þre |now god for þe loue of here bring vs þer ȝhe be
DIMEV 4178
(fols. 272v–273r)
Life of St Leger
Incipit: seint leger þe bysschop holy mon was I nowȝ |þorw his preching mony on to oure lord he drowȝ
Explicit: Now god for þe loue of sen leger soche grace vs sende |þat we alle to þe ioyȝe of heuin moot wende
DIMEV 4660
(fols. 273r–279v)
Life of St Edward the Confessor
Incipit: seint edward þe gode king ryȝt is to haue in mende |bore he was in ingelond I wole telle of what kende
Explicit: god for þe loue of seint edward vs bringe to þe blis |& to þe hy ioyȝe of heuene þat his soule in is
DIMEV 4589
(fols. 279v–280r)
Life of St Etheldreda
Rubric: Eþildrede þe holy virgyne
Incipit: Eþeldrede of ely gode mayde was & hende |here fadir was king of ingelond of al þe est ende
Explicit: of here me makeþ in holy chirche gret feste a ȝer I wis |now god for þe loue of here bring vs to heuin blis
DIMEV 4591
(fols. 280v–282r)
Life of St Frideswide
Incipit: seint friswide þe mayde was her of ingelond |at oxinforde ȝhe was I bore as ich ondirstond
Explicit: & þer haþ be for here loue ofte gret bootnyng |nowȝ bid we god for here loue to þe ioyȝe of heuin vs bring
DIMEV 4598
(fols. 282r–283v)
Life of St Eadburh
Incipit: seint edborwȝ þe holy mayde was her of ingelond |king edward here fadir was as I ondirstond
Explicit: now bidde we seint edborw þat þus brouȝt here lyf to ende |þat we moot forþ wit here to þe ioy of heuin wende
DIMEV 4585
(fols. 282v–284v)
Life of St Quintin
Incipit: seint quintin þe marter of þe contre was of rome |for goddus loue he þolid deþ or he to heuin come
Explicit: Þey seyȝ heuin opin þer aȝen in he fley anon |now god for þe loue of hym bring vs þedir echon
DIMEV 4753
(fols. 284v–285r)
Life of St Quiriac
Rubric: Seint quiriak þe bisschop
Incipit: Seint quiriac þat bysschop was prechid goddus lawe |Iulian þe liþir emperour brouȝt him seþþe of dawe
Explicit: & his woule[sic] wente to heuene after his tormenting |now good for þe loue of hym to þilke ioy vs bring
DIMEV 4754
(fols. 285r–286r)
Life of St Brice
Incipit: sein bryse wit seint martin was erchedekin here |to his lord seint martin he was contrarius in ech manere
Explicit: Now god for þe gret anoy þat seint bryse had here |grant vs for his loue of þe pyne of helle be skere
DIMEV 4569
(fols. 286r–288v)
Life of St Cecilia
Incipit: seint sisile of nobil in kin bore was at rome |oure lord crist ȝhe louid wel er ȝhe fro cradil come
Explicit: now bidde we oure swete lord for here strong marterdom |bring oure soulus to þe ioyȝe þat here to com
DIMEV 4572
(fols. 302r–303v)
Life of St Mildred
Incipit: seint myldre þe holy mayd to telle be ryȝt dom |bore was in ingelond in þe ferste cristindom
Explicit: & went to þe ioy of heuin þer as ȝhe ȝit is |now god vs wisse þilke wey þat we ne go amys
DIMEV 4733
(fols. 303v–304v)
Life of St Barnabas
Incipit: seint barnabe þe apostil þat good was & hende |martrid he was for goddus loue in strong deþ at þe ende
Explicit: & þat we moot þer be god ȝeue vs soch grace |to sitte in þe ryȝt syde to se oure lordus face
DIMEV 4545
(fols. 304v–305r)
Life of St Petronilla
Rubric: Seint pernel þe holy virgyne
Incipit: Seint pernel þe holy mayd ryȝt is to haue in mende |good womon ȝhe was ȝhe auȝte wel be kende
Explicit: to heuen ȝhe went clene mayd & is wit outin endyng |now god for þe loue of here to þilke ioy vs bring
DIMEV 4750
(fols. 305v–306r)
Life of St Botolph
Rubric: seint botolf
Incipit: Seint botolf þe holy monk & ek his broþer |bore were in ingelond as is many an oþer
Explicit: Nowȝ god for seynt botolf is loue soch grace vs sende |þat we to þilke ioyȝe come & so þe deuil schende
DIMEV 4566
(fol. 306v)

Marginal note summarizing the volume as containing saints’ lives, possibly written as a pen-trial.

(fol. 307r)

Basic liturgical texts in Middle English.

Rubric: Pater
Incipit: Oure fadir
Rubric: Aue
Incipit: Hayl marie
Rubric: Credo
Incipit: I beleue in god
Rubric: Misereatur
Incipit: Almyȝty god haue merci on ȝow
Rubric: Confiteor
Incipit: I be knowe to god of heuene
(fols. 307v–308v)


Physical Description

Form: codex
Support: Paper; four different types. Quire 2 and fol. 94 similar to Cercle, Briquet 3183; quires 3–6 similar to Hache, Briquet 7510; quire 8 (inserted) Balanace, not in Briquet, but cf. 4229; quires 7 and 9–14 Cœur, not in Briquet, but cf. 2615.
Extent: ii + 312 leaves
Dimensions (leaf): 290 × 200 mm.
Foliation: Foliation from the 16th century, 1–306; this omits leaves after 110, 128, 141, 229, 241, 252. These leaves are now numbered 110a, 110b; 128a, 128b; etc.


12, 240+1 (fol. 43 a singleton), 326 (= 69), 424 (= 93), 526 (= 118), 626 (= 142), 726+2 (fols. 150–51 inserted after 7; = 170), 86 (inserted quire, probably misbound), 924 (= 200), 10–1126 (= 250), 1224+3 (fols. 255–57 inserted after 5; = 276), 138, 1424 (22 = fol. 306b, 23-24 pasted against the board). Quires reinforeced for binding by strips of parchment on the inner and outer folds. Catchwords up to fol. 226. No signatures.


Traces of ruling in red crayon. One column with 41 (fol. 4r) to 60 (fol. 118r) lines, ruled space 248 × 157 mm.


Written and extensively corrected likely by a single scribe in multiple phases in a cursive Anglicana.


Red initial on a geometrical background at the beginning of the volume. Smaller initials introduce new works and occasionally major sections (mostly unfinished after fol. 270r).

Red paraphs. Rubrics on fols. 10–25 replaced with running heads in a blue or red frame (reversed on fol. 244r).


Contemporary white leather on boards, English.

Rebound in 1998. A phase-box contains the two wooden boards of the medieval binding, as revealed and preserved during a conservation programme of 1988–98. The fragmentary ends of the laced-in thongs and of the leather straps have been left in place where they survive in the upper board.

The larger lengths of thongs as preserved from the spine are now mounted inside the lid of the present box. The tawed leather which covered the boards has been lifted and stored at the end of the separate fascicule of fragments.

The former lower pastedowns are bound in at the end of the main text-block within its new binding, since they comprise the last two leaves of the final quire (XIII); they were lifted from the boards in 1988–9 and then foliated ‘308’–‘309’. The inside front board must already have been bare in the 17th century, when a smaller piece of paper of that period was pasted directly onto the wood: it was lifted during conservation and is now stored at the front of the separate fascicule. The fascicule also contains a selection (those with fragments of redundant writing) of the original parchment strengtheners which had been used to line the folds at the inside and outside of each quire, some or all before the main writing-campaign; some of the other strengtheners (blank parchment, and/or written over in the main script) have been left in place in the text-block.

Accompanying Material

Parts of the former binding and a fascicule of fragments recovered from it are stored with the manuscript. The fascicule includes:

  • Photograph of fol. 17r, detail (the original title beneath a contemporary correction slip);
  • Upper endleaves (post-medieval): 20th-century reference slip and 17th century slhip from inside front board;
  • Original parchment strengtheners from the centres and/or outsides of Quires II, III, VII, IX, XII, XIII (i.e. only those with fragments of earlier writing);
  • Tawed leather of the medieval binding, as lifted from the wooden boards.
The binding fragments are charters:
  • a grant to ‘magistro Roberto de la More’ in the diocese of Worcester, 14th century;
  • a document involving an ‘Edmundus Wodhull’, a citizen of London (from quires VII, VIII, and XII), with another fragment of the same document granting liberty of the city of London to ‘Iohannes Russell’, dated 3 July 1388 (from quire XII);
  • a 14th-century document, not identified (from quire IX).


Origin: 15th century, second quarter ; English . Görlach notes that the compiler modifies the orthography of the source texts to a Hampshire dialect (LP 5470).

Provenance and Acquisition

Presented by William Harwood, prebendary of Winchester, in 1611.

Record Sources

Description by Andrew Dunning (January 2021), based in part on the Digital Intex of Middle English Verse; and Manfred Görlach, The Textual Tradition of the South English Legendary (Leeds, 1974), pp. 75–77. Previously described in the Summary Catalogue (1922).

Last Substantive Revision

2022-01-17: Andrew Dunning Revised with consultation of original.