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MS. Bywater 15

Humanist collection (fol. 145); Germany, early 16th century; bound with two printed books (fols. 8, 114)


Language(s): Latin with minor additions in German (fol. 252)


Originally blank leaves at the front of the volume containing lists of the Greek orators, seven wise men, and Greek and Latin writers in the same hand as fol. 246v below.


Flores poetarum de virtutibus et vitiis, Colonie, per Martinum de Werdena, 1505 (printed book)


Ringmannus Philesius (Matthias Ringmann), Hemistichia poetarum sentenciosiora pro pueris, Strasburg, 1505 (printed book)

Persius, Satires,

each preceded by an argument in hexameters, the first of eight, the others of four lines, and by the arguments of Ascensius , as pr. in the edition of Lyons, 1499.

Incipit: (argument) Scriptores laudis cupidos et voce ingrata
(fol. 162)
Verses on Persius
Incipit: Qui cupit humane ritus deprendere vite
Colophon: E.K.
Horace, Satires


Antonius Mancinellus
Rubric: Commendatio virtutis ex poetis collecta A. Mancinello
Explicit: Quod te vita docet: quam sit castissima vatum; Per Mancinellum suscipe lector opus
Ps.-Virgil, De septem viciis
Rubric: Publii Virgilii Maronis epigramatum opus de septem viciis

As printed.

Horace, Odes


Herman von dem Busche
Rubric: Ode Hermanii Busthii de contennendo (sic) mundo …

Pr. in Baptistae Mantuani adolescentia, Strasburg, 1510.

Antonius Mancinellus
Rubric: Mancinellus ad Antonium de laude poetarum et poetica virtute

Pr. Omnia Opera A. Mancinelli, Venice, 1519, here incomplete, the last citation being from Cicero, Pro Archia.

Incipit: Hec studia adolescentiam agunt
Johannes Lantzberger, Zoilus vel Emulus

A dialogue on poetry, pr. Speier, n.d. (Proctor 2427), preceded as in the edition by:

Iacobus Barinus, poem
Incipit: Sacra poetarum defendere carmina curans

Followed by:

Iohannes Lantzberger, Letter to Iacobus Barinus

Not pr. in the edition.

Rubric: Joannes Lantzperger artium et iuris scholasticus et vates achademie Lyptzensis ad Iacobum Berynum poetam artiumque doctorem praeceptorem adamandum
Incipit: Sunt insidiantes accerrimi (sic) poetas esse mentium

For Lantzberger and Berinus see G. Bauch, Geschichte des Leipziger Fruhhumanismus, Leipzig, 1899, pp.37–44

Rubric: Encomion (MS. Εγκωμιον) paupertatis
Incipit: Christi pauperies nature dividit artus
Ovid (extracts)
Rubric: Flores excerpti ex Ovidii operibus
(fols. 207v-9r, 216v-25v)
Ps.-Crates, Epistolae
Rubric: Cratis Thebani Cynici philosophi epistolae

as pr. Nürnberg, 1501, the letters (fol. 217v) here preceded by

Robertus Haller
Rubric: Octastychon Roperti Haller Budensis lectori
Incipit: Hec Cynicae praecepta puer sanctissima sectae
Rudolphus Agricola the younger (1490–1521), Letter, dated 1512
Rubric: Rudolphus Agricola Rhetus Wasserburgensis Valentino Eckio Philyripolitano (of Lindau)

Preface of the translator Athanasius Constantinopolitanus (i.e. Athanasius Chalceopulus: cf. P. Kristeller, Studies in Renaissance Thought and Letters, III (1993), 30 n. 44)

(fols. 210v-216)

Left blank by the scribe, later filled up by:

Rubric: In passionem Christi

Five sapphic stanzas

Incipit: Obsecro Jesu tua gloriosa
Rubric: Carmen saphicon … in Christi passionem [Aeneae] Silvii

One verse longer than the text pr. in Carmina Theologica, Maintz, 1544, fol.66

Rubric: Remedium contra pestem

Followed by another brief medical note.

Rudolphus Agricola the younger (1490–1521)
Rubric: Quorundam philosophorum Cynicorum … sententiae … collectae per Rudolphum Agricolam
Rudolphus Agricola the younger (1490–1521)
Rubric: Carmen exhortatorium ad bene vivendum ex miseriis humanae conditionis Rodolphi Agricolae
Incipit: Omnes letiferis corruimus malis
John Reuchlin, De Arte Cabalistica,

bk.II, extract, as pr. in J. Pistorius, Artis Cabalisticae Scriptorum, tom.I, Basle, 1587, pp.678–81

Rubric: Ex Caprionis cabala
Rubric: De contrapuncto
Incipit: Contrapunctum est duarum vel plurium vocum
(fol. 252)

Three short poems in German, added by a later hand.

Physical Description

Form: codex
Support: paper, watermark steer's head with letter R, cf. Briquet 15318
Dimensions (leaf): 145 × 100 mm.
Dimensions (written): 110 × 70 mm.


1(12)–6(12), 7(8), 8(6), 9(8)–11(8)


19–23 long lines


written in several hands


contemporary German binding of blind stamped pigskin, with circular stamp showing paschal lamb, cf. Kyriss, Verzierte Gotische Einbände, Stuttgart, 1951, no.162, pl.326.


Origin: 16th century, early ; German

Provenance and Acquisition

On the front inside cover if 'EHC', and 'Anno Verbigene MDXVI', both in the same hand; and a monogram incorporating the latters 'ACEHINPRST'

Ingram Bywater

Bequeathed to the Bodleian in 1915.

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Typescript description by Bodleian library staff


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