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MS. Canon. Liturg. 334

Summary Catalogue no.: 19423

Missal; Austria, mid-15th century


Portable votive missal

For fol. i see below, endleaves

(fol. ii verso)

Collects and secrets for the first two Sundays in Advent (continued on fol. 58r). Fol. ii recto blank.

(fols 1r-2v)


(fol. 3r)

Gloria and Creed, copied in smaller script

(fol. 3v)

Woodcut of the Crucifixion: see below

(fols. 4r-8v)

Canon of the mass

(fols. 9r-20r)

Temporale: masses of the principal feasts from Easter: Easter, Ascension, Pentecost, Trinity, Corpus Christi

All masses with a sequence.

(fols. 20r-40v)

Sanctorale: masses of St. Thomas the apostle, St. Thomas martyr, the Assumption, St. Catherine, St. Barbara, St. Dorothea, St. Margaret, the holy Cross and the Virgin.

All masses with a sequence.

(fols. 41r-57v)

Common of the saints with votive masses (pro omni gradu ecclesie, pro peccatis, de sancto iodoco, de sancto christofero, de omnibus sanctis, de beata virgine, pro omni gradu ecclesie, pro tribulacione, pro pace, pro salute uiuorum, pro semetipso oracio, pro iter agentibus, pro infirmis, officium pro animabus, pro parentibus, pro famulo, pro fraternite), incomplete.

(fol. 58r)

Collects and secrets for the third and fourth Sundays in Advent (continued from fol. ii v)

Language(s): Latin

Physical Description

Form: codex
Support: Paper. Principal watermark, Anvil in circle; Briquet 5958, attested in Gurck 1446, variants Bruck a.d. Mur 1452 etc.; WZMA AT5000-RB25_1_209, attested 1452–4 [www.oeaw.ac.at/ksbm/wz/index.htm, accessed 16 Apr. 2004]).
Extent: 1 + 1 + 57 + 1 + 2 fol.
Dimensions (leaf): 220 × 145 mm.
Dimensions (written): 160 × 95 mm.
Foliation: Fols 9r-57r with original foliation in roman in red from i to xlix, skipping from xii to xxiii apparently by error


23 long lines


Hybrida by one hand.


Coloured red initials of 1–3 lines; for woodcut, fol. 3v, see below.


15th century, mid, Austrian (as MS.): wood boards, steep outside bevel, large squares; shiny red tawed leather with delaminating tears, undecorated, spine plain; traces of central fore-edge clasp with lost strap of thick tawed leather running from back cover to front, and of 4+1 circular bosses on each cover, all lost; edges plain; two early bookmarks, one tipped with red leather. Paper paste-downs added when the original paste-downs were lifted, late 19th or early 20th century, Bodleian. 232–234 × 157 × c. 27–32 mm. (book closed).


Origin: c. 1445–1455 ; Austria (watermarks)

Provenance and Acquisition

'Hoc missale fuit quondam ad usum ecclesie parochialis S. Martini super Villacum' [Villach, St Martin, rather than Obervellach, as in Flotzinger], 17th cent., inside of fly leaf fol. ii verso.

MS. Canon. Liturg. 341 - woodcut (fol. 3v)

Physical Description

Form: codex
Support: Paper: Chancery quarter-sheet. Chain-lines horizontal. The upper half of a watermark (bull's head, not identifiable) is positioned in the middle of the outer edge, unusual for a leaf in acodex in 4o, and indicating that this is a genuine quarter-sheet singleton. Printed in black ink on one side of the paper in a press. Coloured in green, two tones of reddish pink, brown, pale brown, and pale yellow.
Dimensions (leaf): 216 × c.150 mm.
Dimensions (woodcut): 216 × c. 123 mm.


Woodcut: crucifixion with Christ pierced by the lance. Christ is portrayed with a halo, his head inclined to the left, apparently with open eyes, a⁄ffixed by three nails to the cross. A banderole attached to the head of the cross, intended to carry the ‘INRI’ inscription, has been left blank. Mary and John, both with haloes, stand on either side, to the left and the right, with gestures of sorrow. John raises his hand, as if engaged in dialogue. To the left Longinus, with hat and beard, pierces Christ’s side with his lance. Two angels collect the blood which flows from the wounds in his hands and side in chalices. Single-lined frame. The image is surrounded by a broad decorative border of acanthus leaves attached to the curling stem of a vine, with squarish flowers at the corners, enclosed by a double-lined frame. Unique copy.


Origin: ⟨c. 1440–50⟩ ; ⟨Southern Germany (Franconia?)⟩


For the border design, which is similar in design to border B ofthe Gulden puchlein woodcuts in Munich BSB (datable to 1450, Nuremberg), see Schreiber, Handbuch, VI 120, and the discussion in Schmidt, listing nine examples, several of them from Nuremberg. Nicholson noted c.1460–80 as the date for this item, changed by a later annotator of his catalogue to c.1440–50. Schreiber’s later dating (c.1460) needs to be revised in view of the date of the host volume.

The leaf is hooked round the two innermost bifolia of the first quaternion, so that the image of the crucifixion faces the ‘Te igitur’ introducing the Canon of the Mass. As the Gloria and Creed copied on the recto of this leaf are integral to the text and the work of the main scribe, there can be no doubt that the woodcut leaf formed part of the manuscript as it was planned. The outer, left-hand margin of the woodcut is rather wide (24 mm), whereas the right-hand frame of the woodcut and any margin are entirely lost in the gutter. A lateral crease at the top of the woodcut leaf and some small holes, perhaps for stitching, suggest that the woodcut may have served some other purpose before it was reused as an integral part of the present volume.

MS. Canon. Liturg. 334 - endleaves (fols. i, 59–60)



Fragments of the medical treatise of this title, this being the earliest known copy. The parchment sewing guards between fols 15v/16r, 35v/36r, and 45v/46r are from the same manuscript. Fols. i, 59 former pastedowns, fol. 60 originally a slotted spine liner extending onto the boards

Language(s): German

Physical Description

Form: codex
Support: parchment
Extent: single leaf (fol. i) and bifolium (fols. 59–60)


Origin: c. 1200–20 ; German

Additional Information

Record Sources

Adapted (2018, rev. Nov. 2020) from the following sources:
Bod-Inc XYL-18, desc. by Nigel Palmer and Andrew Honey (2004) [pdf] [woodcut; endleaves; date and watermarks of main ms.]
S. J. P. Van Dijk, Handlist of the Latin Liturgical Manuscripts in the Bodleian Library Oxford (typescript, 1957) Vol. 1: Mass Books [main ms: content, physical description]
B. C. Barker-Benfield, Bookbindings of Canonici manuscripts : a survey of early and non-standard bindings, mostly Italian, in the Canonici collection of the Bodleian Library, University of Oxford (Oxford, privately printed, 2020) [binding]
Previously described in the Summary Catalogue (1897)

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