A catalogue of Western manuscripts at the Bodleian Libraries and selected Oxford colleges

MS. Canon. Liturg. 355

Summary Catalogue no.: 19441


Franciscan Missal
(fols. 1–7)

Not related to the remaining part of the book; Franciscan additions posterior to 1450.

(fols. 8–9)
Feast and octave of the Visitation

Additions, Italian (?)


Temporale (fol. 10), with general rubrics (fol. 88) and the order of the mass (fol. 88v: Quando sacerdos preparat), ending abruptly in the 19th Sunday after Pentecost; sanctorale (fol. 129), beginning in the mass of St. Mathias; common of the saints and the dedication (fol. 156); votive masses (fol. 173), followed by a missa pro elemosinariis; the Easter prose; blessings of holy water (fol. 187v), meat, cheese and lamb, missa pro congregatione (Deus qui nos a seculi vanitate); Additions by other hands.

Language(s): Latin

Physical Description

Form: codex
Support: parchment
Extent: iii + 1 + 190 (191) + 1 + i fol., a quire missing after fol.128
Dimensions (leaf): 288 × 210 mm.


2 col. of 34 (canon 17) lines.

Musical Notation:

Some square notation on 7 staves of 3 or 4 red lines; in the prefaces, 11 long staves to a page.


Fleuronnée initials. (Pächt and Alexander i. list p. 72)

The illumination above the Te igitur is cut out (fol. 93a).

Accompanying Material

Fols. 1, 191–2, fragments of a Latin chronicle of popes and emperors, 14th century.


Origin: 14th century, second half ; Austria

Provenance and Acquisition

Italian additions, 15th century (?)

Record Sources

Adapted (2018) from S. J. P. Van Dijk, Handlist of the Latin Liturgical Manuscripts in the Bodleian Library Oxford Vol. 1: Mass Books, Pächt and Alexander, and the Summary Catalogue (1897).


Last Substantive Revision

2017-07-01: First online publication.