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MS. Ashmole 753

Summary Catalogue no.: 7019

Summary Catalogue no.: 8197


Apocalypse. (Latin text with French metrical translation)
Language(s): Latin and Anglo-Norman

Physical Description

Form: codex
Support: parchment


Miniatures (drawings, partly coloured). (Pächt and Alexander iii. 518, pl. XLIX)

  • (fol. 1r), miniature: angel appears to St. John.
  • (fol. 1v), miniature: seven Churches.
  • (fol. 2r), miniature: christ appears to St. John.
  • (fol. 2v), miniature: the Vision of Christ.
  • (fol. 3r), miniature: letter to Ephesus.
  • (fol. 3r), miniature: letter to Smyrna.
  • (fol. 3v), miniature: letter to Pergamum.
  • (fol. 3r), miniature: letter to Thyatria.
  • (fol. 4r), miniature: letter to Sardis.
  • (fol. 3r), miniature: letter to Philadelphia.
  • (fol. 4v), miniature: letter to Laodicea.
  • (fol. 3r), miniature: St. John beholds open door.
  • (fol. 5r), miniature: God seated on the throne, surrounded by symbols of evangelists and 24 Elders.
  • (fol. 5v), miniature: God seated on the throne, surrounded by symbols of evangelists, the 24 Elders offer their crowns.
  • (fol. 6r), miniature: the Lion of Judah.
  • (fol. 6v), miniature: the Lamb with seven horns.
  • (fol. 7r), miniature: God seated on the throne, holding the book, worshiped by the angels and the 24 Elders.
  • (fol. 7v), miniature: the First Seal.
  • (fol. 8r), miniature: the Fourth Seal.
  • (fol. 8v), miniature: the Fifth Seal.
  • (fol. 9r), miniature: the Sixth Seal.
  • (fol. 9v), miniature: the Angels and the Winds.
  • (fol. 10r), miniature: the Great Multitude.
  • (fol. 10v), miniature: the Seventh Seal.
  • (fol. 11r), miniature: the Second Trumpet.
  • (fol. 11v), miniature: the Third Trumpet.
  • (fol. 12r), miniature: the Fourth Trumpet.
  • (fol. 12v), miniature: the Fifth Trumpet.
  • (fol. 13r), miniature: the Locusts ('shaped like horses with human heads').
  • (fol. 13v), miniature: the Sixth Trumpet.
  • (fol. 14r), miniature: the Horsemen.
  • (fol. 14v), miniature: the Great Angel.
  • (fol. 15r), miniature: the Angel coming down from heavens roaring like seven thunders.
  • (fol. 15v), miniature: the Angel, standing on the earth and sea, prophesises disappearence of time.
  • (fol. 16r), miniature: the Book.
  • (fol. 16v), miniature: measuring the Temple.
  • (fol. 17r), miniature: the Two Witnesses.
  • (fol. 17v), miniature: the Death of the Witnesses.
  • (fol. 18r), miniature: resurrection and Ascension of the Witnesses.
  • (fol. 18v), miniature: the Seventh Trumpet.
  • (fol. 19r), miniature: the Judgement.
  • (fol. 19v), miniature: the Temple of Heaven is opened.
  • (fol. 20r), miniature: the Woman clothed with the Sun.
  • (fol. 20v), miniature: the Dragon.
  • (fol. 21r), miniature: the Woman gives the Child to God.
  • (fol. 21v), miniature: Michael the Archangel and the Dragon.
  • (fol. 22r), miniature: Michael the Archangel casts the Dragon out of Heaven.
  • (fol. 22v), miniature: the Dragon persecutes the Woman.
  • (fol. 23r), miniature: the Dragon and the Seed of the Woman.
  • (fol. 23v), miniature: the Beast.
  • (fol. 24r), miniature: the Dragon and the Beast.
  • (fol. 24v), miniature: the Beast is worshiped.
  • (fol. 25r), miniature: the Beast makes war on the Saints.
  • (fol. 25v), miniature: the Beast that ascended out of the Earth.
  • (fol. 26r), miniature: the Beast brings fire from Heaven.
  • (fol. 26v), miniature: the Mark of the Beast.
  • (fol. 27r), miniature: the Lamb on Mount Sion.
  • (fol. 27v), miniature: the New Song.
  • (fol. 28r), miniature: the Angel with the Book.
  • (fol. 28v), miniature: the Angel proclaims the Fall of Babylon.
  • (fol. 29r), miniature: the Angel denouncing those with the Mark of the Beast.
  • (fol. 29v), miniature: Blessed are the Dead.
  • (fol. 30r), miniature: the Harvest of the Earth.
  • (fol. 30v), miniature: the Vintage of the Earth.


Origin: c. 1300 ; English

Record Sources

Summary description abbreviated from the Quarto Catalogue (W. H. Black, A descriptive, analytical, and critical catalogue of the manuscripts bequeathed unto the University of Oxford by Elias Ashmole Esq...., Quarto Catalogues X, 1845). Decoration, localization and date follow Pächt and Alexander (1973). Additional description of decoration by Elizabeth Solopova, c. 2000.

Digital Images

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