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Christ Church MS. 687

Fragment from a theological notebook; ?France, s. xiiiex


Language(s): Latin

1. Fol. 1rv

A series of distinctiones , those on the recto perhaps for the parts of sermons, on the verso for most of Gregory the Great’s ‘parts’ of the Seven Deadly Sins, Moralia 31.45.88 (PL 76:621), ed. Mark Adriaen, CC 143, 3 vols (1979–85), 1610.

2. Fol. 2rv
Theological notes

Beginning with materials on ‘elacio’, angels and men as Gods creations, three things which nourish the root of humility, etc., including further distinctiones .

Leaves from a priest’s notebook.

Physical Description

Form: codex
Support: Parchment
Extent: Fols: 2
Dimensions (leaf): 195 × 145 mm.


Generally without margins, one fol. in 44–49 long lines, the other in double columns, each column 152 × 60 mm. , with 8 mm between columns, in 47 lines to the column.


Written in gothic textura quadrata.

Punctuation by point only.


Housing Held now in a small card file, with label: ‘C13 friar’s book’.


Origin: ?France; s. xiiiex

Provenance and Acquisition

Donated by David Malcolm Lewis (1928–1994), the Greek epigrapher and Student of Christ Church 1956–94.

Record Sources

Ralph Hanna and David Rundle, A Descriptive Catalogue of the Western Manuscripts, to c. 1600, in Christ Church, Oxford (Oxford, 2017).


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2017-07-01: First online publication.

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