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Dep. d. 582

Summary Catalogue no.: Not in SC (late accession)


Language(s): Latin

(fols. 6–8v)


March–August, in red and black, graded memoria, iij lec, ix lec, simplex, Totum duplex. Feasts in red include Eungundis uirginis, Fridolini confessor, Thome de Aquino Totum duplex (3, 6, 7 Mar.), Petri martiris Totum duplex (29 Apr.), Corone domini symplex, Translacio petri mar, Translacio beati dominici Totum duplex (4, 7, 24 May), Visitacio marie, Heinrice imperatoris (2, 13 July), Dominici conf patris nostri Totum duplex, with octave, Sebalde confessor, Bernhardi abbatis symplex (5 marked (?) for moving to 4, 19, 20 Aug.); and in black Adelberti confessor iij lec' (24 Apr.), Anniuersarium omnium sepri in ciui nostris (12 July). ff. 9–11v blank, f. 9r ruled.

Arts. 2–3 are on quires 3–20.

(fols. 13–215v)


Advent - 25th Sunday after Trinity, beginning imperfectly ‘tandem lubrica Iudex …’. Responsories, antiphons, etc. are given only in quire 3, ff. 13–22v. f. 12rv blank, also ff. 100–107v (10(8–12), 11(1)) between Easter Eve and Easter Day.

(fols. 216v–221)
Rubric: In dedicacione ecclesie et in aniuersario eisdem (sic)
Incipit: Ad matutinas Ricardus in excepcionibus … (f. 218) per octauam …

Fols. 221v–226v blank.

Arts. 4–6 are on quires 21–33.

(fols. 227–370v)


Tiburtius and Valerianus (14 Apr.) - Vitalis and Agricola (27 Nov.). Includes, f. 229v, ‘Sancti adalberti martiris gehort vor sant marci’, following Mark; f. 269v ‘Beati üdalrici episcopi pape (sic)’, 9 lections (2 × 6 July); f. 274v ‘Heinrico imperatore’, 9 lections; f. 276 Alexius, 3 lections (17 July); ff. 291v–303v Dominic, 9 lections and through octave; f. 305v ‘In festo transfiguracionis domini officium institutum per sanctissimum dominum nostrorum calixtum papam tercium’; f. 317 Louis, 9 lections (25 Aug.); f. 334v ‘wentzelslai’, 3 lections (28 Sept.); f. 342 ‘Edwardi confessoris lectio jª Rex illustris … ’ (13 Oct.); f. 353 Leonard, collect and 9 lections (6 Nov.); ff. 356–60 Martin, 9 lections and through octave; f. 368v ‘cünrade confessor’, collect and 9 lections (bp. of Constance, 26 Nov.).

(fols. 370v-376)

Common of saints

‘vnius martiris’, 9 lections; ‘plurimorum martirum’, 9 lections; ‘vnius pontificis’, 9 lections; ‘De vno confessoris’, 9 lections; ‘uirginis trium leccione (sic)’; ‘vestum vnius uirginis ix lectione (sic)’.

(fol. 376v)
Rubric: Damassi pape et confessoris
(fols. 377–9)
Rubric: Beati othmari

d. 16 Nov.

(fols. 379v-380)

Chrisogonus. Added, s. xv.

3 lections and collect. ff. 380v–386v blank.

(fols. 387–396) (quire 34)
Rubric: Lectiones Per octauas Angelorum. Gregorius. De decem dragmis In omelia Dominice tercie trinitatis. Super Istud Luce xvº Que mulier habens dragmas decem. Lectio primo
Incipit: Nouem esse ordines angelorum

ff. 397–398v blank.

(fols. 1–3)
(added, s. xv)
Rubric: zerteilung der apostlen

Responsories, etc., collect, and 9 lections. ff. 1, 3v–5v blank.

(fols. i, 399) (flyleaves)

Sections (mostly erased) of a mandate to [the head of] a ‘conventus’ regarding adherents of Bartholomew [i.e. Pope Urban VI, of the Roman allegiance], Freiburg (dioc. Constance) 22 July 4 [Cle]mentis VII [1382].

Physical Description

Secundo Folio: (f. 13) tandem lubrica
Form: codex
Support: paper (fols. i and 399 are parchment flyleaves)
Extent: i + 398 + i
Dimensions (leaf): 218 × 155 mm.
Dimensions (written): 137–52 × 113 mm.


14 28 wants 2 before f. 6 312 wants 2 before f. 13 4–2812 2916 30–3312 3414 wants 13, 14 (blank).


20–23 long lines; ff. 13–22v (quire 3), 15–17 lines.


Written in hybrida, probably in one variable hand.


Binding of wooden boards covered with white vellum, s. xvi, bearing a pattern of fillets and 4 stamps (a rose, a square four-petalled flower (13 × 13 mm.), a round five-petalled flower (8 mm. diam.), and an indistinct oblong (28 × 15 mm.)), two clasps.


Origin: 15th century, second half ; German, South, or Switzerland

Provenance and Acquisition

Written for Dominican use in southern Germany or Switzerland. ‘Loci F(ratrum) Capuciniorum friburg. B’, f. 1, s. xvi (?); cf. art. 9 above.

Inside front cover ‘3–0–0’, and slip from English sale-catalogue.

Snowshill Manor

deposited by the National Trust, 1981

Record Sources

Adapted from N. R. Ker, Medieval Manuscripts in British Libraries, iv.328–9

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