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MS. Auct. D. 2. 19

Summary Catalogue no.: 3946

Rushworth Gospels or Macregol Gospels

The Macregol or Rushworth Gospels; Ireland (Birr), before 822


Gospels (Macregol or Rushworth Gospels)

Old English gloss added, 10th century.

Text and gloss ed. K. Tamoto, The Macregol Gospels or The Rushworth Gospels (2013)

Language(s): Latin with added glosses in Old English

Physical Description

Form: codex
Support: parchment
Extent: 169 fols.
Dimensions (leaf): 345–50 × 270 mm.


1 col., 22 lines; written space 270 × 210 mm.


Two scribes, (A) 'Macregol', fols. 1–84 (except fol. 58v lines 15–22, fol. 75 lines 19–22), 126, 128–47, 148–69v; (B) fol. 58v lines 15–22, fol. 75 lines 19–22, fols. 85v-125v, 127v, 147v.


Written (in part) and illuminated by Macregol, probably the abbot of Birr who d. 822 (Pächt and Alexander iii. 1269, pls. CXIV - CXVI)

Important miniatures.

Important borders.

Important initials.


Origin: 9th century, early (before 822); additions, 10th century ; Irish, Birr; ; additions, English, 'aet harawuda' (Harewood, Yorks., or Harewood, Herefs. (?))

Provenance and Acquisition

'Macregol dipincxit hoc euangelium: Quicumque legerit... orat pro macreguil scriptori', fol. 169v.; probably Mac Regol, abbot of Birr, d. 822.

Old English glosses end with the names of the two glossators (fols. 168v-169): 'ðe min bruche gebidde fore owun ðe ðas boc gloesde. færmen ðæm preoste æt harawuda. hæfe nu boc awritne bruca mið willa symle mið soðum gileofa sibb is eghwæm leofost'.

Owned in 1665 by John Rushworth (?1612–1690).

Given by him to the Bodleian, perhaps in 1681.

Record Sources

Description adapted (2018) from Watson, Pächt and Alexander (see Bibliography), and the Summary Catalogue.


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