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MS. Auct. D. 2. 4

Summary Catalogue no.: 2105

The Coridon Psalter

A: Calendar, England (Hyde), 1161 × 1173 or 1168; B: Psalter ('The Coridon Psalter') with gloss, England (Winchester), mid 12th cent.

Physical Description

Composite: fols. iii-xii || fols. 1–118


Provenance and Acquisition

The two sections of the manuscript were together by the 13th century, when they were given to Winchester Cathedral: 'Gaufridus Coridon dedit reliquias de sancta Friþeswiþa et de xi .M. virginibus et hoc psalterium. ecclesie Winton(iensi)' (fol. x recto), 'Obiit Johannes canonicus sancte Friþeswiþe', fol. ix verso; the saint's mother was buried at the cathedral priory.

Later Winchester additions.

Given to the Bodleian in 1611 by William Harwood, prebendary of Winchester.

MS. Auct. D. 2. 4 – Part 1 (fols. iii-xii)


Language(s): Latin


Fol. xii verso has a preface to the Psalter in the same hand as the glosses on the Psalter following. Added obits in the calendar are 'Gilebertus de Vo pater Reginaldi de Vo', Feb. 1, cf. July 26: 'Petrus de Vo,' March 1, both 13th cent.: 'Gregorius capellanus,' Oct. 18, 13th cent.: 'Johannes de Cantuaria,' July 26, late 13th cent; Sept. 20 'Obiit Johannes canonicus s. Fritheswithe', added in the 13th cent. Each month has Latin verses: those for January begin 'Prima dies Iani'.

On fol. iii recto are two theological pieces, and on fols. v recto, 113v beginnings of collects and lessons written with a metal stilus.

Physical Description

Form: codex
Support: parchment
Extent: 10 folios (iii-xii)
Dimensions (leaf): 280 × 175 mm.


1 col., 30–35 lines, written space c. 180–210 × 120–150 mm.


Coloured initials.


Origin: 1161 × 1173, or 1168? ; English, Winchester, Hyde abbey


Since the feast of Edward king and martyr is in the original hand (17 Mar.) the calendar must date from after his canonization in 1161. The addition in another hand of the feast of St Thomas Becket suggests a date before 1173. A dot against the year 1168 in the calendrial table on fol. xi verso may suggest a date in that year.

The calendar has Rouen connections (9 Feb., Ansbertus, 8 June, Medardus, 15 Oct., 'In pago Rotomagensi Sancti Wlfranni...') but was more probably copied from a Rouen exemplar than written there; there are entries in the original hand for Grimbald (8 July) whose shrine was at Hyde, and Valentine (14 Feb.) who was of some importance at Hyde.

MS. Auct. D. 2. 4 – Part 2 (fols. 1–118)


Psalter with gloss

With contemporary marginal and interlinear glosses: followed at fol. 105 by Canticles, the Gloria in excelsis (fol. 113v) and Athanasian creed (fol. 114): and by four prayers before and after the recitation of the Psalter, with a fifth added later.

Language(s): Latin

Physical Description

Form: codex
Support: parchment


Fine historiated initials.

Fine initials. (Pächt and Alexander iii. 129, pl. XIII)


Origin: 12th century, middle ; English, Winchester

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Record Sources

Description adapted (2018) from the following sources:
Otto Pächt and J. J. G. Alexander, Illuminated Manuscripts in the Bodleian Library, Oxford , III (1973), no. 129
Summary Catalogue (1922)

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