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MS. Digby 35

Summary Catalogue no.: 1636


i. (fol. 1v)

List of prohibited degrees of marriage. Some text continues onto fol. 2r. Addition, later 15th century.

Language(s): Latin
ii. (fol. 1v)

List of herbs with quantities. Addition, later 15th century.

Incipit: Parseley - ij li.
Explicit: Betayn vj li.
Language(s): Middle English
(fol. 2r)

Blank except for continuation of item i.

iii. (fol. 2v)

Beginning of a form of will in English. Addition, later 15th century.

Incipit: Y be qwyth my soul to god & my body to the yerth and my good' to my wyf and sche to pay my detes [text ends]
Language(s): Middle English
(fol. 3r)

Blank (except for signature of Brian Twyne, see provenance)

1. (fols. 3v-63v)
Peter Quivel or Quinel, Constitutiones for Exeter diocese (1287)
(fols. 3v-4v)

Table of chapters

Incipit: De sacramentis ecclesie cº 1º
Explicit: De sententiis excommunicacionum lvº
(fols. 5r-63v)


Councils and Synods, ed. F. M. Powicke and C. R. Cheney, II.ii (1964) 982–1059

Language(s): Latin
2. (fols. 63v-76r)
Peter Quivel or Quinel, Summula confessionis (1287)

Councils and Synods, ed. F. M. Powicke and C. R. Cheney, II.ii (1964) 1059–1077

(fols. 76v-77r)

Blank except for scribbles, pen trials (illegible) and ownership note (see provenance)

(fols. 77v-78v)


(fol. 79r)

Note of the testament of 'Richard H.' of the parish of 'Otery' (Ottery St Mary, Devon), dated 10 April 1474, mentioning his wife Dionysia.

Language(s): Latin
(fol. 79r)

Notification to the curate of 'N.', by Richard Harlewyn, rector of 'Cotlegh' (Cotleigh, Devon), of his publication of the banns between 'W. N.' and 'Joan N.' his parishioners; dated 4 August 1491.

Language(s): Latin
(fols. 79v-81v)


Physical Description

Secundo Folio: (fol. 6) hominibus
Form: codex
Support: parchment
Extent: ii + 82 (foliated i-ii, 1–81, with an unnumbered leaf after fol. 2; fols. i-ii are flyleaves)
Dimensions (leaf): c. 180 × c. 120–125 mm.
Dimensions (written): c. 125 × c. 80 mm.


i(6)(4 canc.) (?) (fols. 1–4, including unnumbered leaf after fol. 2); 1(8)-9(8) (fols. 5–76); ii(8)(3, 7, 8 canc.) (?) (fols. 77–81) Leaf signatures a - i. Later arabic numbering of quires on the first folios.No catchwords.


23–25 long lines.

Faint frame-ruling sometimes visible. Prickings visible in quires a, b, d, e, i.


Fols. 5r-76r: chapter headings marked by 2–3 line initials in blue, with red penwork.

Paraphs in alternating blue and red.

Rubrics in red.


Typical Digby binding.


Origin: 15th century, first half ; English

Provenance and Acquisition

The name 'Karey', 15th century (fol. 1v)

Signed by 'William Pytts of Cotlagh', 15th century (fol. 79)

Owned by Richard Gill, 15th century (?) (fol. 77)

Owned by Thomas Allen, 1542–1632; no. 58 in his catalogue; signed by Brian Twyne, 1581–1644 (fol. 3r), who wrote the description of this MS. for Allen.

Bequeathed by Allen in 1632 to Kenelm Digby, 1603–1665, 'A. 103' in the Digby/Allen inventory

Given by Digby to the Bodleian in 1634.

Record Sources

Description adapted (2017) with some corrections, from W. D. Macray, Bodleian Library Quarto Catalogues IX: Digby Manuscripts, repr. with addenda by R. W. Hunt and A. G. Watson, 1999.

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