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MS. Eng. th. f. 39

Summary Catalogue no.: Not in SC (late accession)

Devotional tracts and sermons; English, c. 1400


Edition by E. P. Wilson, 'A Critical Text, with commentary, of MS. English theology f. 39 in the Bodleian Library' (Oxford B. Litt. thesis, 2 vols., 1968; MSS. B. Litt. c. 177-8)

Treatise (Wycliffite) on idolatry
Rubric: Of maumetrie
Incipit: ⟨F⟩or as myche as bi sleith of pe devel
Explicit: in pe chirche of god not to be hengid
Language(s): English
Treatise (Wycliffite) on miracles
Rubric: Whiche ben trewe myraclis and whiche be false
Incipit: Merveilis or miraclis ben to be considered
Explicit: in to ever lastyng leuyng
Language(s): English
Treatise (Wycliffite) on miracles
Rubric: How men shulden gon on pilgrymage
Incipit: Siþen ich man in þis world is a pilgrym
Explicit: but þei þat folwen þer feiþ
Language(s): English
Religious treatise (Wycliffite)
Rubric: A short rule of lif for ech man in general and for priests and lordis and laborers in special

pr. Arnold, English works of J. Wyclif, III. 204–8

Language(s): English
Thomas Wimbledon, Sermon Redde rationem villicationis tue
Rubric: þis sermoun folwynge vas seid at Poulis in Londone þe yeer of oure lord 1389
Incipit: Redde racionem … Mi dere frendis yee shuln undirstonde
Explicit: graunte us þerwiþ to parte
(Wells, Manuel, 6th Suppl., p.1449), pr. from MS. Hatton 57 by K. F. Sunden, A famous Middle English sermon, Göteborg, (diss.) 1925
Language(s): English
Treatise (Wycliffite) on idolatry
Rubric: þese ben þe eighte condicions of mamētrie pat men usen aboute ymages',
Incipit: [þ]e first condicioun stondiþ in nempnynge
Explicit: and setten ther glorie in ther symulacris
Language(s): English
Treatise on papal luxury and simony
Incipit: [þ]yus it is written in þe ferþe book of flouris ob [sic] Bernard
Explicit: bi falsheed and lesyng of þe sori gost
Language(s): English
Religious treatise (Wycliffite)
Rubric: A sho[r]t rule hou it is not leveful to no man to make a prest a tutour other an executour of his temporal goodis
Incipit: ⟨S⟩eynt Ciprian seiþ þat now late þo⟨ur⟩ counseil of bishopis
Explicit: prestis in here worldlich offis
Language(s): English
Religious treatise (Wycliffite)
Rubric: Hou men shulden flee curious arai in tyme of praiere
Incipit: [W]hat seist þu. þu comest to pe chirche doynge obsecratioun
Explicit: and devourid of þe devel
Language(s): English
Treatise on simony
Incipit: Owre lord spekip bi þe holi apostle synt Petir

ends imperf. on fol.48v.

Language(s): English

Physical Description

Secundo Folio: comaunde to
Form: codex
Support: parchment
Extent: iv + 52 leaves
Dimensions (leaf): 145 × 100 mm.
Dimensions (written): 110–5 × 65 mm.
Foliation: Foliated in red in a contemporary hand.


1(8)–6(8), wanting one or more quires at the end.


30 long lines.


Spaces for initials left blank.


17th cent. English calf binding


Origin: c. 1400 ; English

Provenance and Acquisition

'Harward', 17th cent. (fol. 1)

3rd Earl of Dysart (1648-1726) (but see also Edward Wilson, 'The Book-Stamps of the Tollemache Family of Hemlingham and Ham', The Book Collector, 16, 1967, 178-85), on whom see E. D. H. Tollemache, The Tollemaches of Helmingham and Ham, Ipswich, 1949, 94-9, with a confused account of the library at p. 176

Tollemach library, Helmingham Hall, Sotheby's 6 June 1961, lot 9

Quaritch, 1961

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Typescript description by Bodleian Library staff.

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