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MS. Add. A. 30

Summary Catalogue no.: 30142

Physical Description

Composite: three parts. Parts 2 and 3 (fols. 237–255) were once a separate volume.


19th century binding.


Provenance and Acquisition

'Jehan Hepworthe', 16th cent. (fol. 255).

'Henrici Spelman', fol. 1.

Probably acquired before 1870.

MS. Add. A. 30 – Part 1 (fols. 1–236)


Texts relating to the Order of the Knights Hospitallers of St John of Jerusalem
(fols. 1–7)

Index by 'Fernandus' to the statutes and customs of the Order

Language(s): Portuguese
(fol. 12v)

Account of the order

Language(s): Latin
(fol. 13)
Rubric: Ces sont les Rubriques de la Regle et des establymens de la saint Mayson del hospital de Jerusalem
Language(s): Middle French
(fol. 23)

Account of the order, with statutes, customs (fol. 168), etc., from about 1150 to 1346

Language(s): Middle French
(fols. 97–167v)

Written later:

(fols. 97–101v)

Ordinances for 1352

Language(s): Old Provençal
(fols. 101v-110v)

Ordinances for 1354

Language(s): Middle French
(fols. 110v-116v)

Ordinances for 1356

Language(s): Old Provençal
(fols. 117–131)

Ordinances for 1373

Language(s): Middle French
(fols. 131v-137)

Ordinances for 1382

Language(s): Middle French
(fols. 137v-140)

Undated ordinances

Language(s): Middle French
(fols. 140v-167v)

Ordinances for 1410

Language(s): Middle French
(fol. 219)

List of the Masters of the Order to about 1350

Language(s): Middle French
(fol. 223)

Treatise on the rights and duties of Masters of the Order

Language(s): Middle French

Physical Description

Form: codex
Support: parchment
Dimensions (leaf): 240 × 170 mm.
Dimensions (written): 160 × 113 mm.


1 col., 24 lines


Additions in cursive scripts except fols. 110v-116v, in hybrida.


Coloured initials.



Origin: 1350 with additions to c. 1410 ; French, Provence (?)


Name of original scribe and owner erased, fol. 12v: 'Ista statuta sunt fratris f[erased, replaced by Petri Moronaej (?) de Villanoua (?), also erased] Qui ea fierj fecit in domo sua. que conpleta fuerunt. Anno domini Mo.ccc.L. Et costauerant. Florenos xj gillatos vij.'

'Guirardus de Pareto', 15th century (fol. 236v).

MS. Add. A. 30 – Part 2


(fol. 237)
Manual of confession
Rubric: Cy commence la Confession en Rommant
Incipit: Premierement Tu te doys deuotement agenoillier

Includes a paraphrase of the Lord's Prayer, fol. 246.

Language(s): Middle French

Physical Description

Form: codex
Support: parchment


Origin: 15th century ; French

MS. Add. A. 30 – Part 3


(fol. 249)
Rubric: Sermo sancti Augustini Episcopi contra Iudaeos
Incipit: Vos inquam conuenio o iudei
Quodvultdeus, Sermo contra iudaeos, paganos, et arianos,

§§ 11–17, ed. PL 42, 1123–27 and CC 60, 241–50.

Language(s): Latin

Physical Description

Form: codex
Support: parchment


Origin: 15th century ; Spanish

Additional Information

Record Sources

Adapted (2017) from A. G. Watson, Catalogue of Dated and Datable Manuscripts c.435–1600 in Oxford Libraries (Oxford, 1984), no. 2 [part 1 only], and from the Summary Catalogue (1905).

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