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MS. Greaves 53

Summary Catalogue no.: 3825


Language(s): Latin

1.1. (fol. 1)
Theological distinctions

Roughly written in two hands.

1.2. (fol. 11)
Incipit: Egressus Jhesus secessit in partes Tyri et Sidonis etc. Dicunt doctores

Three sermons

1.3. (fol. 13)
Ps.-Alexander Neckam, Distinctiones uerborum
Incipit: Amor est appetitus rei

Alphabetically arranged, attributed in a 17th-cent. hand to Neckham.

1.4. (fol. 26)
Theological distinctions (Bloomfield 1855)
Incipit: Ebrietas nihil aliud est quam voluntaria infamia
2. (fol. 31v)
Bonaventure, Incendium amoris (De triplici via)
Incipit: Ecce descripsi eam tripliciter. Prov. xii. Cum omnis scientia gerat

With 17th-cent. ascription to Roger Twyford

3. (fol. 42)
William de Montibus, Distinctiones theologicae
Incipit: (fol. 55) Arcus dicitur Christus

Here preceded by an index of words (fol. 42v) and additions for the letter A, beg. 'Angelus grece, nuntius latine' (fol. 44)

4. (fol. 108)
Ps.-Bernard of Clairvaux, Meditationes piissimae
Rubric: Qualiter ymago trinitatis in nobis cognosci potest
Incipit: Multi multa sciunt
5. (fol. 138)
Treatise on the Seven Deadly Sins (Bloomfield 4432)
Incipit: Quasi a facie colubris fuge peccata. Eccles. 21, [2]. Hic tria facit. Primo hortatur
6. (fol. 170)
Johannes de Castellione, Sermones de tempore (Schenyer, III, pp. 374–402)
Incipit: Quasi diluculum preparatus est egressus eius

Physical Description

Form: codex
Support: parchment
Extent: iii + 274 leaves
Dimensions (binding): 9 × 6.2 in.


Fols. 11–23 and 170-end are in double columns


Brown leather on boards, late 17th-cent. English work.

Roll-produced border.


Origin: 13th century, second half ; English

Record Sources

Adapted (December 2019) from the Summary Catalogue (1937), with reference to published literature as cited, and with revised date (based on the floruit of the author of item 6).

Last Substantive Revision

2019-12-20: Description revised with reference to Summary Catalogue and published literature.