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MS. Hamilton 11

Summary Catalogue no.: 24441

Thomas Aquinas, Prima secundae; Germany (?Erfurt), 15th century, middle


Language(s): Latin

Fol. 1r-v (original endleaf) blank.

(fols. 2ra-359rb)
Thomas Aquinas, Summa theologiae, Prima Secundae
Incipit: Quia sicut damascenus dicit homo stultus \factus/ ad ymaginem dei dicitur
Incipit: Ad primum sic proceditur. Videtur quod homini non conueniat agere propter finem
Explicit: Et hec de moralibus in communi dicta sufficiant. Et est finis.

Fol. 290rb partly blank at the end of a scribal stint; note 'Hic non est aliquis defectus'.

Rubric: (fol. 352rb) Incipiunt capitula prime partis secundi libri summe edite a fratre thoma de aquino ordinis fratrum predicatorum
Incipit: Questio prima de vltimo fine hominis in generali seu communi
Explicit: Vtrum bona temporalia cadant sub merito. Et sic est finis. Amen.

Rest of fol. 359rb blank. Fol. 359v blank. Fol. 360r-v (original endleaf) blank.

Physical Description

Form: codex
Support: Paper. Watermarks: bull's head with latin cross and six-pointed star (Piccard xi.216–35, cf. 217); bull's head with latin cross and seven-petalled flower (type Piccard xi.311–353, cf. 336–7); scales (type Piccard i.301–11); dreiburg with cross, type Piccard vii.2175–2392 (cf. 2205, 2210 etc.)
Extent: 1 + 361 + 1 leaves (foliated 1–360; 18, 223 and 227 are double; 18b, 67, 223b and 227b are inserted slips; other slips, unfoliated, are between 90 and 91, 94 and 95)
Dimensions (leaf): 305–320 × 215 mm.


2 cols., c. 37–47 lines. Frame-ruled, ruled space 220–5 × 145 mm.


Cursive by several hands.


6-line initial Q with silhouette decoration, fol. 1ra.

3–4 line and 2–3 line initials in red with simple decoration marking different levels of textual division.


Brown leather over boards, blind-stamped; clasps and bosses lost. Protective corners and (on the tail edge) shoes partly survive. Workshop of Johannes Fogel (Erfurt, c. 1455–1462; Einbanddatenbank 500116s). Tabs.


Origin: 15th century, middle (c. 1450–60) (watermarks, binding) ; Germany, perhaps Erfurt

Provenance and Acquisition

Erfurt, Carthusians: ex libris, 15th century, upper pastedown and lower pastedown and on fol. 182r.

Not certainly identifiable in the late-fifteenth-century library catalogue: perhaps L88 ('Item prima pars 2. partis'; ed. Lehmann, MBK II.465)

Friedrich Gottlieb Julius von Bülow, 1760-?1831, 56c in the catalogue of part 3 of his sale, 10 Oct. 1836 (cf. upper pastedown)

Sir William Hamilton, 1788–1856

Presented to the Bodleian Library by his sons and received in 1857.

Record Sources

Description by Matthew Holford (September 2020). Previously described in the Summary Catalogue.

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